Amazon Marketplace Best Sellers 2020 in UK According to Sales, Reviews, and Ratings

Amazon marketplace best sellers 2020 in uk

Amazon marketplace best sellers 2020 in uk is one of the most popular and largest marketplaces with hundreds of world-class manufacturers and sellers. It occupies a huge ecommerce market in different categories, including books & study materials, medicines, food, home appliances, technology, games, and many more. In these circumstances, we planned to prepare a comprehensive list of the top Amazon sellers in UK in terms of their sales, customer feedback, and ratings.

In our earlier post, we covered the list of the largest Amazon sellers in USA along with some crucial statistical data. Hopefully, you’ve already gone through it.

Crucial Statistics & Facts on Amazon UK

Before briefing the top sellers, we come with some crucial statistics and factors related to Amazon UK market. Let’s explore by answering them.

How many people visit Amazon UK each month?

According to SimilarWeb analysis, it got around 425.01m visitors in the last month (April 2020).

Which online stores in the UK are recognized as the top ones?

The top online stores in the UK are likely

  • com
  • com
  • com

How many categories does it belong to?

Amazon UK has more than 30 categories, including Electronics & Media, Games & Toys, Hobby & DIY, Furniture & Appliances, Fashion & Clothing, and more.

In which categories it has sales the most?

Electronics & Media.

Who has the biggest online stores in the Electronics & Media category in the United Kingdom?

The largest online stores in the correspondent category start with having a 30%-35% market share. Then, it comes to (5%-10%), (5%-10%), (5%-10%), and (0%-5%).

What’s the amount of global net sales in

As per e-commerce research, it achieved $10843.6m in global net sales in 2019.

How many distribution centers are there in Amazon UK?

At present, there are 20 UK distribution centers out there (As per Statista report).

Largest Amazon UK Sellers

Top Sellers 30 Days Reviews Lifetime Reviews Positive Ratings
1.     musicMagpie 16,803 6,819,429 97%
2.     World of Books Ltd 7,883 2,156,549 94%
3.     Book Depository 6,826 3,983,987 98%
4.     momox co uk 6,064 751,996 97%
5.     OnlineMusicFilmsGames 5,079 530,280 97%
6.     Gardener’s Dream Ltd 5,152 69,491 95%
7.     WeBuyBooks 4,326 584,023 98%
8.     FoodServiceDirect 3,648 10,100 91%
9.     SPARES-2-GO 3,225 324,846 96%
10.Accessory_JETech_Authorized 2,907 18,307 99%
11.DOMU UK 3,095 324,185 98%
12.H&S Alliance UK Ltd 2,831 66,837 99%
13.Oypla 3,032 61,166 95%
14.AnkerDirect 2,634 303,284 99%
15.dodax-online-uk 2,714 699,745 97%
16.JDS ONLINE 2,879 30,248 95%
17.DURONIC 2,369 273,977 98%
18.awesome_books_001 2,405 1,161,757 96%
19.LightingandMobileAccessoriesUK 2,739 176,264 89%
20.AMOS UK 2,554 34,006 96%
21.Unified Retail 1,929 119,442 100%
22.Desire-London 2,746 24,199 89%
23.UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 1,823 72,857 100%
24.TradeNRG (UK VAT Registered) 1,893 54,684 97%
25.The Cotswold Library 1,966 82,112 97%
26.Greener_Books 1,916 583,438 97%
27.UKPaperbackshop 2,098 710,703 96%
28.Goldstone-Books 1,708 179,544 97%
29.Brit_Books 1,847 272,672 96%
30.Super.Deals 1,919 24,461 91%
31.all your music 1,671 1,740,234 98%
32.24/7 DIRECT 1,641 116,407 100%
33.OMGHC 1,846 63,254 96%
34.Chalkys UK 1,796 155,308 95%
35.uniqueplace-uk 1,685 139,674 96%
36.Songmics 1,559 63,087 99%
37.The Magic Toy Shop 1,657 78,085 96%
38.Spigen 1,500 64,728 99%
39.F & F Stores 1,538 38,148 99%
40.XtremeAuto 1,610 110,774 95%
41.Garden_Mile 1,749 36,142 94%
42.Discounted Cleaning Supplies 1,432 39,771 99%
43.Online Retailers UK 1,752 54,223 90%
44.Infinite_Books 1,595 71,674 95%
45.Nu U Nutrition 1,367 39,448 100%
46.Spot On-Line Ltd 1,515 7,268 95%
47.Just Beauty UK 1,350 40,765 99%
48.NEON Mart 1,361 34,318 99%
49.Rankie-Direct 1,275 29,927 99%
50.MotorWorld 1,383 6,297 96%

Prepared by ColorExpertsBD (May 2020)

Now, we will let you know about the largest Amazon UK sellers with a short brief. Let’s explore them one by one.

1. musicMagpie

musicMagpie is a trusted British online buying and selling destination that has been running its operation since 2007. It has a huge collection of new and used goods from various brands. Using this platform, you can buy and sell CDs, DVDs, Games, iMacs & MacBooks, iPads & Tablets, refurbished phones & accessories, and many more at affordable prices compared with other renowned online marketplaces. In the last 12 months, it got over 180k feedbacks having 97% of positive ratings.



Amazon Seller Page musicMagpie
Product Type Home Electronics, Books, Media
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

2. World of Books Ltd

Founded in 2005, World of Books has become one of the largest Amazon UK sellers of used books. Since then, it’s been a trustworthy online site that contains over 3 million inventory and rare books in stock. It already delivered million of used books to the book lovers in more than 190 countries around the world. World of Books covers a lot of brands, including Arrow, Bantam, Black Swan, Bluebird, Century, Corgi, Fourth Estate, Sphere, Warne, and more.

World of Books Ltd

Amazon Seller Page World of Books Ltd


Product Type Books
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 94%

3. Book Depository

Book Depository is an international online bookstore with a large catalog and millions of titles. Founded in 2004, it’s become a huge collection of more than 20 million books. It sells varieties of brands likely Ebury Press, Faber & Faber Scholastic, Quercus, Arrow, Penguin, Wildfire, Orchard Books, and many more. Readers can choose their preferred one from the listed categories, including Audio Books, Biography, Children’s Book, Computing, Crafts & Hobbies, Entertainment, etc.

Book Depository


Amazon Seller Page Book Depository
Product Type Books
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%


4. momox co uk

Once again, momox is a popular re-commerce provider where people from United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, and Belgium can buy and sell their favorite used items easily at reasonable costs. It offers varieties of products, including books, films, CDs, games, and clothing. And, they are from various renowned brands likely Quercus, Vintage, Century, Robinson, Atlantic Books, Moore Gareth, Corgi Children, and more.



Amazon Seller Page momox co uk
Product Type Books, Entertainment, Games, Clothing
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%

5. OnlineMusicFilmsGames

If you are searching for quality media products at affordable prices, OnlineMusicFilms can be a good option. It’s among the top 10 sellers on Amazon UK that has achieved thousands of sales in the last few months with mostly positive ratings. OnlineMusicFilms sells varieties of CDs, DVDs, and Video Games of different brands like Universal Pictures, ATLANTIC RECORDS, 20th Century Fox, Pre Play, Disney Princess, EPIC, and more.

Amazon Seller Page OnlineMusicFilmsGames
Product Type Entertainment, Games, Music
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

6. Gardener’s Dream Ltd

Gardener’s Dream comes with a view to providing the best solution to have a beautiful garden of your own and to brighten up your outside space with flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees. It’s been working on the horticulture industry for more than 42 years and providing the best and popular products at competitive prices. As a result, it’s been recognized as #1 online gardening retailer in UK with satisfactory customer service.

Gardener's Dream


Amazon Seller Page Gardener’s Dream Ltd


Product Type Gardening, Outdoor & Home
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 95%

7. WeBuyBooks

WeBuyBooks is one of the leading online retailers in UK that deals with buying books, CDs, and DVDs from customers who don’t need them anymore. It offers various types of books, including textbooks, travel guides, fashion books, cook books, and more to sell on this platform. Some of the brands it works with are likely Bluebird, Orion Spring, Orchard Books, Zaffre, HQ, Two Roads, Scholastic, Sphere, and many more.



Amazon Seller Page WeBuyBooks
Product Type Books, CDs, DVDs
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

8. FoodServiceDirect

FoodService Direct is an online food and beverage service provider that serves people with quality food items since 2011 in Amazon UK. It helps customers by delivering favorite dishes at weddings, private functions, festivals, and parties. You will get the products from well-known brands, including Heygates, GoMo, Dole, Triple Lion, Carrs Flour, Golden Acre, McDougalls, etc. All the items are found at low prices there and it has no minimum order quantity. Also, it gives a free delivery option for consumers throughout the UK.



Amazon Seller Page FoodServiceDirect
Product Type Food & Beverages
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 89%



SPARES-2-GO has been serving in the home & garden appliance industry for the last 50 years in the UK and overseas as well. It provides several types of products like washing machines, vacuum cleaner, tumble dryer, oven, cooker hood, coffee machine, dishwasher cutlery basket, positioning lever, and many more. SPARES-2-GO lets customers choose from varieties of popular brands, including Bosch, Oven Mate, Wpro, For Vax, Menalux, and many more.



Amazon Seller Page SPARES-2-GO
Product Type Home & Garden Appliance, Spare Parts
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

10. Accessory_JETech_Authorized

This one is one of the most popular and trustworthy electronics and PC accessories marketplace sellers. With 99% positive feedback from thousands of customers, it got ranked in the ‘Best Amazon Marketplace Sellers in the UK’ chart. It sells varieties of products likely smartwatch brands, cell phone cases, screen protectors, cables, Bluetooth headsets, and more.



Amazon Seller Page Accessory_JETech_Authorized


Product Type Electronics, PC Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%


DOMU UK is another UK based ecommerce retailer, especially for home & kitchen products. It was established in 2009 and recognized as one of the fastest growing marketplace retailers in UK. It sells the products of three key brands likely VonShef (kitchen), VonHaus (Home & Garden), and Beautify (Beauty Storage). With huge sales in recent times, it has become a top-rated seller on Amazon UK.

Amazon Seller Page DOMU UK
Product Type Home & Garden, Kitchen
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

To Conclude

We prepared a shortlist of the top Amazon marketplace sellers in the UK based on their sales history, recent growth, and customer ratings. Also, we provided crucial statistical data to let you know some e-commerce facts in the regarding market. In this article, you will find the most updated data created by market analysis firms and Color Experts International, Inc, a trustworthy name in the professional photo editing and retouching industry.