Video Content Marketing: Why it’s Vital for your Online Business

Video Content Marketing

We often talk about the importance of top-quality product images for ecommerce businesses. This is due to the fact that shoppers don’t have tactile experience in online purchases. So, they need to see and visualize products from images to make out certain aspects of different products.

If images play a vital role in online businesses for shoppers to comprehend products, videos can multiply that comprehension. Wondering how? Just imagine when you view product images on ecommerce sites, you just view a particular aspect of products, right?

Some may claim that certain websites show multiple images of a single product from different angles. And no doubt it’s true for some ecommerce websites.  But videos are something that streamlines buyer experience to a different level. It creates multiple times a better visual experience for shoppers.

And video content is exactly what we will dilate upon in this write-up. We will first understand what video content marketing is. Then we will move on to discern the reasons why video content marketing is key to improving buyer experience which obviously will contribute to sales.

What’s Video Content Marketing?

So, what’s video marketing? To put it simply, video content marketing is the production of videos with a view to promoting the products or services of a particular business. By producing video content, businesses aim to convey their brand message convincingly and emphatically.

YouTube video

Additionally, videos help businesses to streamline their brand appearance, boost client engagement, and finally contribute to closing a good number of sales. Usually, businesses publish their videos on YouTube and different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

However, these types of promotional content also show up in the form of webinars, live videos, and self-hosted videos too. If produced and executed well, videos can not only reach the target audiences but also produce fruitful outcomes.

Why Video Content Marketing is Essential for your Business?

In order to engage your prospects, videos play a key role. A vast majority of marketers take advantage of different forms of videos as part of their marketing campaigns. It isn’t just a claim rather tons of stats justify that.

As per the stats of wyzowl, 92% of marketers continue to value video as a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why you must make use of video content marketing to lift your online business-

A Medium to Illustrate your Products

When it comes to explaining products, there is hardly any other medium better than video content. This is because videos provide an increased visual experience, much similar to experiencing products from brick-and-mortar stores.

YouTube video

Your clients aren’t gonna pick up from you just by viewing product images. They urge you to make out your products like how they will benefit from them. By making explainer videos, you can highlight your product features, benefits, and other notable aspects.

Grabs People’s Attention

Hooking people on your online products isn’t a walk in the park. You have to really produce quality content to do that. And videos provide you the luxury to develop superior content. They provide you the opportunity to make something useful and productive.

Your videos can be long or short, depending on the content you are making your videos of. The initial few seconds of your videos need to be spellbinding enough to hinder viewers from scrolling and focus on your content instead.

If catchy images can hold people’s attention for a longer period, videos can do that multiple times more. It’s not merely a statement but proven umpteen times.

Scales up Brand Awareness

Business isn’t just about generating sales. Besides going after sales, you have to create a positive brand image for your business. And videos have to power to do that. They can create strong emotional effects in the minds of people if contained with values.

YouTube video

All you have to do is make your videos in such a way that they carry the brand message. They should also contain ideas that create a lasting impact in the minds of viewers. Apart from that, influencers can also play a major role in promoting videos.

Higher Chances of Conversions and Sales

We emphasized how videos can create brand awareness in the previous section. But that doesn’t mean that sales should be overlooked. And videos have the power to generate your sales. Adding a product video on your landing page can boost conversions stupendously.

Higher Chances of Conversions and Sales

Apart from that, video is also useful for websites as they retain users on the pages for a longer period of time. If produced strikingly, videos encourage visitors to move from one page to another, beefing up the chances of conversions.

Ensures Good Return on Investment

Videos can make sure you get good or high ROI but that depends on certain factors including how well you have laid out your content strategy and the quality of your videos. Nevertheless, as per the survey of WYZOwl, 83% of respondents say video provides them a good return on investment.

Good return on investment

You may think of video as being pricey and time-consuming to develop. But there is a wealth of tools and software out there making it possible to produce peachy videos quickly and with a small budget.

We have smartphones acting as top-notch video recorders but tools like VideoScribe and Doodly make it easy to produce compelling explainer videos at a low cost. Pumping less when you create your videos means it’s easier to gain a positive ROI.

Acts as a Comprehensive Medium

Imagine that you have launched a new product or a service. What’s the best way to show it works the best? Obviously, it’s the video content that can explain your product or service engagingly and exhaustively.

You can create animated videos, walk-through videos, and even webinars to showcase different aspects of your product or service. Take animation for instance. It can bring concepts to life along with grabbing the attention of viewers.

Higher Chances of Social Shares

Social media platforms encourage posting video content. That’s what you will know if you have a look at some of the video-centric features of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook has introduced 360° Video, Live Video, and Lifestage. Instagram has come up with 60-Second Videos & Instagram Stories.

Higher Chances of Social Shares

Even Twitter has Periscope. And YouTube! It’s a video posting platform as we all know and it’s the second most popular social network in the world.

However, in a social media context, video marketers must keep in mind that people are prone to emotions and not facts. So, create entertaining and funny videos to encourage social shares. And remember that social shares can scale up traffic to your site and you can convert some of them from there.

Helps to Build Relationships between a Brand and Clients

People are fond of watching videos and it’s a fact. Video content plays a massive part in driving sales but that’s not the end.

Well-developed content can create engagement and enable communication with your audience. This will provide your brand an aspect of reliability, trust, and integrity. And no doubt these values are important to consumers looking to build long-term rapport with a business.

Apart from that, you can also collaborate with an influencer for the purpose of reviewing your product or service. This not only lets you project honesty and develop trust with viewers but also allows you to circulate key information about your business.

Optimized Videos Work in Google

Videos have the power to prolong the spent time visitors. Just imagine you have posted a lively or informative video on your website. If it can somehow hook your visitors, they are likely to watch the video till the end, thereby staying on your website for a longer period.

And no doubt, longer exposure builds credibility and hints to search engines that your site has good quality content.

So, don’t forget to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO. Craft interesting titles and descriptions along with injecting a link back to your website, products, and services. Additionally, give potential customers the avenue to take the next step. On top of that, explore the world of interactive videos to inspirit actions even more.

If you can make sure that your video content is SEO optimized, with a lovely and relevant thumbnail, mind-blowing title, and high-quality content, videos can bring a myriad of organic traffic to your website, enhancing your ranking and notching up views in the process.

A Perfect Channel to Cater to Mobile Users

Mobile phones or more specifically smartphones have been cracking tools for video watching for quite some time. Let’s take a look at what stats showcase. In 2021, there were about 2.33 billion mobile phone video viewers worldwide.

A Perfect Channel to Cater to Mobile Users

These numbers vividly stress the gravity of video marketing to captivate mobile phone users. As time progresses, smartphone users with internet access are mounting. This necessitates the creation of more and more compelling, entertaining, and informative video content to meet the increased demand.

In addition, users are more likely to watch a video daily on their smartphones than on a computer. Maybe, it’s due to the fact that people spend a bulk amount of time on smartphones every day.

Aside from that, your marketing team can make use of top-grade YouTube video editing tools to develop creative videos about your brand and products. With that, you can cater to mobile users satisfactorily and establish a strong brand presence.

Makes your Brand more Visible

Just imagine a situation where you have launched your business but no one knows about you. It carries no weight, right? That means you need visibility of your business or brand. As much as you can make yourself visible, the higher you have the chance to grow your business.

Make your Brand more Visible

To lift your brand, you have to focus on the marketing, advertising, retargeting, and promotional aspect positively. This is where value-rich videos come into play. In fact, they can act as a full-fledged marketing tool for your brand.

No matter what types of videos you come up with, your prospects will definitely receive perks from them.  Be it info videos, product-based videos, reviews, explanatory videos, or one-to-one discussion sessions with customers. Remember that good brand visibility doubles the chances of your profit.

A Superb Medium for Accessibility

Content is always in demand no matter whether they are text, images, or infographics. But videos stand above all of them. This is because videos contain all of them. On top of that, they have to power to make content exciting, entertaining, and informative.

In videos, marketers have the opportunity to integrate images, text, music, etc. to narrate stories and share the information they need to make sure customer success. It won’t be untrue to say that if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth millions.

When it comes to accessibility, this superb content type can cater to all. For example, sightless people can listen to the audio of the video to understand the video content. Likewise, deaf ones can read the subtitles to get a hold of video content.

Without even an iota of doubt, accessible video content is a vital aspect of content marketing. You can no way you brush aside it in your own ventures. Due to the increasing popularity of video content, many video production companies have come up and they provide all kinds of footage, including high-resolution drone shots. Take advantage of these resources for futuristic and rich content.

Ready to Avail Video Content…

Now that you know how crucial video content is. You also know that only creating and developing videos isn’t sufficient. Instead, you have to put an all-out effort to bring out value-rich video content. Something that viewers, more specifically, your target audiences will appreciate.

Once your target audiences like and enjoy your videos, you can easily anticipate what will be the outcome of it. Not only you will earn sales but also build a brand reputation for your business. So, are you ready to produce killer video content for your ecommerce business?

Make use of cutting edge technology and advanced video editing tools to bring out videos that really count. Don’t showcase your brand’s narratives just on platforms like YouTube. Instead, avail all the prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to convey your brand’s message.

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming video content creation. We hope that you gain a lot from video content marketing and advertising. And of course, don’t forget to share your success stories with us. We will be eagerly waiting to hear from you!