Creative Graphic Design Steps

Creative Graphic Design Steps (Updated)

Creative graphic design is almost like the activities of the painters who create unique and immortal paints. No doubt, it’s pretty much more creative work. The graphic designers can create more creative things just because they can edit, redesign, delete, and apply the effects necessary for the designs.

You’ll find a lot of types in creative graphic design where various digital tools are regularly being used to bring the appeal. Graphic Design is a highly appreciating marketing and advertising element. Designs help to create a brand, draw the attention of potential customers, and in the long run, attractive graphical presentations tend to maximize overall profits.

The graphic design experts create fabulous graphic designs utilizing a number of graphic design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, and more. Maintaining some steps and graphical ethics, they create stunning designs for graphic design clients. They do all the possible tasks related to the creation of trendy graphic designs.

Ultimate Guide To Graphic Design Steps

We are going to discuss all the processes one by one to remind you and if you are an apprentice of design, you can learn many new things that will definitely accelerate your creative thinking. So, whoever you are and whatever your position is, no matter, you can go through the whole content. It will work for you.

Understanding Clients’ Requirements

It is seen in the case of new graphic designers that they show hasty while they talk about a design project to the client. They behave as if they are experts and they try to convey that they have understood the client’s demand! Sometimes they do this as they pretend because they are in fear if they lose the project. So, without knowing the actual client’s demand, they become busy creating designs and finally they fail to meet clients’ needs. They cannot send the work within deadline and as a result, they lose credibility and the clients lose valuable time.

To get success in creating memorable graphic designs, you have to understand the necessity of the clients as a designer. You have to listen to clients’ requirements. What doc files they send, you should go through spending enough time. Contemplate on the instruction carefully. If you cannot understand any particular issue, ask them if you are before them or mail them. Until you are sure about their demand fully, you should not start work. Don’t hesitate to ask them, don’t be confused to explain what you have understood so far. In short, mutual understanding will generate thriving graphical elements.

Know the Brand

Before starting any graphic design project with a client, discuss the detail of what he wants to do with your design. Try to know about his purpose in detail. Ask him about his brand name, business type, who are his customers, study about the customers’ psychology, what designs are drawing their attention, and the like. If you want to deliver designs as your client wants, you should be tricky. Search client’s competitors’ brand and their business product, their customers, what designs they are leveraging, and many more. All these simple things will provide you advantage to know the clients’ demand in terms of graphic design and you can fulfill his asking at your first effort. It will enhance your goodwill, your graphic design business will get familiar as a design brand, and ultimately your graphic design and photo editing business will achieve a new height. For your own business expansion, ‘Knowing the Brand’ technique will help you to stand out from your contemporary graphic design companies.


As a professional graphic designer, you absolutely know how much time one should spend on researching before starting any design project. You know how hard work is needed to produce storytelling designs. But, if you are a novice or beginner, listen, you have to research limitless in order to start any project. To generate client-oriented and high-end graphic designs, Google as much as you can. Head over the related designs existed on the internet. See the profiles of the great designers who work on the same type of projects. Take design inspiration, form ideas, and concept, discuss with others, and finally create a design mockup.



One of the most useful ways of getting and shaping any trendy design concept is brainstorming with other designers. It is possible if you work in a company or with some other designer in the same type of projects. Brainstorming is not possible alone.

Brainstorming is a vast concept that goes well with graphic design companies. It is a common practice in any company. When any project comes to the hand of the company, the related designers consult together. They share their opinion, statistics, and talk of running trends and upcoming design fashion. Out of such a discussion table, fruitful and trendy design concepts come. So, if you are a member of a graphic design team, try to arrange a brainstorming session to bring out something actionable, exclusive, unique, and new design.


Sketching is one of the most common practices in a design farm. Before starting of creating any new logo, banner, and other unique mockups, the design company employs one or more than one raw artist who creates stunning designs utilizing pencil and ledger. They show the pencil sketch to the design project manager or the upper management. Once they approve the sketch, the Photoshoppers or Illustrator artists transform the sketch into scalable vector graphics.

Sketching for creative design is really useful as you can get an idea of what you are going to do or what you have to create. Sketching reduces the design fault and also editing time. So, you may work independently or with a team, sketching is highly recommended.

Design Process

Now the main phase comes to understand graphic design steps appropriately. Maybe you are the prime player here. We mean if you are an Illustrator expert and responsible for transforming sketch to vector design, you are the key design person. When you are going to design the main logo, banner, or other design, you have to go through a design process.

  • Firstly, you have to scan the hand-drawn sketch and take it into the Adobe Illustrator.
  • Secondly, create a line drawing utilizing the Pen tool of the Illustrator. Use a stroke color suitable for your design.
  • Fill the design with color as per your client’s instruction. Once you fill the color, you can remove the line drawing. But, if it is needed for the sake of your design, keep it.
  • Apply various colors, gradients, effects to make a smooth design. In the case of a creative logo and banner, and other artwork this design process is highly actionable.
  • Spend time here.

Refine Design

What you have designed so far is a rough design. Now it is high time to refine the design and polish it. Zoom in or zoom out as you need to scrutinize the design flaws. If you are unable to find the errors out, show the design others. Thus, try to find if there is any tiny mismatch and fix it. Tweak the color issues, check the resolution as your client wants, and if you want, print the design out, and see how it looks on the print view. Thus, refine the design to get the best output.



After fine-tuning of your design, try to create a presentation with the designs- log, banner, Infographics, and many others. If you create only one design like a logo or banner, create a display of the logo on the multiple designs. For example- place the logo on the visiting card, banner, product brochure, Infographics, letterhead, etc.

Your final presentation must be appealing. With the presentation, highlight your design perspective about the type of that particular design. Bring forth the issues you thought while designing the corporate identities. Answer back to the client’s questions and try to make them understand that what you have designed is the best design that they have got ever. Your company has taken his instruction seriously, and you were so serious about the design. Tell them how you and your company are happy working with him. Show interest to them as if you are too eager to work with them in future graphic design projects.

Client’s Approval

Try anything with your best designs to make your graphic design satisfied. If he is happy and gives testimonials, ask his approval on that project. This is the most crucial time for your graphic design success. Once you got the client’s approval, you are successful. Never forget to talk about the next project here.

A graphic designer always should seek clients’ approval on the final project with his best design. Design must be flawless, engaging, and attractive. It must be pop regarding color theory, shape, and outlook. No designer should neglect this fact. If so, there is a possibility to get the project postponed. So, be careful.

Finally Delivery

Finally Delivery-graphic design step

When everything is ok, deliver the designs as your client wants. Ask the client what formats he requires the design. He may ask Png file, JEPG, or vector file. If your client wants, main PDF or AI file, send it. But, send the original file after getting full payment. If the client is your old client and you have a good relationship with him, then no problem sending the main project file with other necessary files. Create the design more than one so that what your client wants, you can provide. However, if you finished the designs, make a ZIP folder and send it to the client mailing or using other file transferring programs.

Whatever we have discussed the process so far is the optimal graphic design steps for the learners. The expert graphic design professionals also can use this as a chit-sheet for the newcomers in their company. This content will be highly useful for the individual freelance graphic designer.

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