Have you ever stopped to admire a stunning photo of a simple everyday item and wondered, “How did they make it look so incredible?” Well, you’re not alone! Product photography is an art form that turns ordinary objects into extraordinary visual stories.

It’s all about making items look not just good, but irresistible. In this blog, we’re going to dive into the captivating world of some of the most talented product photographers on the planet.

These are the artists who have mastered the skill of making products leap off the page (or screen) and grab your attention. We’ll explore their creative journeys, the unique styles they bring to their work, and the secret techniques they use to capture the perfect shot.

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1. Evan Tanaka

Evan Tanaka- product photographer

Evan Tanaka, a Los Angeles-based product photographer, began his journey in photography while trying to start his athleisure brand. It led him to teach himself photography. His first projects included shooting photos for his brand, a self-initiated step that eventually led to the establishment of his photography studio.

Evan’s approach emphasizes self-learning, experimentation, and adapting to various brand needs. He believes in the importance of being flexible with brands. Evan advocates for starting with the resources available, highlighting that one doesn’t need expensive equipment to produce amazing photos.

He emphasizes getting the shot right in the camera, avoiding over-reliance on post-production, and maintaining open communication with clients. Evan’s journey underscores the value of experimentation and trying new things in photography. He feels the importance of building a solid client relationship by understanding and adapting to their requirements.

2. Tsour Lee Adato

Tsour Lee Adato

Tsour Lee Adato is a prominent figure in high-end product photography and videography, particularly in the luxurious realm of jewelry photography. As the CEO and founder of Pro Photo Studios, based in Miami, he founded the studio in 2015 in New York City, and by 2017.

His client portfolio includes prestigious names like Versace, Ferragamo, Shiseido, Gucci, Adidas, Macy’s, Costco, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. Adato has also worked on special projects like photographing timepieces for Marvel movie franchises, including The Punisher and Black Panther.

Adato’s photography is distinguished by its creative approaches, particularly in cosmetics photography. He utilizes techniques such as reflections with mirrored products, upscale staging, detailed styling, action photography, and custom-tailored shoots for each client.

3. Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor- product photographer

Karl Taylor is a professional advertising photographer with nearly three decades of experience. His photography work spans across advertising, beauty, and fashion for commercial clients. Starting his career in photojournalism, Karl enjoys shooting a variety of product photography genres and believes in the universal visual philosophies for creating effective images.

In 2007, he entered the photography training market, known for explaining complex subjects in a clear and accessible manner. His unique teaching methods have led to collaborations with major brands like Hasselblad, Broncolor, and Adobe, and appearances on the BBC​.

Karl Taylor’s approach to photography, particularly in product lighting, is highly creative and technical. He is recognized for his ability to manipulate light to create emotion within his images. His proficiency ranges from using simple one-light setups to complex multi-lighting solutions, demonstrating his versatility and depth of knowledge in lighting techniques.

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4. David Newton

David Newton- product photographer

David Newton, among the celebrated product photographers in the realm of fragrance and beauty. His work includes editorial and advertising photography for high-profile brands like Dior, YSL, Tom Ford, and for luxury magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle.

Starting his career as an illustrator, Newton has a deep-seated affinity for visuals. His photography journey was self-taught, driven by his love for art and an instinctive pull towards the perfume and beauty industry. He cites Italian still-life photographer Guido Mocafico and Graeme Montgomery as his inspirations.

Newton’s creative process often involves ‘eureka’ moments, where ideas come to him in states of semi-consciousness. He values keeping an open mind and being sponge-like in absorbing inspirations. His Instagram account acts as an ‘open sketchbook’ where he showcases his creative ideas.

5. Katrin L. Pako

Katrin L. Pako

Katrin L. Pako is a Los Angeles-based commercial food and product photographer. Her company, KLP Photography, is known for its expertise in food, beverage, and product photography.

Pako’s style is characterized by playful and creative concepts tailored for various platforms and purposes such as social media, websites, catalogs, packaging, as well as indoor and outdoor advertising. She believes that excellent imagery is crucial for businesses to stand out in the crowd​​​​​​.

6. Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan is a renowned photographer and director, acclaimed for his expertise in product photography and high-speed tabletop cinematography. Based in Los Angeles, Hogan’s work focuses on still life photography, particularly for commercial shoots.

Hogan frequently incorporates elements like fire, sparks, and various types of smoke compositions in his still life shots. This technique creates a mystical appearance for the brands, making the imagery stand out. He often selects bright colors for the backgrounds in his shoots, especially for fragrance commercials.

For Hogan, the key components of a great picture include perfect lighting, expression, mood, and composition. He focuses on finding the ideal placement for the object in the frame. It offers an interesting perspective to the viewer, rather than strictly adhering to traditional photography rules.

7. Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons

Once again, Dan Simmons– one of the successful commercial product photographers and motion directors specializing in technology, cosmetics, apparel, and liquid action shots. He has a deep passion for beautiful lighting and enjoys the technical challenges posed by complex photographic ideas.

As an artist, Dan values the process of experimentation and collaboration with other creatives to discover new processes and techniques. This approach has led him to value learning from failures to develop visually unique works. He graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Also, he was awarded ‘Best In Show’ for his Final Portfolio in 2012. On set, Dan collaborates closely with each brand’s art director to produce high-quality images that capture the natural textures and sheen of products. His work often involves intricate set builds to defy gravity, ensuring maximum image quality and control.

8. Rachel Korinek

Rachel Korinek-product photographer

Rachel Korinek is an Australian transplant and professional food photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her passion for both food and photography has led her to a successful career in food photography.

She focuses on the honest details and intricacies that connect people emotionally to food. Well! Rachel’s work has been featured in various renowned publications such as Fresh Magazine and Aldi, among others.

Her photography journey began when she met her husband, Matt, in Glacier National Park, who introduced her to the craft. Over the years, she has self-taught herself through extensive reading and practical experience.

9. Rob Lawson

Rob Lawson

Rob Lawson is one of the popular London-based advertising photographers known for his work in drinks and lifestyle photography. He collaborates with major drinks brands worldwide and has a studio in London. His expertise extends to beverage and lifestyle photography and also recognized as a director in this field.

Lawson is appreciated for his ability to share his expertise through collaboration with creatives on set and his knowledge in creating high-quality imagery of drinks under the camera.

In addition to his work with beverages, Lawson also specializes in food and still life photography. His portfolio includes projects like Pepsi Drinks Photography, showcasing his skills in advertising photography​​​​​​​.

10. Felicia Rusu

Felicia Rusu

Felicia Rusu is recognized as one of the popular product photographers, with a significant presence on Instagram where she showcases her work. She has garnered over 20,000 followers and frequently engages with her audience through her posts.

Her photography style and approach seem to focus on highlighting businesses through her unique photography skills. It includes product photography, e-commerce, and lifestyle photography. Felicia Rusu is based in the United Kingdom, indicating a focus on these regions for her photography services​​.

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To Conclude

Product photography transcends mere images of items. It’s an art form that brings objects to life, telling their stories through light, texture, and creative vision. These product photographers not only showcase products but also evoke emotions and connections. They also highlight the beauty and importance of product photography in our visually driven world.

Besides, their work demonstrates that product photography isn’t just about selling an item. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with the audience, thereby elevating the ordinary to extraordinary.

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