Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Low Cost Image Editing Service


Whenever we get to see the text ‘Low Cost’ pop into our screen, we get tempted to look at it or click on it. Of course, as a human being, it is in our nature to get more benefit by spending the minimum. In order to purchase any good or have any service, we try to save money. However, very few of us think how it is possible. We often see a product is sold at a half price where the same product is sold at a double price in some other shop. We never raise any question, but only take the way to the cheaper store.

There is a clear difference between reasonable cost and low cost. Reasonable prices are competitive and moderate. On the other hand, low costs are unbeatable. In every business sector, there are few companies who follow the ‘low cost’ marketing strategy to sell more. Indeed, it’s a great strategy to increase sell, but there are many problems as well. Due to some hidden problems, many clients have suffered and failed to get the desired output from the ‘low cost’ which eventually hampered their business a lot.

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It’s all about clients

As professional image editing service is a competitive field, companies are always looking for ways to attract more clients. In order to get attention from clients all over the world, many companies reduce the cost of their service. They specifically emphasize on their cost reduction and promote this feature for marketing. Indeed, this is a great strategy to follow but unfortunately, in the long run, this strategy backfires. Even though companies get initial success by tempting clients with the low price tag, in the middle/end of the contract it backfires, causing embarrassment for both of the parties.

Let us look at some problems of ‘low price/cost’ image editing service.

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Cheap Unskilled or Low-skilled Graphic designers

Since companies charge less from clients, it’s easily understandable that they pay a very poor wage to their designers. No company is that sane that they will cut their profit into minimum and spend more for their workers. Thus, they allocate very little budget for their designer’s wage. As the designers get paid low, more skilled and efficient designers do not work in such companies. Mostly new comers and apprentice are hired for below $100 per month or sometimes half of that. As a result, the team of graphic designers can’t stand a chance in front of the big professional companies.

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Poor Quality of Editing

Low paid graphic designers, as said earlier, are mostly low skilled new apprentice. Image editing is a job of practice to become perfect. One should not expect perfect quality editing from someone who is new to this arena. Therefore, there have been many incidents reported where clients had to cancel the contract due to poor quality of editing. Thus, there is always a risk of choosing a low cost image editing service since many of them cannot meet the required standard.color experts international

Scarcity of Technological Tools and Equipment

Low price image editing companies often lack budget. Without adequate budget it is difficult to introduce up to date software and hardware for better quality image editing. So it has often been seen that client had to cancel the contract due to lack of efficiency on the technological side. For example, some image masking need to accurate and precise, which is only possible by using Pen Tablet. There are very few companies who use Pen Tablet, or have the skilled workforce to operate the tool. Therefore, this is also a drawback for choosing a low price service.

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Inability to Process Quick and Bulk Order

Low price companies do not have a large workforce to take and deliver a bulk order on time. On the other hand, big companies have hundreds of designers who can easily finish the job prior time. It’s very natural and not surprising at all if they process the bulk order as a rush service which is impossible for a small low-price company.

Lack of Professionalism

Business is all about professionalism. Now a days it’s not enough to have a group of skilled graphic designers only. A great brand should have an excellent client support team, a well-educated and knowledgeable marketing team, and excellent communication skill. Unfortunately, a low price small company lack these quality big time. Some of the companies might have few of these qualities or trying to achieve these, but, since there are already established brands waiting for big clients like you, why bother thinking twice?

Let’s have a quick look at the differences between low price and moderate price image editing services:

ServiceLow Price/Cost Image Editing ServiceModerate/Affordable Image Editing Service
WorkforceLess than 30Between 200-300+
ExperienceMostly new/1-2 years experienced designersAt least 5+ years of experience, working under Production Manager (PM) with 15+ years of experience
QualityOften questionable and unsatisfactoryPerfection beyond expectation, quality regardless the quantity
Bulk OrderMostly ‘No’‘Yes’ Always
Rush ServiceIf the order very is smallYes
Advanced ToolsVery few or noneHas collection of everything
CommitmentNo lack of commitment at the beginning, but mostly fail in the middle of the contractReputation depends on commitment, Company profile is based on it

It’s always the choice of clients whether they would choose a low price over a more experienced company. Client’s decision is final in this case. This article is just an effort to make some points clear so that clients do not suffer in future like they did in the past. We hope our effort will help you in this regard. We, Color Experts International, are a family of 250+ skilled graphic designers and IT specialists who work day and night, 365 days to serve our clients beyond their expectation. Counting 31st years of happy editing, we enjoy our work very much since we believe we have made our passion into profession. You are welcome to visit us and enjoy our free trial service to see our passionate professionalism. We are waiting for your mail.