What Can Be Done in Image Editing?


One of the most important factors of modern photography is that image editing has become a central part of the total photography process. There are two basic ways that images can be edited. Image editing works need alteration of the original image. The other way is parametric image editing. Software that adjusts images in this way — like Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Aperture, Bibble, and Capture One. Here the original image remains unchanged, just some parameters of an image are changed or modified.

Let’s have a glimpse at some image editing works

  • Basic image editing
  • Batch image editing
  • Optimized image editing
  • Pixel editing
  • Parametric Image Editing (PIE)
  • Sharpening
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging
  • Panorama stitching

Basic image editing

Panorama image editing

In basic image editing, graphic designers adjust white balance, exposure, brightness and tone. In such case, parametric image editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom is more efficient than Adobe Photoshop. Generally, raw image files are used, but rendered files respond well to parametric edits. Parametric image editing is non-destructive and multiple versions of files can be created by XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform by Adobe Systems). It takes up much less space than several versions of rendered files, or even multi-layered rendered files.

Batch image editing

Batch processing is often used to perform various operations with digital images such as resizing, conversion, application of watermark, or otherwise editing image files.

Image optimization and editing


Optimized image editing is done for images with a high rate, and especially those selected by a graphic design company/ their customers. Batch image editing may give images a good look but image optimization is highly necessary for use on the web. This editing takes an image adjustment to a higher level of perfection. Generally, Lightroom or other parametric image editing software is used for image editing works, but Photoshop can also be used if it is necessary. High dynamic range (HDR) processing, panoramic stitching, composting, combining of type or other forms of vector graphics needs to be integrated into the image, and image optimization is the best way to achieve this goal. For this, Photoshop and Lightroom- both are essential.

Pixel editing

It is the most basic kind of image editing where image pixels are altered to make a change. Suppose that you need to color an image with blue color. How can you do that? Increase the amount of blue in the pixels, compared to those of red and green. When you save the file, you’ve made a “destructive” change to the image, since you have replaced the original color information with new color information. It is called destructive because the original image no longer exists unless you save that image file.

Parametric Image Editing

A parametric image editing software such as Lightroom, generally cannot change the original pixels. It makes changes by creating instructions or parameters for interpreting the file. The original pixels in the source Image never gets changed. For this reason, parametric image editors are fully non-destructive.


photo Sharpening

After color and tone, proper sharpening has the greatest impact on perceived image quality. There are two basic ways to sharpen digital images: sharpening the pixels that make up an image, and/or edge sharpening, which is sharpening the edges of shapes within an image. While sharpening pixels works well in most cases, and especially for the capture and creative sharpening, when it comes to sharpening for output, experts prefer edge sharpening. Edge sharpening avoids emphasizing noise or other artifacts.

HDR Image Editing Service

In the case of product, nature, amateur photography, or real estate businesses, the images are of supreme importance. It is because of that the property image is captured with different exposures and different lighting conditions. But you cannot use the images under such conditions. Here is the need for HDR Image Editing Services.

HDR Image Editing includes the combination of two images with different qualities and brightness to produce quality output. HDR Photo Editing removes all the image deteriorating issues that occur while capturing the image in different lighting conditions. This is an amazing technique that produces results that were almost impossible to achieve.


Panorama image editing

Stitching multiple images together is an increasingly popular image editing technique. It can be used to create panoramas, virtual reality, and super-high-resolution images of other imagery. Expert graphic designers can create 360-degree panoramic views of your real estate photographs. It will allow customers to have a wider view of the real estate property.