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Ghost Mannequin Effect

F or various catalogs and e-commerce sites, mannequins are used instead of human figure to create 3D effect of various garment items like: shirts, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swim suits, lingerie, etc. and often jewelries. But, in the final output, you need to remove the background along with the mannequin and give it a hollow or ghostly look. That’s why, it’s called Ghost Mannequin Effect, which is also known as Invisible Mannequin Effect. You can create the same effect by using Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins. But, after shooting the photo, you may need photo editing services to create the effect perfectly. That’s why, to reduce time and money, many photographers avoid expensive Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins. Because, photo editing is more cost effective.

To get a 3D effect, shoot the normal mannequins wearing garment items from various angles. At the same time, shoot the neck, bottom, inner parts, and sleeves separately and send it to us. We’ll remove the mannequin and studio background from the photo and replace the other parts in Photoshop to create hollow-human or ghostly effect. Even if you don’t have shots for other inner parts, we can manage to provide you final output. In addition to our Mannequin Removal Service, we’ll also remove bad wrinkle, dust, spots, and dump. Also to optimize the product for final output, we’ll apply cropping, resizing, straightening, shadow removing, and reshaping.

3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects

We render 3D/360° packshot ghost mannequin effect service both for still and dynamic images to display in e-commerce sites. If you require this luring service, send us your images from various angles. We can bring out catchy 3D/360° packshot of your photos along with joining the top, neck, bottom, and sleeve of your image.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Eliminating mannequin from a dress produces vacant area at the back of the neckline. We create a full shape of the neckline joining the back of the neckline with the front part and produce a neck joint effect. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, and blazers, are some of the on-demand dresses on which we create neck joint effect.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Similar to neck joint, we also join bottom of a dress regardless of the length of the dress removing the mannequin. Some dresses have longer back part than the front part. Our seasoned image enhancers are well-capable of tinkering around and assembling the vacant part of the dresses’ bottom.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

This service is needed to remove the mannequin from the hollow part of the sleeves and give a ghost effect. The long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. need hollow effect to make a 3D shape. Later the experts remove this mannequin and fill up the empty place joining sleeves.

Disclaimer: The before/after photos are used as a sample of services we offer. The actual price of displayed images might be higher than the mentioned Starting Price. For accurate prices, please Request a Quote


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    Laurie G.

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Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

1What is Neck Joint?

Removing the mannequin creates an empty place in the neck area. Earlier the neck part was behind the mannequin. So then, neck joint service becomes urgent. To do neck joint, the designers need two parts viz: front part and back part of a garment item. Sometimes, they need sleeve part also. They take these two parts in photoshop and join them by some techniques. They do clipping path, add shadows, refine edge, apply liquefy, etc. They also apply color correction, retouching, etc. to make the product image more beautiful.

2Who is this service for?

This service is very important and useful for the online product showcase. There are many sectors worldwide who take this service. For example:

  • E-commerce sites
  • Magazines
  • Printing
  • Annual Reports
  • Ad Agencies
  • Other different websites use this service.
1What is Ghost Mannequin Effects?

For giving 2D or 3D shape to the various garment products, the photographers use a mannequin. But, with the mannequin, the photos cannot be used directly in the online ecommerce product stores. So, the designers remove the mannequin from these garment items by applying many photoshop techniques. However, in this way removing mannequin is called ghost or invisible mannequin effect.

2What is it for?

Neck joint or ghost mannequin service is primarily essential for making a product image attractive. Besides, there are many reasons for taking this service, such as:

  • To remove mannequin,
  • For creating 2D/3D shape,
  • For removing bad wrinkle, dust, spot, dump, etc.,
  • For cropping, resizing, straightens, etc.,
  • To beautify and to make more attractive product photos.
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