Ecommerce Startup: Know Your Product Photos That Require Editing services

Ecommerce Startup Know Your Product Photos

Ecommerce Startup Know Your Product Photos

Are you going to launch an eCommerce startup? If yes, it sounds great. You are just one step far from success. In the beginning, you might face challenges in the advertising and marketing of your eCommerce business. If this portion is ok, another issue will come before you as a struggling matter and that is the use of quality product photos. Since product image is the only medium for customers to find and choose the desired product, you have to use high-end detailed product photographs on that your online business success is mostly depending.

But the fact is that at the beginning, you may not understand which product images need photo editing services. You may wrongly take aside the best eCommerce product images and again, there is a possibility, you may upload the low-quality product images in the online store. All these wrongs may happen just for not knowing what images are right to use for eCommerce shops. It may happen too for new product photographers, new online sellers, and eCommerce retailers.

However, we understand this hazard, and to alleviate your pain, here we have created a checklist of editable product pictures. Go through the entire content to the bottom and get the tips and ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. Inappropriate photo background
  2. Exposure Issues
  3. Blurry product photos
  4. Tapped product packaging
  5. Dust and spot
  6. Wrong Perspective
  7. Bad size: too large images
  8. Model retouching
  9. Doll or mannequin removing
  10. Color changing or matching
  11. Negative space removing/ framing
  12. Old product photo retouching
  13. Apply Photoshop Shadow
  14. Adding people, object, props
  15. Outsource Image editing services
  16. Conclusion

Inappropriate photo background

Background remove

Most eCommerce platforms have set product photo uploading requirements. They defined to upload images with clean and white background since it is practically justified that the online shoppers like and trust to buy the products that contain a clean and detailed outlook. So as an eCommerce business owner, always try to upload 100% flawless product images.

If your product image background has other objects, people, photography helping materials like clips, lighting stands, helper’s hand, etc. they will distract the buyers’ attention from the product photo. It is harmful to internet business. While you are trying to draw the attention of the customers to your products, then if these simple distracting flaws hamper your aim, how will you justify it? So it is better to take photographs of products adding clean and white backdrops or after photo shooting, take background removal services in Photoshop. It will surely be beneficial for your eCommerce startup.

Exposure Issues










Your product images may have problems related to exposure. High exposure and low exposure both are harmful to a detailed product image. Low exposure will make your image blackish or grained look. And high exposure will make your products too bright that looks like roasted or sunburnt. The main culprits of exposure issues are the ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, and the weakness of using light perfectly. If your images suffer from exposure problems, they may lose details of the product. In the long run, your eCommerce business or photography business will struggle a lot.

To resolve the exposure experience, you should take images applying the appropriate technical setup of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. Study a bit to understand the setting of these camera features. Another most striking exposure resolver is the proper use of lighting during photography. If you use daylight, beware of the time when you will get the best product picture or if you take product images in an indoor studio with artificial lighting, consider the best setup of lighting kits. However, going beyond these technical works if your images contain exposure issues, we will recommend you receiving high-end exposure blending service in Photoshop. You may find this as the best way for exposure correction for your business.

Blurry product photos

Blurry product photos

The blurry product image is the output of camera shaking, quick camera moving, and bad setting of ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed. If you can control these issues, you will get business-oriented product photos. Motion blur due to fast camera moving after clicking will cleanse the product details. The customers will not be able to understand the detailed features of the product that they are buying. They may not choose your products that will greatly endanger your online sales. So, always try to get clean and detail-oriented product images. If you don’t get it just by photo shooting, take blur photo fixing service in Photoshop.

Tapped product packaging

When you take product photo shooting service by a famous product photographer, your product may be captured with its tapped or folded packaging due to hasty or other reasons. This photography flaw may happen out of your attention. However, such flaws are the obstacles to becoming product images stunning and beautiful. Online shoppers don’t show interest to choose the products inside such a box or carton. So, the photos of the products with damaged packaging are the subjects of photo editing. While you are going to upload these photos, you must mend the weakness. In these cases, take product packaging retouching in Photoshop. If you can edit it yourself, do it or hire a photo editing & retouching company.

Dust and spot

Nnon-destructive Wacom-based High End Retouching

If your product photos contain dust or spot, these photos are editable. Without applying Photoshop photo editing and retouching services, you should not upload these images online. Product images with dust and spot look dirty. They lose beauty. The online buyers don’t be engaged with such a product. Dirty product images cannot draw the attention of possible customers. As a result, your business prospect will be badly harmed. You need pre-caution of taking images of products that have dust and spot. Before taking photos, you should have been cleaned with a brush or blower. After being taken images, no way, you have to take photo retouching services that will bring back the beauty of the images as they were supposed to be.

Wrong Perspective

wrong perspective

The right perspective is a crucial feature of all types of photographs. It depends on the expertise of an experienced photographer. Besides hundreds of product photos, some images may be captured with improper perspectives. The product images that are lean towards or backward, left or right sides are wrong with a worse perspective. Not only that, but your product images may also appear that their upper or lower side is squeezed. Regarding property or real estate product images, perspective is a great issue. However, if you see that your images are with the wrong perspective, you should take Photoshop perspective correction service. This editing service will straighten your product images and regain a stunning appearance.

Bad size: too large images

Too large images

The eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. have their product photo uploading guidelines. They have defined product image sizes as per the convenience of displaying on their websites. They have set multiple image sizes for the advantage of product representation to the customers. When you take product images by DSLR camera, the image sizes will be higher than the required sizes. Such larger images are not suitable for uploading in the eCommerce product listing. Bigger images overlap the div and dimensions will overweight the images. So for easy and smooth browsing, product image sizes matter. However, since too large product photos are not appropriate for most eCommerce platforms, resize your images. Read the eCommerce image uploading instructions and receive cropping and resizing services of Photoshop to fix the photo sizes.

Model retouching

Fashion jewelry

Taking the opportunity of adding celebrity models with the product images is an old trend, but in this modern time, with the advancement of photography and videography, this trend has got a new dimension. You will hardly find any product without popular models. However, if you are going to sell garment items, fashion items, cosmetics, shoe items, jewelry products, etc. you should use live human models with the products for marketing and advertising. These model images must be glamorous and highly fit with the products. If you see, the model photos with the product images are looking unfit, you must take model photo retouching or glamour retouching services that will make your models appealing, and eventually, your products’ demand will get heightened.

Doll or mannequin removing

Ghost Mannequin

The ghost mannequin effect is essential for clothing photographs. So the product photo shooters use mannequin or doll inside the garment items while taking images. But the images with the mannequin or plastic doll, or even live human model are not recommended uploading in eCommerce websites. And for this reason, you have to remove the mannequins from the images of garment items retaining the hollow effects.

To get mannequin removed keeping the effect of bump and hollow, as an owner of an eCommerce startup, you should take ghost mannequin services by Photoshop. It will maintain the effects and doing the necessary retouching works, will offer you the best apparel images that you need to scale up the business.

Color Changing or matching

Color Correction

Color correction is one of the most applied photo editing services for color changing or color matching. For many reasons, during photography, the color of product images may not be perfect. The images may get high or low exposure, sun-burnt effects, tint color, black or white overlay, etc. and all these are defects of photos. Images containing these types of flaws should be fixed by Photoshop color correction. Furthermore, if you want to change product color for making variations, you need this service. Before uploading any images, check color issues and if you get any mismatch, keep aside and edit the images for gaining the desired color.

Negative space removing/ framing

Being a photograph too bigger, sometimes your images may have too much blank space around the product photo. It makes the product look smaller than it should be and much negative space is not expected. So, if your product photo contains negative spaces, clip the space while removing the background. Use the cropping tool of Photoshop that will remove extra and unnecessary spaces. The image will look like zoom in. Keep it in the center of the frame. Clipping the additional space from an image will reduce image weight. Such a product image is ideal for online stores.

Old product photo retouching

If you sell old products in your store, you need a product photo retouching service. Suppose, you sell the reconditioned car or other second-hand products, the products must have dust, spots, tapped, or fade color, and other defects. If you try to sell these items with the mentioned flaws, you cannot sell as per your target. Even, visiting your online shop and viewing these products, they will be frustrated. You will not get any buying calls. On the other hand, if your products look awesome in your online store, at the first attention, the customer will be engaged and then they will read the production description, reviews, and contact you to know further. Customers will understand since they are attempting to purchase a reconditioned product. In this process, your selling potentiality will be higher. So, consider photo retouching before displaying old product photos in the online listing.

Apply Photoshop Shadow

Reflection Shadow_Shoe-After

After clipping path and removing the background, if you see that the product photos seem floating, remember it needs Photoshop shadow services. To make your product stable and give reality, you have to use various shadows like a natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow, transparent shadow, or translucent shadow in Photoshop. All these shadow effects will provide your images stunning look. The customers will not consider the product images without stunning photos. They are real and feel to buy.

Adding people, object, props

You may have some product photos that might appear single and isolated. You may feel that if you add something, they will increase the beauty of your product. In that case, take adding objects, models, and props services in Photoshop. It will increase the creative aesthetics of your images. Sometimes, you will require an object removing service. If you need to create product images for uploading online for marketing purposes, you might need this object adding service. To convey your product description, discounts, and other information to the consumers, you should create informative images with product adding props and objects.

Outsource Image editing services

If you have tons of images and your team cannot complete the editing within the deadline, we recommend outsourcing Image editing services. It will lessen your effort, cost, and save time. You can apply the time for strategic marketing and advertising purposes for your eCommerce startup. To take freelance editing services, search for a well-equipped bulk photo editing and retouching service provider. Know details about them and their capability of handling high-volume of images, their cost, customer service, etc. and then hire them.


When you are a rising star in the eCommerce sector, you will face several challenges. You need to learn an e-commerce marketing strategy if you want to boost your sales. You might do any mistake while taking any decision that may cost you too much. In this crucial moment, if you have a guideline to follow like this, you will never fail to manage your startup, rather you will be able to handle all pressures. Product photos are one of the most essential elements of eCommerce business. So, you have to pay close attention to this side. After all, without using quality product images, your business will suffer a lot.