Case Study | Image Editing Services to Ease Clients’ Crisis due to COVID-19

Image Editing Services to Ease Clients Crisis due to COVID 19

Image Editing Services to Ease Clients Crisis due to COVID 19

Color Experts International, Inc. has taken Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously. Gathering information on the pandemic risk, we have initiated safety steps to save our employees. Our 250+ designer, photo editors, customer service executives, and other officials are strictly maintaining safety guidelines to stay capable to provide photo editing services as per the clients’ demand.

Due to the Corona Virus Crisis, the world is almost lockdown and so, the international businesses are struggling. The global economy is passing a critical time. The businesses are worried to cope with the lockdown and to run the business now and after the crisis.

The e-commerce business owners, product photographers, ad agencies, graphic design companies who were receiving image manipulation services from the European and Asian countries are not getting the necessary help and services. Their businesses are about to shut down. As a professional and customer friendly company, we cannot stay silent. We have come ahead with a bunch of services, such as photo editing, video editing, and 3D modeling to support to navigate this global hard time.

CEI is conscious of the danger COVID-19 and we care for our stuff. As per the instruction from CDC and world health organization (WHO), some of our safety steps are-

⚫️ We are working from home & using the masks

⚫️ Employees are washing Hands frequently once they touch long-time unused things

⚫️ Recommending to avoid travels & crowds without emergency

⚫️ Customer care department ensuring support to the clients from home

⚫️ Working to reduce community panic wisely

In the crisis hours, since the employees are remotely working from home, for the first time we experienced new challenges and thankfully we overcome the issues. We keep our teams in sync who are working across digital devices like Slake, Jira software, Skype, Gmail, etc. All these devices are helping to stay connected with each team member and to conduct meeting over project details.

We are providing rush services to our clients’ emergency requirements. It may be a little bit delayed than the normal situation, but it is still faster. Our skilled and experienced designers never produce low-quality images because your every image file has to go through the 6 steps QA processes.

For helping our existing customers to continue their businesses during the companies are about to close the situation, CEI is working. Our on-time emergency safety measures and knowledge sharing help to keep the employees fit for working from home.

CEI’s customer care unit is in stand-by position 24/7 days to provide information and support to new clients’ queries and to maintain the communication with the old customers.