Top 5 Best Photography Podcasts Worth Following

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Do you have a penchant for photography? Wanna know about the ins and outs of photography entertainingly within a short space of time? Well, take advantage of the photography podcasts that we have at our fingertips these days. There are a host of podcasts we have that we can follow but in this write-up, we will predominantly throw light on the photography podcasts that you must follow and listen to.

We all are familiar with the term podcast or podcasting more or less. And that’s because of our easy access to the Internet. Thanks to technology for simplifying our day-to-day lives!!! Podcasts are super useful for speaking on any topic regardless of the genre.

After a podcaster publishes his/her podcast, you can listen to it whenever and wherever you wish. Even though podcasts generally come in audio format, video podcasts are also in vogue nowadays. Many YouTubers are preparing video podcasts or vodcasts and uploading them to their channels to boost views and subscriptions.

Now, moving on to our theme and that’s photography podcasts. There are many iconic photography podcasts available that you can follow and listen but we have rounded up the top 5 photo shooting podcasts as per our analysis.

1. The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is a mesmerizing podcast conducted by Ibarionex Perello. The host not only possesses a knack for podcasting but also shows great insight while hosting the show. In this podcast, he primarily invites photographers and interviews them episodically.

The attendees speak about their lifestyles, motivation, and their approach to photography. Since its inception in 2006, the weekly podcast has aired 500+ episodes featuring both emerging and prominent photographers.

The Candid Frame- Podcast

Perello does his job so wonderfully and competently that you will automatically go on to extol him after finishing every episode. He throws well-crafted questions to his guests and then allows them an abundance of time to wind up their points.

Some of them touch on their photography projects, how they kicked off their career, and so on. As this podcast predominantly deals with interviews, you won’t get to know about photography gear here. You won’t know about the tips and techniques of photography. But all in all, the podcast is a cracking one to listen to and follow.

2. This Week In Photo

Launched in 2008 and hosted by Frederick Van Johnson, this podcast has been one of the longest-running shows in the photography industry. Commonly known as TWiP, This Week in Photo revolves around a weekly round table discussion focusing on the major developments in the photography industry and one-to-one interviews with photographers and companies.

The Week In Photo- Podcast

Among the latest episodes of this podcast, you will find reviews on photography books and gadgets, how to influence photographers, the psychology of photography, talks on climate change, and storytelling in photography. The charm of the podcast is when the host and guests speak on different topics blending the points with a sense of humor. It’s one of the few podcasts that you would love to have in your playlist and that’s a guarantee.

3. Photobiz Xposed

Photobiz Xposed is a photography business-focused podcast conducted by Andrew Hellmich who is one of the award-winning portrait and wedding photographers. He interviews pro photographers and professionals from other fields like social media, advertising, branding, etc.

They share tips and tricks for photography business management, photography pricing, customer relationship management, referrals, networking, and so on. The podcast is useful for photographers from all genres and the information they gather from the guests showing up on Andrew’s show can be handy for their businesses.

Photobiz Xposed

The host has a pleasant style of interacting with his guests and he makes them comfortable sharing their knowledge and experience. The podcast comes in two different versions- free and subscription-based. If you wish to get the full interview, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. But if you want to enjoy the podcast free of cost, you will get only the abridged version of the show but an effective one.

4. Six Figure Photography

Another remarkable podcast we have incorporated into our catalog is Ben Hartley’s Six Figure Photography. Hartley is an award-winning photographer and educator who shares his experience and expertise in the photography business on this show.

On top of that, he also invites other photographers to interview them and get to know their standpoints. The focal point of the podcast is to put forth all the points required to make a photography business successful. It touches on topics like marketing idea generation, social media promotion, SEO, branding, bookkeeping, etc.

Six Figure Photography

The name of the podcast Six Figure Photography isn’t merely a name but it has significance. Hartley expanded his business to a six-figure business in a matter of just 2 years. That’s how the six figure photography name cropped up in his mind. The podcast is a mind-blowing one to come up with creative photography business ideas and hook more clients without pumping big bucks.

5. The Digital Story

Hosted by Derrick Story, The Digital Story is the last podcast we are featuring in our list of top 5 photography podcasts. In this podcast, the host takes more of a personal approach to narrating his research instead of interviewing guests regularly to speak on different topics.

At the outset of every episode, he narrates a thematic story before diving deep into 3 more profound stories. He distills his stories in a language that is fathomable for everyone.

The Digital Story

Derrick wears many hats as a shutterbug and through his stories, he covers many subject matters which somehow or the other connect photography. This podcast is an amazing source of travel photography tips and inspiration as the host specializes in it. Besides travel photography, it emphasizes other kinds of photography as well.

The episodes of this podcast are 30 minutes long on average but Derrick strives to touch on diverse matters in this short period rather than sticking to a single point.

To Conclude

This is it!!! Hopefully, you have benefited tremendously from this write-up. There is a wealth of photography podcasts available for you to follow. Out of them, we have put forward the best 5 photography podcasts. These are the ones we identified considering various factors.

A Photography podcast is a cracking tool to acquire knowledge in a limited amount of time. No matter whether you want to get updates or pick up new techniques about photography, these can do the tricks for you.

Another massive advantage that it provides is, you can listen to it on the go while doing your regular work whether it be official work, exercise, or snapping shots. So, don’t miss the opportunity to listen, watch, and follow the above-ranked podcasts on photography.