Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Canada

Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Canada

Canada is one of the largest and sophisticated markets in the world after ecommerce in Germany. Over 96% of the total population uses the internet on a regular basis. So, the rate of ecommerce activities is also higher there. Although the infrastructure of online business was not satisfactory on the initial stage. As time was spent by, some giant retailers started investing and the scenario changed rapidly. Including them, there are also some growing ecommerce businesses in Canada, which have been ruling in the industry for years.

Before reaching the key points, we would like to share some important facts along with the statistical data. It will help to know about their market value, size, revenue, and sales. So, let’s go ahead step by step below! 

Ecommerce Activities of Internet Users in Canada

Ecommerce Activities of Internet Users in Canada

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • In Canada, 84% of internet users do a search online to find a product or service to buy (from any device).
  • 88% of the users visit an online retail store on the internet and 68% make the purchase.
  • Among the buyers, 45% of the users buy products using laptops and desktops. And, 33% make it through smartphones.

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

Data Source: Statista

  • The most spent category is the Travel and Accommodation industry and the amount is $23.48 billion.
  • Then, it goes to Electronics & Physical Media industry. The amount is 7.60 billion USD.
  • Other categories with their spent amount are likely Fashion & Beauty ($6.81 billion), Toys, DIY, & Hobbies ($5.08 billion), Furniture & Appliances ($3.73 billion), and Food & Persona Care ($2.21 billion).
  • The last two categories here are- Video Games ($824 million) and Digital Music ($300 million).

Online Retail Revenue Statistics by Year

Online Retail Revenue Statistics Canada


Data Source: Statista

  • The online retail revenue in Canada is overwhelming for the last few years. In the year 2017, the amount was 22.263 billion USD.
  • The next year in 2018, it reached $23.563 billion. Last year, it was $25.425 billion.
  • Projected retail revenue is $27.731 billion in the current year 2020 in Canada. The estimated revenues for the upcoming years by Statista report are likely $30.006b, 31.716b, and 32.749b for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 respectively.

Most Used Social Media Platforms in Canada

Social Media Platforms in Canada

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

In Canada, the use of social media has a wide range of variations like the other developed countries. Among internet users, YouTube (85%) and Facebook (79%) are the two platforms that are used mostly by the Canadian people. After these, Facebook Messenger (62%) is the most popular option according to the statistics report of GlobalWebIndex. Then, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn come with a percentage of 53%, 40%, 35%, and 29% respectively.

Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Canada

In this part, we have come with a comprehensive list of the most emerging ecommerce businesses in Canada. Along with the basic information, we also included the statistics of its social media activities (Facebook). Let’s move to the points below!

1. Air Miles Canada

Air Miles Canada brings the best way to get rewards from every purchase you make for your needs. It can be anything like groceries, movie tickets, kitchen gadgets, electronics, and many more that you deal with on a regular basis. For more than 27 years, it has been running this loyalty program for consumers. It allows all types of companies from different locations in this program. To get the updated offers, you can also look into their Facebook community having over 1.1 million followers.


Air Miles Canada

Company Name: Air Miles Canada

Headquarters: ‎Toronto, Ontario, CA

Founding Year: 1992

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Loyalty Program

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: February 2, 2008

Likes & Followers: 1,124,337 +

Page Link: Air Miles Canada


2. Coastal

Founded in 2000, Coastal has been turned into a popular and trustworthy online destination for sunglasses and eyewear products. It’s a leading ecommerce platform of prescribed eye care accessories along with contact lenses. You will get a huge collection of affordable and fashionable products for both men and women. Besides the eye materials, you will also find Coastal as a good resource by getting tips for eye health.



Company Name:

Headquarters: ‎Vancouver, Canada

Founding Year: 2000

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Sunglasses, Eyewear products

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 14, 2008

Likes & Followers: 1,015,911 +

Page Link:



SSENSE is an ideal online shopping house for both men and women, who loves to walk through the latest fashion trends. It has over 150 popular brands, including Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and many more. Along with Canada, it has recognized itself as one of the leading online retailers in the world. Having more than 2 million visitors per month, it has also a big community on the most popular social media platform, Facebook. You will receive all the updates regularly there.



Company Name: SSENSE

Headquarters: ‎Montreal, Canada

Founding Year: 2003

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Boutique

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: November 18, 2008

Likes & Followers: 834,298 +

Page Link: SSENSE


4. Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada is one of the fastest growing online retailers there with a huge collection of products from different types. You will find consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, travel and fitness products, movies and music, baby products, and many more in a place that will help to utilize your valuable time wisely. Besides their official site, you can also use their Facebook page to get the idea of published products.


Best Buy Canada

Company Name: Best Buy Canada

Headquarters: ‎Burnaby, Canada

Founding Year: 2001

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Electronics, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: August 5, 2009

Likes & Followers: 729,625 +

Page Link: Best Buy Canada



If you are searching for the best and most popular online retailers in the world, Amazon will come first undoubtedly. In Canada, it’s not also different for consumers. brings the opportunity to provide millions of products, including books, movies & TV shows, video games, electronics, software, sports & outdoor products, and more. All you will get at competitive prices. Also, there are some attractive offers given on Facebook and other social media by authorities.

Company Name:

Headquarters: ‎Toronto, Ontario, CA

Founding Year: 2002

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Consumer Electronics, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 25, 2011

Likes & Followers: 626,087 +

Page Link:


6. Teleflora

Are you finding a smart solution to have fresh flowers for an occasion? Teleflora is serving this service online for the last 86 years in Canada and the USA. It helps you get an amazing collection of varieties of flowers, plants, and gift baskets at affordable prices. Teleflora has around 18000 member florists to deliver beautiful pieces of flowers along with the materials to its consumers in time. It also got an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating as a credit to deliver quality products on time.



Company Name: Teleflora

Headquarters: ‎Los Angeles, California

Founding Year: 1934

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Flowers

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: March 7, 2009

Likes & Followers: 376,296+

Page Link: Teleflora


7. The Mysterious Package Company

The name itself makes an extra curiosity to know about this in detail, right? The Mysterious Package Company brings the opportunity to have unique and custom-made gifts delivered by mail for your favorite ones. The program is uniquely designed for each person you want to reach differently with your gifts. It includes various types of customized crates, letters & telegrams newspaper clippings, and many more with the box that will make you amazed surely. It will give you a feel of exceptional experiences of adventure, horror, murder mystery, antiques, and more.


The Mysterious Package Company

Company Name: The Mysterious Package Company

Headquarters: ‎Vancouver, Canada

Founding Year: 2002

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Gifts

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 16, 2012

Likes & Followers: 356,594 +

Page Link: The Mysterious Package Company


8. Jaimonvoyage

Are you searching for the best travel agency online in Canada for your upcoming tour? Jaimonvoyage brings the hottest deal to make your way comfortable with its affordable services. You can choose suitable places from the list mentioned on their site. It includes sea beaches, resorts, hotels, and many more in their packages. Besides these, you can also book a cruise from Jaimonvoyage. You can go through their FAQ page and Facebook community as well to clarify your queries.



Company Name: Jaimonvoyage

Headquarters: ‎Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

Founding Year: 2010

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Travel Agency

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: January 9, 2011

Likes & Followers: 326,816 +

Page Link: Jaimonvoyage


9. eBay Canada

If you are searching for a trustworthy name in the area of the retailing company, eBay will be one of the best choices. It started the journey in Canada as eBay Canada in the year 2000 and is visited by over 8 million people per month. You will find all the necessary accessories from fashion to electronics, auto parts to sporting goods, home & garden to gift cards, and many more. Besides the official site, it also publishes regular updates on the Facebook page.


eBay Canada

Company Name: eBay Canada

Headquarters: ‎Toronto, Canada

Founding Year: 2000

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Electronics

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 26, 2010

Likes & Followers: 225,361 +

Page Link: eBay Canada


10. Free Samples in Canada

Seems different to hear the name, right? Free Samples in Canada come with a view to giving the latest and free samples and coupons for Canadians. You will get the best deals on samples from different categories like food, baby products, perfume and beauty, and more. To let the people know the hottest updates, they update their social media platforms regularly. Also, you can go through the reviews in Trustpilot.


Free Samples in Canada

Company Name: Free Samples in Canada

Headquarters: ‎Canada

Founding Year: 2009

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Media, News

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: September 30, 2009

Likes & Followers: 201,107 +

Page Link: Free Samples in Canada


11. AURA Trends

AURA Trends is another fastest growing online retailer that is especially focused on trendy and fashionable products. Founded in 2012, it has taken a step forward by bringing charm and beauty to fashion. It has a huge collection of clothing, accessories, clutches, handbags, and footwear products at affordable prices. Besides these, you will also find custom-designed products from AURA Trends according to your choices.


AURA Trends

Company Name: AURA Trends

Headquarters: ‎Stoney Creek, Ontario, CA

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce,Apparel & Fashion

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 18, 2011

Likes & Followers: 177,527 +

Page Link: AURA Trends


12. brings the best way to connect with great savings through coupons, flyers, and other deals. Founded in 2000, it’s become a one-stop shop for exclusive offers from world-class brands of your choice. In a word, is one of the leading destinations to grab the hottest offers using flyers and coupons. All the discounts you will get daily or week-to-week for your grocery, electronics, clothing & accessories, kids & toys, entertainment, and other products.

Company Name:

Headquarters: ‎Ontario, Canada

Founding Year: 2000

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce,eCoupons, Grocery

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 20, 2010

Likes & Followers: 175,223 +

Page Link:


13. itravel2000

Finding exclusive travel packages for your next vacation? Itravel2000 is one of the trusted sources in Canada for making your travel memorable. Founded in 1994, it has been providing the best services for vacation packages, flights, hotels, cruises, destination weddings, and rental cars. They have a large team of more than 200 travel experts to help you out. Apart from this, they have an official Facebook page to let the users know the regular updates.



Company Name: itravel2000

Headquarters: ‎Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Founding Year: 1994

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Tour/Cruise Agency

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 2, 2010

Likes & Followers: 142,602 +

Page Link: itravel2000


14. Flight Centre Canada

Once again, Flight Centre Canada brings the most affordable deals for flights, vacation packages, and travels. Having more than 25 years of experience, it has been providing the services in this area with a good reputation. Since then, it has 180 stores across Canada. With a large team of over 950 travel consultants and 9000 staff, it has established itself as one of the leading and largest global travel retailers.


Flight Centre Canada

Company Name: Flight Centre Canada

Headquarters: ‎Toronto, Ontario, CA

Founding Year: 1982

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Travel Agency

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: September 3, 2010

Likes & Followers: 138,883 +

Page Link: Flight Centre Canada


15. FundRazr

FundRazr is more than an ecommerce platform compared with Amazon or eBay. It’s a Canadian crowdfunding site to raise money with a view to creating social value for different purposes. Since the beginning, it has run 150k+ campaigns and raised over $160M. FundRazr achieved several rewards as achievements like ‘Social Media Award- Best Non-Profit (2013)’, ‘Vancity Social Ventures Prize (New Ventures BC Competition 2011)’, and more.



Company Name: FundRazr

Headquarters: ‎Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Founding Year: 2009

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, IT, Crowdfunding

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: November 24, 2008

Likes & Followers: 126,248 +

Page Link: FundRazr


To Conclude

Canada has one of the largest ecommerce markets in the world and it’s growing faster than ever in the current century. Besides the list of the emerging ecommerce businesses there, we also put the statistics of online retail revenue in Canada. Hopefully, it will help to get the proper of its market size and value as well. It’s not the finishing yet! Let’s share your findings if you have anything in terms of our research and listed companies.

Till then, stay at home and be safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19).