Motion Graphics and Animation: 2022 Trends

Motion Graphics and Animation Trends

Motion graphics and animation is a great way for marketing and advertisement. Worldwide this tool is being used for various purposes along with business promotion. So, its demand is getting increased year after year. The graphic designers and the animators remain so much busy to provide the required designs and animations yearlong for the clients.

As per the contemporary trends, the designers are to create new and engaging designs, motion graphics, and animation. They are to be trendy and new design-conscious. So, if you are a professional motion graphics designer and animator, you have to be necessarily conscious of the latest trends. You should surf the internet more and view graphics and animations as much as you can to get a new idea about the design and animation industry. It is tiresome work to browse the internet endlessly searching for trendy animations. This content can help you give an idea of trendy motion graphics and animation this year.

Non-defined Border


The graphic elements which have non-defined border can get this type of motion. Borderless images will look like tubes and circles. If you apply the animation effect that the above image is showing can be professional. As a pro-quality motion graphics expert, you can use the motion for any commercial videography.

Depth of Generation


It is mainly a 3D motion graphic animation. It looks so professional and attention-grabbing. Video with the depth of generation effect will be appreciated for commercial video presentation. This type of videos is awesome for marketing and advertising purposes.

Anti-gravity and floating


If you use 3D models to create motion graphics, this effect can be effective. The anti-gravity trend is so influential and can draw the viewers’ attention. It will give the viewer a floating feel as if they are in the space. It is one of the latest trends and of course, it will last the next several years. For commercial uses, this trend will be great and effective.

Vivid and Bold color


This trend is related to the use of color. One of the great ways of making your videos and motion graphics is the use of vivid and bold color. It will make your motion graphic animation more attractive. Animation with bold and vivid colorized graphics will go outstanding and they will differentiate you as a trendy motion graphic expert and animator.



Animate the images with metallic color. If the images by which you are going to create motion graphics look dull and not of pop color, try to add some cool color. You can apply metallic colors and effects. When you animate images, they will gloss from different perspective and light position. See the below gif image and follow the animation.

Fluid and Liquid effect


Apply to your graphics fluid and liquid effect while animating. If you see the below-animated image, you will get the idea. In the upcoming days, this motion effect is going to be popular as we assume. Applying such a melting effect is tricky, but it will increase the aesthetics of your video. This effect can be useful for commercial advertising video making purposes.

Maxi Typography


It is one of the revolutionary typography effects that will get focused on the future. Though it is currently used widely, in the near future, this typography animation will add professional flavor to your videos. A typography animation with moving other objects increases the beauty of the graphics and videos.

Text and background animation


While creating motion graphics animation, it is often seen in the animated text and background. The motion graphics videos for eCommerce advertising get usually such an animation. To show web pages with products, texts, and other objects, you can use this text and background animation. Now, this is being used, but hoping shortly, this motion graphics and animation technique will get focused and increased the demand.

Art Animation


In the upcoming days, the animation of art images will occupy a significant place in the marketing and advertising sectors. Instead of the human model, the companies will use more animated graphics keeping in mind the high cost. The motion graphic artists will use this kind of motion for their videos as you are seeing in the below gif. Try to familiar with this type of animation and motion.

Flat graphic animation


It is a commonly used motion graphic and animation style. Log ago it was used, currently, it is being used, and in the future, this style will get focused as well. It is worth it for a simple type of animation. For creating presentation video and slide animation video, the flat graphics animation works the best. So, try it.

Seamless Transitions


One of the latest graphic design and motion graphics animation trends is the seamless transition. In recent years, this type of transition has been using hugely and in the upcoming days, this design must be continued because of its beauty and professional outlook. Its unstoppable pace of motion graphics will draw the attention of the customers and the general audience. For creating a product showreel, the seamless transition will work greatly. Spending less time, graphic artists can present more than one product.

Double Exposure


Double exposure is one of the amazing motion effects is being used seamlessly in the graphic design and animation industry. The motion artists create this effect adjoining two different objects- may be people and object- and create high end, fascinating, and almost unimaginable graphical presentation.

However, all the motion graphic trends we have discussed here are continuing and will be continuing in the next year. So, as a motion graphic artist, you can follow the works out of this article. Once you can adopt these motion effects, you will be able to create new graphical motion and animation and your design and animation will be the trend of that year. Although we are talking about the trends of 2020, these trends are covering the past, present, next year, and year after the next year.

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