Top Macro Photographers to Follow in 2024

Top Macro Photographers

Macro Photography introduces us to the world of tiny creatures which is normally not visible to the human eye and makes these small things larger allowing us to observe the intricate details and beauty in them. Below we are going to present 14 top macro photographers for you to follow for inspiration.

What is Macro Photography?

Macro Photography is the extreme close-up shots of very small subjects and living creatures like insects, where the size of the subjects in photographs is greater than the life-size. The subjects of macro photography can vary from flowers to insects or greater details of large things.

Macro photography can also deal with lifeless matters such as snowflakes, pieces of jewelry, etc. Once the tiny creatures are magnified, it is really hard to identify and relate them to anything in the real world. These otherworldly photos are completely unknown to the viewers and create wonder among them.

Macro photography can be taken with specialized gadgets such as macro lenses and microscopes. However, some people also take macro photographs with their smartphones. Before taking macro photographs, you must keep in mind that you can not create disruptions in the wildlife and must be supportive of their preservation.

Top 14 Macro Photographers 2024 to Follow

Below we are providing a list of the 14 most influencing macro photographers and details about their works. You can follow them for inspiration if you want to start macro photography.

1. Alexey Kljatov

Snowflakes Macro Photography

Alexey Kljatov is considered to be the king of snowflakes. He finds the beauty, amazing shapes, structures, uniqueness, and unlimited diversity of snowflakes really interesting and tries to capture them in a frame. You can find his photos on NASA, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and several other places.

Alexey got famous for his continuous work with snowflakes for more than the past 10 years. His images are sharp, beautiful, and simply mesmerizing. You can buy some of his works from different sites, also some free images are available on Flickr under Creative Commons Licenses.

2. James Weiss

James Weiss- top macro photographers

James Weiss got his interest in macro photography when he was feeling lost in life. With his own microscope and creativity, he started capturing thousands of footage of small creatures around him. The results he found astounded him, and eventually, he got determined to reveal the secrets of the microscopic world.

He takes photos and videos of microscopic organisms, like the amoeba, and publishes blog posts about them in a fun and accessible style.

3. Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez Instagram photos

Diego Mendez is a  top macro photographer from Argentina. His interest lies mainly in insects and spiders. He promotes cruelty-free photographs and does not use any baits to attract insects. All his images are captured naturally in the field. His motto is “All good things are wild and free”.

4. Michela Campanaro

Michela Camapanaro- Top Macro photographers

Michela is an Italian photographer who presents her photos in an original and unedited fashion. You can see that most of her photos are dark and lack any kind of post-processing. This representation only enhances her tiny subjects.

She also owns a feature account on Instagram named “thehub_macro”. Here, anyone can post their photos with the hashtag #Thehub_macro to get featured.

5. Kristine

Kristine- Macro photography

Kristine is a nature photographer based in Latvia. Photography is a passion for Kristine as she describes herself as a “hobby photographer”. She captures flowers, macro and also loves editing. She also maintains a blog where she shares photo editing tips regularly.

Creating a shallow depth of field, she highlights her subjects, so you can see a mixture of strong and pale colors in her photos. You can also find insects, fungi, and other small creatures in her photographs.

6. Katarina Jencova

Katarina Jencova Instagram Photos

Katarina Jencova is a Slovakian top macro photographer who captures dreamy and colorful images. She manually creates the setup for the subjects of his frames. For example, she puts snails on flowers or flowers on snails and other tiny creatures.

In most of her images, there is an interaction between flowers/petals and small creatures. He presents these things in a simple yet beautiful way.

7. Wiktor Borozdin

Wiktor Borodzin Instagram Photos

Wiktor Borozdin is from Freiberg, Germany. He developed an interest in photography from a very young age. Bicycles and cameras were his most trusted companions at that time. He takes beautiful photos of sunflowers and poppy flowers in the forest.

His photos are so full of colors that people can sense the intricacy of nature. And, he feels that people would respect nature upon observing the fine details of his photos.

8. Kenneth R Myers

Kenneth R Myers- top macro photographers

Keneth  R Myers was born and raised in Panama. He shoots the natural beauties of Panama to promote awareness among the people and protect the wildlife. Though he captures a wide range of subjects including birds, insects, landscapes, houses, and historical buildings, his main focus is on birds and insects.

His photos are full of colors and life. One can easily dive deeper into the unknown world of wildlife from his photos.

9. Nathan Renfro

Nathan Refro Instagram photos

Nathan Renfro is a gemologist and geologist. He takes astonishing pictures with his ZEISS microscope. His subjects are gems, rocks, and minerals. At a first glance, you might think that he might be a graphic designer or a painter as the photos show things which you have never seen. The surfaces have geometric shapes, look very colorful due to advanced photography techniques, and appear completely unknown to us.

10. Christian Brockes

Christian Brockes Instagram photos

Christian Brockes is a German wildlife top macro photographer who is well known for his works documenting jumping spiders. He strives to reveal the beauty of tiny creatures, that humans are normally afraid of,  to raise awareness in support of their protection through his photography.

When climate change, habitat loss, and the use of pesticides/ herbicides, etc. are posing threats to the existence of small creatures; a little knowledge, and understanding of them can help a great deal towards their preservation.

11. Karla Thompson

Karla Thompson top macro photographers

Karla Thompson is an arthropod conservationist photographer who has deep compassion for nature. She upholds ethical photography and tries to establish a connection between humans and nature.

She also does not manipulate her subjects for photographing purposes and hopes that through her works people will get to know the unknown world of insects and flies, and will be inspired to conserve them.

12. Jamie Price

Jamie Price Instagram Photos

Jamie price is an expert in Macro, portrait, pet portrait, and product photography. He is based in Leicestershire and does lots of photography from his hometown. You can contact him for both personal and business-related works. No matter what, he will try to get the best out of his subjects under the present conditions.

13. Andrey Savin

ANdre Savin Famous macro photographers

Andrey Savin is an underwater photographer and videographer. He has certifications in diving and spends a lot of time underwater. His special skills allow him to take outstanding pictures which you do not usually see elsewhere.

He travels around the world to collaborate with brands, dive teams, and on other occasions. You can also accompany him on those travels to as diverse and lively photos as him.

14. Adam Gor

Adam Gor top macro photographers

Adam Gor got his interest in photography back in 2000 when he was only 6 years old. As a biologist, the connection between his interest in butterflies and moths and photography is quite obvious. Though his primary interest is in butterflies, he is increasing his area of interest day by day.

Currently, he is also trying to capture landscape, astrology, and portrait photographs. The main secret to his success is that he always tries to capture the present moment as best as possible.


Macro Photography is a genre that shows the diversity of tiny living things and objects around them to the rest of the world which is completely unknown of these phenomena. But macro photography can be difficult for beginners. We have shared our list of 14 top macro photographers for you to take inspiration from. We hope enjoyed our list.