All About Adobe Photoshop

All about Adobe Photoshop (Updated)

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop, a predominant software which is used for image editing and manipulation. It is a raster graphic photo editor, developed and manufactured by Adobe System Inc. for Mac OS and Windows. It was made in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Photoshop is a powerful application that gives an opportunity to professional photographers and designers to manipulate, resize, clipping path, crop, and correct color digitally. It has made it possible to create complex digital paintings and drawing which imitate those done by hands. It has brought about a revolution in the graphics world. Many industries have formed depending on only these outstanding mega software.

For Whom Photoshop Is Built?

Adobe Photoshop is for all who are related to image manipulation services. It is so versatile that it gives an opportunity to every guy of every sector such as architecture, astronomy, forensics, animation, medicine, web and graphics design, etc. In each field, Photoshop is being used for different purposes. Architects are using this application for creating 2D and 3D design to make more realistic their designs for building projects. Its different tools give them facilities to create objects, to enhance images, to add shadow and texture. Astronomers are utilizing Photoshop to process photos of space and analyze the images of stars with a view to learn more.

For creating complex characters and backgrounds, animators are using their multilayered rendering system. They can also use Photoshop to animate still images. Forensics technicians can process big amounts of evidence from the crime scenes. Photoshop allows them to process and to enhance fingerprint images of the criminals. Most importantly, Photoshop plays an immense role in the web and graphic design sectors. It permits them to create web layout, image for website, text, buttons, banner, 3D artwork, etc. Photoshop helps physicians to analyze medical images with its various powerful tools. So, it is obvious that Photoshop has kept everybody close to it.

How Does It Look?

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely elegant and powerful photo editing software with its versatile tools and features. Version by version, it has been changed to include more sophisticated features that help the users better than in the past. Its development has made the application very user friendly. Opening Photoshop, if you look around the screen, you will get the full directions with its excellent features. At the very top of the screen, there is a menu bar like the image below-


Here you will also get further powerful features to play with color. There are available color and swatches palates that offer you the best way to make colorful creative images, color correction, and so on. This actually looks like the image below-


Every object in an image is staying in different layers. Here is a palate which is called layer palate where you can add a necessary layer, delete layer, omit layer, etc. The layer palate look is-


Again, there is adjustment and styles palate on the right of the Photoshop screen just below the color palate. This palate is to adjust different colors and styles. However, the overall look of Photoshop is like the below image-


Tools and Their Works

There are a lot of tools in the toolbar of Photoshop. These tools have been using for fulfilling different aims. Every tool has individual functionality that creates, innovate, and make various types of famous collages. Actually, all credit should go to its tools rather than Photoshop. So, let’s describe the different activities of each and every tool in detail.

Before talking about Photoshop tools, you should know about tool panels. There are some tool panels under which there are also lots of individual tools. These tools are used for a wide range of purposes. The panels are –

  1. Selection tools
  2. Crop tools
  3. Measuring tools
  4. Retouching tools
  5. Painting tools
  6. Drawing tools
  7. Navigation tools

These panels contain a lot of outstanding tools to edit images, create fine art/portrait, and so on. Under the selection tools panel, there are lasso tool, marquee tool, polygonal lasso tool, magic wand tool, magnetic lasso tool, and many more which are used to select an area before editing or changing an image because without selecting an area, no command will work accordingly.

In crop tools panel, there are some awesome tools which are used to crop or slice object or any part of an image. Crop tool, slice tool, pen tool are part of this panel. The crop tool is very significant to edit images. There are available measuring and retouching tools whose importance goes beyond to a designer. Blur tool, clone tool, dropper, scale, etc. are under these two panels. Brush tool, healing brush tool, paint tool, eraser tool etc. are, in fact, cover painting and drawing section. There are also some useful tools to do many important jobs like type tool, hand tool, zoom tool, etc. Here is an image above of the toolbar.

Importance of Photoshop in Businesses

In modern businesses, Photoshop is playing a gigantic role like a multi-handed employee who has taken plenty of responsibilities of a company politely. A lot of businesses are running with Photoshop and providing the services associated with image manipulation. In the world, there are many business sectors such as photography business, ecommerce, magazine, newspaper, modeling, advertising which is mostly dependent on Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is still unparalleled in digital marketing, IT companies, and many more.

In the photography business, the exception of Photoshop is unthinkable. Images taken by a digital camera like DSLR are full of quality but not perfect. Sometimes unwanted objects, shadows may enter into the frame. The Photo may be incorrect for insufficient lighting or over lighting. Then it needs retouching and you will not be able to do perfectly without using Photoshop.

In the ecommerce businesses, Photoshop plays an important role. A product picture always needs to be edited. An imperfect image with an unsuitable background, unwanted objects is an obstacle to present the product in detail. So, presenting products in detail to the potential customers to draw their attention, image editing with Photoshop is a must.

For newspaper and magazine, good looking images cover many potential readers. Besides, without image, this type of business will not be profitable. Here retouched image with Photoshop is also taking a good place.

Publishing modeling images is not possible with editing with Photoshop. Because human images are not perfect and must have some spot on the face and body, on clothes. Models are the source of inspiration. Looking at them perfectly, general people want to be like they are. Though these are not actual but create a good impression and hope among them. So, here equally Photoshop is equally important like other businesses.

In advertising companies, web and graphics design companies are solely dependent on Photoshop. Without Photoshop, to think an IT firm is a matter of madness or foolish. Photoshop, in a word, is a wife here. All the businesses of IT firms are mostly rounded by Photoshop.

To sum up, Photoshop has become a limb of any modern business. Where the word ‘design’ will be uttered, the name of Photoshop must come in thinking. A tech person can’t go beyond Adobe Photoshop.