Top 10 Websites for Graphic Designers to Follow

websites for graphic designers

10 websites for graphic designers to follow

Graphic design has bring a revolution in the visual industry. For example- for the image manipulation service providers companies or e-commerce websites. Besides, many other types of industries use graphic designer. So if you are interested in graphic design, you need some expert and skill based guidelines. On internet, you will find a lot of websites on graphic design but it may make you confused. So here we will take away your stress and give you a list of top 10 websites for graphic designers to follow.

1. The Dieline: It is one of the well known graphic design blog which was established in the year of 2007. A packaging product artist, Andrew Gibbs, is the person who was at the behind of the initiative of this blog. Though it began as a personal blog, as time passed it has become a platform for the designers of several industries to share their ideas and creativity.

2. Outlaw Design Blog: This blog can be said as a self promotion. But at the same time it should be admitted that this one offers a lot of things for graphic designs. There is a huge collection of resources for graphic designers. Moreover, one can find growing collection of Photoshop tutorials from here.

3. Designer Daily: This is one more graphic design blog that requires a keen view of all professional graphic designers. It is a showcase for both web design and graphic design and some other graphic related news. The best thing about this blog is that it keeps the contents up to date in a regular basis.

4. We Made This: This site is also a personal blog. But the nice thing about it remains in the uniqueness and creativity. No old things will disgust you. This blog is dedicated to the authors’ outlook on graphic design in day to day life. The nice design of blog presentation entertains the readers. So being bored in not the fact here.

5. Ad Goodness: If someone likes to watch graphic designs or creative advertisement in the sites, this one must be on his preference list. It presents some of the most creative ads to be conceptualized. One may feel the interest in this site because it tries to give credits to as many people as possible for the work involved.

6. Authentic Boredom: On this site one will find a wide variety of topics and articles about graphic design history theories and more. So it has been a place where bloggers match together and share their views and skills. The fantastic thing about this blog is that it is not personal at all. Rather some bloggers term it as The New Yorker magazine for graphic designers. There are a huge number of articles from where one can chose according to his preferences and need.

7. Smashing Magazine: It must be a tough job to find a graphic designer without having knowledge about smashing magazine. As a result, whenever we want to make a list of best sites there is no other way but to take this site in count. In this well organized site there is all sort of thirst satisfactory arrangement for creative minds. No matter what one searches for. He will get it within hand stretch.

8. Im Just Creative Blog: It is simply a blog for logo designers. But if anybody thinks that there is only limited sorts of blogs here, he is certainly thinking a wrong thing. A he collection of articles and tutorials are waiting for all there. Though this a is personal blog for the business promotion based on logo design. It includes many a thing like inspirational posts, showcase of work and so on.

9. David Airey Blog: Graphic designer and writer, David Airey, specializes in brand identity design. His blog has been a major place for the new and rising graphic designers to follow. Interestingly, this blog has a clear contrast with the blogs stated above. Here the person David Airey blogs about several design related subjects, typography, branding, logo design and business.

10. Go media Blog: Go media is well known for its awesome vector packs service. Their website has a specific part of blogging that is rich for the content of graphic related articles. The articles are written by many guests who share their opinions and expertise here. From comic artist to t-shirt designers, all takes part in the process of making a huge collection of articles in this blog. If someone wants to sharpen their skills on advanced techniques, this blog can surely be a great help to him.

There are several other blogs and sites that may be beneficial to the graphic design learners and experts. Those who love to surf the net, enjoy the freedom to go a huge number of sites related to graphic design.

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