Gold Text Effect – Photoshop

Gold Text Effect

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This article shows how to make gold text effect in Photoshop. Lets see…


With the size of 500 x 500 pixels and set its foreground color to #393943 and background color to #100e19. Fill its background with radial gradient. Press Ctrl+J for duplicate the background layer. To apply it pattern overlay layer style double clicks on background copy layer. Now change its blend mode to multiply, opacity at 70%, and scale at 25%. Use pattern with playing around with the value. Other layer mode set soft light, vivid light and color dodge. But here you can choose another one if you think that will better from this.Pick the rectangular marquee tool and click the option bar and set the style for fixing its size. Now fix it 50 percent both of the side as width and height.

On top of all layer create new layer, named it dark shadows. Now fill background with the color #100e19. Through go to select then deselect to free the selection, reduce its opacity at 25% into this layer and for erase the middle area of selection use a large brush. Through creating new layer on top of all layer named it as your wish in where I named it Light Squares. And in the empty corners repeat the previous step for select empty corners of two or more also set the foreground color #393943.

Setting drop shadow through changing opacity 85%, distance to 2 and size to 15. Again set into inner shadow change the blend mode to color dodge with the color #a98e0f, opacity at 50%, distance to 1, size to 0. Set inner glow as blend mode to linear dodge, opacity to 55%, and color to #fae48f, size and range as 3, 70%.

Set gradient overlay to gradient blend mode to normal, opacity 100%, style linear, angle 90 degree, scale 55%. Finally add star effect on image. Final image look like above.

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