“Clipping Path” Synonyms, Antonyms, and Multilingual Words

Clipping Path Synonyms Antonyms and Multilingual Words

Clipping Path Synonyms Antonyms and Multilingual Words

Clipping Path is a technique of photo editing. It is a process of selecting a part of a photo or an entire photo to bring any changes in it. Clipping path technique is applied to select image with a view to performing remove photo background from image, object removal, mannequin removal from product photo, color correction, and more. To perform any photography post production photo editing in Photoshop, the designers use clipping path or cut out process more or less.

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Clipping path is done utilizing multiple tools of Photoshop. But mostly the professional photo editing experts use Pen Tool of creating path. Not only that, you can use Rectangular tool, Wand tool, Lasso tool, Brush tool, etc. for creating path and selecting any area of an image. Image masking procedure can also be adopted for selecting images. The designers like image masking technique instead of clipping path for removing background from the complex type of images such as hair, fur, net, thin cloth images, etc.

Clipping Path” is a term used by photoshop and we want to show you how called “Clipping Path” globally as multi-lingual languages. Please check the below table for knowing more.

Sl. No. Clipping Path Synonyms and Multi-lingual
1. Japanese クリッピングパス
2. Spanish Trazado de recorte
3. Russian Отсечения путь
4. French Chemin de détourage
5. Arabic مسار لقطة
6. Catalan Ruta de retalls
7. Chinese (simplified) 剪切路径
8. Danish Klipesti
9. Dutch Uitknippad
10. Filipino Clipping Landas
11. German Beschneidungspfad
12. Greek Διαδρομή αποκοπής
13. Hebrew שביל הגזירה
14. Irish Conair Gearrthóg
15. Italian Tracciato di ritaglio
16. Latin Semita capras detondent
17. Luxembourgish Ausschnëtter
18. Macedonian Клип Пат
19. Norwegian Klippebane
20. Polish Ścieżka przycinająca
21. Portuguese Traçado de recorte
22. Serbian Цлиппинг Патх
23. Swedish Urklippsbana
24. Turkish Kırpma yolu
25. Ukrainian Відсічний контур
26. Welsh Llwybr Clipio


What is the Purpose of Clipping Path?

Purposes of clipping path are many and it is utilized in various photo editing services. When it comes to Photoshop functions, it helps you to remove or cut out your item from a two-dimensional image. The image cut out executed by the clipping path is placed on a fresh background usually in a plain color or multiple color touchup.

The clipping path method assists a photoshop user to produce an inside or outside path depending on the direction. After creating the shape or path, you can take away the previous background and place it in a desired background with this process. In addition, you can take advantage of the clipping path using pen tool to scale up the quality of the image to intrigue your audience.

On top of that, it serves a significant purpose in color correction, shadow creation or background removing when dealing with e-commerce products. The use of clipping path to background removal or color-correct photos in order to glamorize photos is immense.  As we mentioned earlier, the main function of clipping path is to remove background from an image. It’s availed in the neck joint service in order to similarize the front and back parts as well.

Why is Clipping Path a Crucial Technique?

When you are using this technique on your product images, it aids your targeted clients to get a clearer idea of what they are going to snap up from you. Consequently, they end up making a better decision regarding their purchase. So, you can easily manufacture photo editing by using clipping path techniques for generating more sales conversion.

An important point to note is, that none of the online stores can produce their products to their customers like brick-and-mortar stores but what can do is that they can spice up their products in front of their customers and influence them to have an emotional attachment with online products.