Top 12 Free Vector Art Sites to Download Vector Graphics and Images

top Free Vector Art Sites

There are many websites existing on the Internet where you can get vector images and graphics. But all of them aren’t worth trying. Some of them are limited with resources while others will cost you an arm and a leg even if you get your preferred vector art there.

But our list of free vector art sites will offer you unlimited resources while saving your hard-earned money.

1. Freepik


If you are involved in any type of graphic design task, you must have heard the name Freepik. The site perhaps is the most popular one for getting vector art. Every day Freepik is updated with a new collection of vector graphics and images. The platform contains illustrations, artworks, and infographics of different niches including travel, business, music, cartoons, objects, and so on.

Freepik is loaded with an overwhelming number of vector art that will come in handy for your designs. Some of these images are available only for premium users while others can be used free for both personal and commercial needs. But in the case of free use, you have to give attribution to Freepik. Additionally, you can download them in a variety of formats like AI, SVG, and EPS.

2. Vecteezy


When you visit the website of Vecteezy, you will get a vibe of warmth in it. This will pique your interest to spend more time on the site while looking for your preferred vector images. The platform is a handy one not only for sourcing and downloading vector art but also for discussing the works of other artists.

Vecteezy is special in the sense that it lets you find and download vector images smoothly. You can get vector art in a number of categories like icon, pattern, background, clip art, etc. Most of the images including vector art in the platform are free of charge. But you can get access to premium graphics as well with a monthly subscription of $14. This will also let you do unlimited downloads.

3. 1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads

The name may appear only 1001 but the website has far more vector art in collection. You can get all types of vector images here including illustrations and artwork. The website is well-organized images from different categories including sports, business, technology, food, science, etc.  You will find many background images here that are exclusive to 1001 Free Downloads.

The website is a one-stop destination for vector art as it hosts other vector art sites too. With that, it leverages images from those sites giving you access to bottomless images.  The unique aspect of the website is it offers you useful images that you can deploy for UX design or for other content types. You can get photos, textures, gradients, clip art, fonts, etc. besides vector art in 1001 Free Downloads.

4. Vector Stock

Vector Stock

Vector Stock, another top site for vector art you can refer to for sourcing your vector graphics and images. The platform contains millions of high-quality free vector images that you can utilize for your projects. The images are categorized into various filters and you can search them with ease. The image formats include AI, EPS, JPG, and PDF.

The images are usable both personally and commercially. However, you have to attribute to the free images that you use from this site. The site focuses highly on the quality of vectors, so you don’t have to worry about the file type during your download.  The impressive part here is when you will search for any vector image, you can see tons of similar images under a section called Similar Images.

5. Shutterstock


When it comes to stock images, Shutterstock no doubt is one of the toppers as we all know. But even for vector images, the platform is one of the premier choices in our opinion. The site contains millions of free vector images with all the variations. Whether you need background, clip art, illustration, icons, or artwork, all of you can find it here.

Like Vector Stock, here also you can avail of filters through which you can search for your desired vector images based on styles, labels, patterns, and infographics. In fact, what you need for a perfect UI design, you can get all the resources from Shutterstock with just a few clicks. And the best part is you can get all these images in high-resolution!!!

6. 123 Free Vectors

123 Free Vectors

A great resource for free vector images where you can track down all types of vector art you desire. The site is primarily known for background vector images as it has a massive collection of these types of images. But you can even get other types of vector art like abstract designs, illustrations, icons, and so on.

From the site, you can get vector graphics right from basic ones to advanced and creative ones. The drop-down of the vectors is so huge that you are likely to get all the categories as you wish. Apart from that, you don’t have the hassle of creating an account here or give your personal info. All you have to do is download the images that you want and spice up your work.

7. Flaticon


If you need to find free vector icons, Flaticon is what we would recommend. Very few websites have a collection of icons as many as Flaticon has. You can download them in different popular formats like SVG, EPS, PSD, etc. The website has a super simple and lovely interface full of appeal. The navigation on the website is pretty easy as well.

The platform boasts 5.6+ million vector designs including icons and stickers giving you access to a voluminous collection. The collection of the site comes in packs, making your browsing effortless. You can also take a look at the popular and recent packs on the site to make your decision-making easy. The website is supported by Google extension letting you use the icons in Google docs, sheets, and slides.

8. Vector4Free


This platform has some of the stunning free vector designs that you can ever imagine. Some of the talented graphic designers have shared their designs on this site. The website has a mammoth collection of designs including artworks, illustrations, backgrounds, infographics, and so on. You can search all these types of images via tags.

The vector graphics from this site follow all the popular formats including AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, etc. The images on the site can be deployed free for personal needs. However, each artist has different terms and conditions for commercial use. Before you download and use images from this site for commercial purposes, go through the fine print to avoid any copyright claim.

9. Vexels


Vexels is another cracking platform that you can make use of for hunting vector graphics. What makes this resource site stand out is its easy-peasy online editor. With this online editing tool, you can customize your vector files and make your designs smashing to your viewers. The site contains artworks and illustrations, ideal for printing on mugs and t-shirts.

The platform, basically, is a one-stop destination for vector graphics. You don’t have to individually search for images on Google.  All you have to do is visit the site and look for your necessary vector art, no matter whether they are artworks or illustrations. The website is absolutely a stunner in terms of look and layout.

10. VectorPortal


This resource site contains vector art both from their in-house designers and external graphic designers. These artists share their masterpieces on the site to reach out to a larger audience. Many of their vector images are freely usable for personal projects. Many graphic design sites have voted this platform as one of the top-ranked sites for vector graphics and images.

The platform has been in service for a long period and boasts some amazing pieces of designs. Right from clip art and illustration to patterns and stickers, all of these you can get here without any hassle. Its vector patterns along with stickers may come in handy for many of your projects if you can’t spare time to make your own emojis.

11. Pixeden


One of the primary reasons we have incorporated this site in our list is due to the tons of downloads it has on vector sections. No matter whether it’s a character, object, illustration, decorative, or conceptual element, the site is immensely popular among the masses. The main reason is the high quality that it serves its users.

What makes the platform unique is the extension of its vector range to 3D polygon. That’s really amazing, right? They have top-notch free vector packs and a preview option that will allow you to judge each pack holistically without wasting time to set it up. Another good reason to go for this site is its practical vector art which can be leveraged for designing peachy user interfaces.


Another resourceful site we can recommend for getting vector graphics and images is The site is packed with all that graphic designers would crave for their projects. The site has a very easy navigation system and cool interface letting you do your searches smoothly.  All you have to do is put your keywords on the search field, browse through the images, and finally curate the one you need.

This site is an all-in-one solution that can please you from all perspectives. You can get your desired vector logos, icons, illustrations, infographics, and artworks here. Not only that, you can get these elements in your preferred styles, colors, and shapes as well. So, you can get the vibe from here that how versatile the site is. So, the platform is worth trying, no doubt!!!

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To Conclude

That’s all we had in our collection of top free vector art sites. No doubt, there are more sites as well that have premium vector images. But these 12 sites, based on our research and analysis are the toppers. We focused on some key points while carrying out our research and analysis.

We highlighted them above but for your convenience, let’s have a quick recap of them below:

  • Website navigation system and user interface
  • Total collection of vector images
  • Total number of categories of vectors
  • Availability of the types and variations of vector images
  • Beauty, charm, and creativity in the design works

These are the core metrics we primarily used while enlisting the free vector art sites for downloading vector graphics and images. We guarantee that if you take advantage of the above-listed sites, your projects and designs would outperform. However, depending on your requirements, you have to take assistance from each of them. Because one site can’t satisfy you holistically and that’s practical!!!

We hope that you would benefit from our collection and write-up. If you have any input to add, don’t hesitate to let us know. Visit our website as well as social media pages to connect with us and know more about us.