Text Portrait Effect and Illusion Creation- Photoshop Typography Tutorial

tesk portrait images1

It is a Photoshop typography tutorial that will help you creating text portrait effects and illusions. You will not only want to learn such an amazing photoshopping skill but also enjoy it. You can use such images for many purposes like creating and sharing this type of image on social media, you can boast of your skill as well as it can be one of your earning sources.

As a graphic designer, you can use this type of image for showing your stunning photoshop skills to your targeted audience. Text portrait images are most often used in various magazines, newspapers, websites for avatar and banners, and more. Advertising elements can also be created using this fantastic text effect.

However, if you want to create any text portrait effect, you have to go through a step-by-step process that you can find below. Follow the method and create stunning images.

  1. Open an image you like in Photoshop. Try to use a bold face with a big eyes image.

Open an image

  1. Crop the image tightly just around the face using the Photoshop Crop tool. Press Ctrl or Command+0 to fit the image to the screen.

Crop tool

  1. Then, we have to remove the background. There are several ways to select the background, but here we will use the Photoshop Pen tool to create a path around the image and make a selection. So, take the pen tool from the left toolbar and create a path.
  2. Press Ctrl or Command+Enter to make the selection and create a layer mask by clicking on Add Layer Mask. It will remove the image background. Necessarily, it should not be too perfect.

use Photoshop Pen tool

Add Layer Mask

  1. Next, take a new layer under the active image layer and fill it up with black color.

take a new layer under the active image layer

  1. Now, hide the active image layer and take the Type Tool from the left toolbar. Add some text you like, keep font size as you need, provide white font color, and others as shown in the below attachment.

 Type tool from the left tool bar

  1. Change the font color into black and make visible the main image layer clicking on the eye icon. At this stage, you have to do Clipping Mask. To do so, pressing Option or Alt, click on the thumbnail of your subject to select it and press Command+Option+G or Ctrl+Alt+G. You will see a down arrow beside the thumbnail and the text will be visible on the face. Just like as the snapshot shows below.

Clipping Mask


  1. However, you can further edit the text using Toggle of Character & Paragraph Panel from the top of the screen. To do that, click on the text layout and selecting the layer, change the values of from that panel. Go through the below snapshot.

Toggle of Character & Paragraph Panel

  1. Click on your main image thumbnail and go to Adjustment Layer. Click on Posterize and change Levels’ value 4 to 6 or lessen. It depends on your image requirement. Then come back to Layer option and press Ctrl+Alt+G to do Clipping Mask. It will apply the effect on the face. Finally, again go to Adjustment Layer and click on Black & White to make the image black and white.

Finally, we have got the result. See the image below.

final image

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