Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers in USA: Sales, Reviews, and Ratings in Focus

Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers in USA

Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers in USA

Do you know the strength behind the success of e-commerce giants like Amazon? It has a huge database of products in different categories. Thousands of sellers around the world enlisted their stores to sell them at affordable prices they can offer the best. So, finding the top sellers among the long list can be a tough job indeed! In these circumstances, we come to let you know about the best Amazon sellers in the USA in terms of some particular criteria. Before that, we’ll try to find out the reason to choose Amazon as a marketplace rather than others. Also, you will get some important statistics and facts on Amazon and its sellers.

Why US Sellers Prefer Amazon Most Over Other Retailers?

Amazon is more than a name to the world of e-commerce business. It gives you the opportunity to sell products at your own hours. Each year, a number of sellers are included in the list. But, why do they prefer Amazon rather than other e-commerce giants? Let’s find out the reasons below!

  • No doubt, Amazon gets huge traffic as well as a number of potential customers worldwide. As per the latest Statista report, it reached over 2 billion visitors each month.
  • A seller account on Amazon can build the brand of your store itself. It doesn’t need to spend money on making a website as well as for maintaining it.
  • Trust is an essential issue whether a customer intent to buy something online. Amazon has gained it throughout the years. That’s the reason it’s easier to sell something there.
  • Compared with other merchants, the sellers of Amazon have to pay minimal fees of $39.99/month.

Amazon Marketplace Seller Statistics & Facts

Before reaching the key point, we got some crucial statistics and facts on Amazon marketplace sellers. Let’s know by answering them with real-time data.

  • How many sellers does Amazon have?

As per Marketplacepulse research, Amazon has over 2.5 million sellers and every year many more are coming to join.

  • Who are the largest sellers on Amazon?

There are a number of biggest sellers who sell millions of products each year. Some of them are likely Pharmapacks, AnkerDirect, Zappos, Decluttr Store, 6pm, etc.

  • How many sellers are making over 100k?

As per the statistics, over 200000 sellers are growing with 100k or more sales.

  • How many products are enlisted on Amazon by the sellers?

Amazon has more than 12 million products from different categories.

Amazon sellers by annual sales


  • How many sellers have joined this year on the Amazon marketplace?

Around 343000 new sellers have joined in 2020 so far. After the end of this year, it may increase to twice or thrice of the number. Here is an approximate data of the new sellers according to marketplacepulse.

Amazon new sellers 2020


  • Which are the most popular product categories at present?

Some of the most popular and selling product categories in Amazon are Apparel (Clothing & Accessories), Books, Electronics, Fitness, Entertainment, and more.

  • Which country belongs the most top sellers?

The top countries with the most number of sellers are likely the USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and Canada.

Countries Top Sellers
US 512
UK 221
Germany 110
France 45
Japan 42
Italy 30
Canada 19
India 10
Spain 7
Mexico 3
Australia 1


Top Amazon Sellers in USA

Here, we will give a short brief on the top Amazon sellers across the USA. Firstly, let’s introduce their names with a few statistics below!

Top Sellers 30 Days Reviews Lifetime Reviews Positive Ratings
1. Pharmapacks 9597 972,269 98%
2. AnkerDirect 6101 919,336 99%
3. EPFamily Direct 5,125 147,495 99%
4. VM Express 5,234 244,846 96%
5. iServe 4,290 183,758 99%
6. Carlyle 3,894 22,589 99%
7. MetroDecor 3,891 149,036 96%
8. Decluttr Store 3,572 632,139 96%
9. 6pm 3,559 352,380 99%
10. Zappos 3,489 226,160 99%
11. Prime Time Commerce 3,686 168,682 98%
12. recommerce 3,352 52,864 100%
13. Utopia Deals 3,389 345,649 98%
14. OnlinePrimeBrands 3,175 141,528 99%
15.OxKom 2,925 466,284 99%
16. TheNewMall 2,913 241,751 99%
17.Sports Research 2,593 120,105 100%
18. HLmedical 2,569 16,208 98%
19. MYBATTERYSUPPLIER 2,632 360,424 98%
20. Juvo+ 2,589 236,136 99%
21. Spigen Inc 2,642 491,125 97%
22. GORILLA COMMERCE 2,526 82,296 99%
23. etailz 2,550 701,289 99%
24. ShippedFast 2,475 190,261 99%
25. River Colony Trading 2,545 1,058,748 99%
26. eSupplements 2,316 69,697 98%
27. Fintie 2,491 619,315 98%
28. VirVentures 2,609 110,922 97%
29. VicTsingDirect 2,195 180,194 99%
30. Govee US 2,182 22,046 98%
31. Oliver’s Pet Care 2,133 78,535 100%
32. Cable Matters 2,108 315,290 99%
33. NetRush 2,015 301,249 99%
34. Supershieldz 2,158 264,950 98%
35. Anthony’s Goods 2,028 49,196 99%
36. Better World Books 2,026 1,948,360 96%
37. Swanson Health Products 2,059 238,418 96%
38. Orva Stores 2,019 157,337 100%
39. UGREEN GROUP LIMITED 2,003 99,584 99%
40. Goli Nutrition Inc. 1,898 8,294 98%
41. Tech Vendor 1,968 145,557 99%
42. TCP Global Corp 1,904 296,256 96%
43. BestChoiceproducts 2,215 142,265 92%
44. SHOEBACCA 1,904 76,918 92%
45. Office Depot, Inc. 1,906 66,621 89%
46. My Great Goods 1,813 96,041 99%
47. PCAccessory_JETech_Authorized 1,862 44,961 99%
48. Vital’s International Group 1,815 12,526 97%
49. ArtNaturals US 2,640 125,860 98%
50. GNC 1,731 48,005 95%

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Now, we are going to describe the top 30 Amazon bestsellers in USA. You will get to know their basic business stats along with products/ services, and some more.

1. Pharmapacks

Pharmapacks is a leading health and beauty sellers around the world. it sells both directly and through different partner websites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. It has varieties of products, including medicines, nutrition items, vitamins & supplements, beauty products, and different household accessories. Founded in 2011, it has been now one of the top sellers on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.


Amazon Seller Page Pharmapacks
Product Type Health & Beauty, Medical Supplies
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 95%

2. AnkerDirect

AnkerDirect is an authorized seller of Anker products, which sells various electronics products like Powerbanks, Charging Cables, and Wireless Speakers. It helps to make life easier and more convenient through amazing and modern products at affordable prices. Providing something better to thousands of customers in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, it achieved many rewards from recognized organizations. Wall Street Journal, Wirecutter, and LifeHacker mentioned Anker as the Best Portable Solar Battery Charger, Best Lighting Cable, and Best Battery Case for iPhone.


Amazon Seller Page AnkerDirect
Product Type Electronics
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%


3. EPFamily Direct

EPFamily Direct is a top-rated Amazon seller that sells various types of brands and offers Prime Shipping for the customers. The brands include EPAuto, Simple Houseware, and more. It deals with products like portable air compressor pump, microfiber cleaning cloth, garment rack, sliding basket, etc. At present, it got ranked in the top sellers on Amazon with 99% positive customer reviews.

EPFamily Direct

Amazon Seller Page EPFamily Direct
Product Type Electronics, Home Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

4. VM Express

Once again, VM Express is a trustworthy name in the area of household essentials. It delivers top-quality kitchen appliances, pet supplies, storage containers, and many more from different brands like HOMZ, Intex, SwimWays, LEGO, Gelish, WORX, Lennox, etc. With around 91% of the positive ratings, it ensures the best products at great prices and excellent speedy customer service.

Amazon Seller Page VM Express
Product Type Home Appliances
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 91%

5. iServe

iServe is another trusted seller on Amazon that is currently holding one of the top positions in the health and household category. It sells products of various brands likely Pharmax, Thymes, Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, and more. With a lot of positive customer reviews, it’s been a top-ranked retailer worldwide. Besides Amazon, it also sells its items on Walmart, Tmall, Taobao, and Mercado Libre.


Amazon Seller Page iServe
Product Type Household, Health
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

6. Carlyle

Carlyle comes with varieties of natural products that strictly follow the standards of quality and purity. Started in 1971, it has gained a fruitful experience in producing high-quality vitamins, supplements, and other natural life-enhancing products. It has its own in-house production house in the USA and certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Carlyle ensures maximum safety and potency as it goes through several phases of laboratory tests.


Amazon Seller Page Carlyle
Product Type Health, Vitamins/ Supplements
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%


7. MetroDecor

MetroDecor sells all the amazing stuff from home & kitchen, health & beauty, office, and some other departments. This seller aims to assist customers in creating a beautiful environment in the home or business center. To decorate space, it brings awesome storage and organization solutions at affordable prices. In recent times, it got a huge response from thousands of consumers with many positive ratings and ranked in the top 10 Amazon sellers in the USA.


Amazon Seller Page MetroDecor
Product Type Home Decor
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

8. Decluttr Store

If your choice list consists of online tech products, books, music, and movies, then Decluttr Store is an ideal place to try. It has an amazing collection of CDs, DVDs, Cell Phones & Tablets, and amazing games at low prices. It’s among the top sellers on Amazon that has thousands of positive reviews from customers around the world. Decluttr store includes varieties of product brands likely Xbox, Nickelodeon, UNS, Apple, Capcom, Legacy, and many more.

decluttr store

Amazon Seller Page Decluttr Store


Product Type Media & Tech, Books
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%

9. 6pm

6pm is one of the premium stores for clothing, shoes, and jewelry items. Since the year 2007, it’s offering thousands of uniquely designed and authentic products for men, women, and kids. It has a huge collection of different brands like 42 Gold, 4Ward Clothing, Acorn, adidas, AGL, ALDO, Aravon, Hobo, Prada, Grenson, and many more. Besides the quality accessories, it also provides the highest standard of customer service to each of its customers.


Amazon Seller Page 6pm
Product Type Shoes, Clothing, Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

10. Zappos

Once again, Zappos is the USA based online retailer founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmum. In the starting days, it initiated the business with shoes. Now, it has varieties of products, including clothing, handbags, eyewear, and accessories. After being listed on Amazon, it got excellent sales and achieved thousands of positive feedbacks. As a result, it got ranked as one of the top Amazon Marketplace Sellers.


Amazon Seller Page Zappos


Product Type Footwear, Clothing
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

11. Prime Time Commerce

Prime Time Commerce is another trusted Amazon seller with hundreds of products in multiple categories, including home, health, beauty, and personal care. Established in 2015, it got a huge response in various marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. With 97% of positive customer reviews, it included itself in the top 20 Amazon Best Seller Rank in USA. It sells products of many USA and international brands like Sun Organic, Gaia Purity, Healing Solutions, and more.

Amazon Seller Page Prime Time Commerce


Product Type Health, Beauty & Grocery
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

12. recommerce

recommerce has been an amazing seller on Amazon since 2015 and it’s consistently growing. It has varieties of products in the beauty and care category, including herbal supplements, vitamins, dietary supplements, and more from different brands. In the last 12 months, it gained 99% positive feedback from the customers. It cares valued customers by providing the highest standard of service.

Amazon Seller Page recommerce


Product Type Beauty & Personal Care, Supplements
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

13. Utopia Deals

Utopia Deals is another dedicated online retailer that deals with home improvement, bedding, towels, curtains, kitchen, and fitness accessories. It has over 6 million customers globally and presence in giant marketplaces likes Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, eBay, and more. Since the beginning of Utopia Deals in 2011, it has delivered more than 20 million products to its customers worldwide. Currently, it’s one of the fastest-growing Amazon sellers with lots of positive reviews.

Utopia Deals

Amazon Seller Page Utopia Deals
Product Type Home Care, Fashion, Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 98%

14. OnlinePrimeBrands

OnlinePrimeBrands is a trusted Amazon seller that deals with health and personal care products along with grocery and botanical beauty items. It has varieties of world-class brands like Super Nail, Kiara Sky, McCormick, Juiceika, Lenoux Botanical, Parfums De Coeur, and some more. Getting a massive response from thousands of customers online, it got amazing sales and listed on the top-rated sellers in USA.

Amazon Seller Page OnlinePrimeBrands


Product Type Health & Beauty, Grocery
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%

15. OxKom

Oxkom is one of the largest stores on Amazon having 9th highest sales volume with a limited wandering in the online sector. They provide their products through the FBA program to the Amazon warehouse. It is not too much prevalent like other top charted sellers but a reserve site that doesn’t mean something wrong with them. Oxkom is famous for amazing Health and wellness products, like medical supplies, beauty, and personal care, vitamins, and sports nutrition product. It has durability and growing with positive reviews from the customers.


Amazon Seller Page Oxkom
Product Type Health & Beauty, Vitamins & Supplements
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%

16. TheNewMall

TheNewMall is one of the largest Amazon marketplace sellers founded in 2004. Since then, it’s trusted by users in the US. You will find many flashes of it in online and sizzling offers on different products. Grocery & gourmet foods, home & kitchen accessories, personal & beauty products are available here. Blue ribbon, Celestial seasonings, Brags are the top brands from where TheNewMall offers its products usually.



Amazon Seller Page TheNewMall
Product Type Grocery, Beauty & Health
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 92%

17. Sport Research

Sports Research is one of the popular companies dedicated to providing health and wellness products. It was founded in 1980 and from then it is providing the highest quality product with obtaining huge customers complements. Lifestyle products they offer not only meet the need but also enrich the inner feeling of wellbeing. It is manufacturing and bottling all of its vitamins and supplements in the USA. Sports Research is providing money-back guarantee in some cases with affordable pricing usually.

Sports Research

Sports Research


Amazon Seller Page Sports Research
Product Type Health & Fitness, Vitamins & Supplements
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

18. HLmedical

HLmedical is a trusted shop under that provides high standard medical products. It was established in 2016 and very popular among users in the US. It collects products from trusted and well-known brands that ensure customer satisfaction. It offers a competitive price and to retain clients and to make potential customers.

Amazon Seller Page HLmedical
Product Type Disposal Medical Products
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 98%

19. MyBatterySupplier

MyBatterySupplier is one of the main Battery Suppliers in the US under It doesn’t deal with only battery but also carry alkaline, heavy-duty, hearing aid, silver oxide, NiCD, NiMH, and lithium batteries. It has replacement opportunities for batteries of cordless phones, watches, Calculators, Computers, and almost everything. Its products are brand new, intact, and easy packaging and so customer satisfaction is assured. It uses bulk items to provide a competitive price with a money-back guarantee.

Amazon Seller Page MyBatterySupplier
Product Type Electronics, Industrial
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 95%

20. Juvo+

Juvo+ is one of the top tenth seller of Amazon and famous in North America. It offers verities of product every year with new features and styles according to customer demand under one roof. Juvo+ deals with home decoration, office, and stationery items, crafts, novelties, and lifestyle products. They deliver their product to Amazon and then Amazon uses their logistic support to reach the product to the customer end. It has pricing collaboration with some importers and wholesalers so quality goods with affordable prices are ensured.


Amazon Seller Page Juvo+


Product Type Home & Kitchen, Household
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 98%

21. Spigen Inc

Spigen Inc. is famous for its designs and technology. It was launched in 2008. Spigen the word comes from two German words “spiegel” and “gen” meaning mirror and gene. Both of the words together emphasize thought of their ethics in creating solutions replicating the need of their customer. It is providing the highest standard and premium quality electronics, mobile, and tablet accessories. It follows the “Direct to Customer” Policy helps to earn margin easily. Its motive is to supply in the most effective way.

Spigen Inc

Amazon Seller Page Spigen Inc
Product Type Electronics, Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%


GORILLA COMMERCE is one of the biggest and most popular stores in Amazon. Gorilla grip, Kangaroo, GripMax, Ninja are its brand. High quality and regular user-friendly household products are available here. It offers a very affordable price and ensures 100% hassle-free customer service. Based on Customer needs and according to trend GORILLA COMMERCE is improving its product variations and quality. If any customer is unhappy, the team of Gorilla will render their best to obtain customer satisfaction.

Product Type Home & Kitchen, Household
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

23. etailz

etailz is one of the cultured marketplace development platforms. It is Data-driven and supported by best in class software that can guide famous brands to achieve constant growth. To maintain fame and trust etailz render consistent and high-quality services. With huge and quick growth in the US, it’s now invited to Canada to be the FBA seller on Amazon.


Amazon Seller Page etailz
Product Type Electronics, Arts & Crafts
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 96%

24. ShippedFast

ShippedFast is another official FBA seller which is one of the top retailers in USA. It sells the item of different categories like health & beauty, electronics, and computer, kids, home accessories, etc. ShippedFast deals with varieties of brands, including Fun Express, Mehron, Comet, Diamond, SAF, and more. With more than 23k reviews from customers, it achieved positive ratings of 98%.

Amazon Seller Page ShippedFast


Product Type Health & Beauty, Grocery
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 98%

25. River Colony Trading

Founded in 2007, River Colony Trading started its journey by selling toys. By the time passes, it expanded business and included some other products of electronics, games, musical instruments, and home accessories. It covers many renowned brands like SCS Direct, Good Cooking, Camerons, Soap Lift, Yookidoo, Intex, TENZI, Pomonas, and many more. Getting positive responses from thousands of customers, it got ranked as one of the Amazon Best Sellers in USA.

Amazon Seller Page River Colony Trading
Product Type Electronics, Games & Toys
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

26. eSupplements

eSupplements is an ideal online store as well as Amazon seller for getting beauty and weight loss products along with high-quality vitamins and supplements at affordable prices. Founded in 2012, it’s become a trustworthy name in the industry for quality products and excellent customer service. Some of its brands are likely Nutricost, SNC Labs, NutriPharm, Complete Wellness, Good Skincare, XPI Supplements, and more.


Amazon Seller Page eSupplements
Product Type Health & Beauty, Vitamins, Supplements
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

27. Fintie

Fintie is an Ohio-based consumer electronics manufacturer and seller that was founded in 2012. It offers stylish and high-quality products and accessories for various popular mobile and tablet devices. The brands include Samsung Galaxy Tab series, Amazon Fire Tablet series, iPad mini series, and many more. It has warehouses in both US and Canada, where products are manufactured maintaining its maximum standards. With 99% positive responses, it got excellent sales in the last 12 months.


Amazon Seller Page Fintie
Product Type Electronics, Mobile Technology Accessories
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 99%

28. VirVentures

VirVentures comes with a view to providing solutions as an online retailer in all the possible categories, including electronics, fashion, furniture, clothing, toys, and more. It was founded in 2013 and providing quality services to its customers at affordable prices. VirVentures has linked with over 1000 brands and offering around half a million items in various categories. Within a short period, since the journey started, it’s become a top seller on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Page VirVentures
Product Type Electronics, Fashion, Beauty
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 92%

29. VicTsingDirect

VicTsingDirect is another top-rated and popular seller in the consumer electronics and accessories industry. It was established in 2012 and brings the solution for desktop accessories and home & office products according to customers’ needs. Besides USA, it also offers shipping across Europe and Australia. To make life easier and comfortable with electronics and home appliances, VicTsing is undoubtedly a better option to choose from.


Amazon Seller Page VicTsingDirect
Product Type Electronics
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 98%

30. Govee US

Govee US is an authorized seller of LED stripe lights, smart home series, LED bulbs, and LED string lights in USA marketplaces. Founded in 2017, it got the trust of thousands of customers around the world and achieved the Best Seller Rank on Amazon. The vision of Govee is to bring intelligence into daily routines in a smarter way.


Amazon Seller Page Govee
Product Type Electronics,
Positive Ratings (Last 12 Months) 97%

Wrapping Up

We tried to showcase the top 50 Amazon sellers across the USA along with some statistical data. This list prepared in terms of their sales growth and customer feedback. Some of the data is created by business intelligence firms like marketplacepulse and webretailer. And, some are generated by Color Experts International, Inc, a renowned professional photo editing & retouching company and the ultimate solution for all types of image editing services.