Starting Guide for New Photoshop Users


Anyone not born as a designer. And most attractive or artistic designs have come inexpertly. Sometimes skilled designers create mistakes in this Photoshop tutorial we discuss Starting Guide for New Photoshop Users is needed. Everyone gains skills in design from their own or by any other people. There are many helpful tutorials are available on the web for growth experiences and new design.

new photoshop tutorials

Many people want to use Photoshop as like ms word application. They think they will be able to create great designs by simply Photoshop. But it’s not sure. Need extraordinary skills to be a designer. You can do any type of design with Photoshop, it’s the main reason for its popularity.

Now Photoshop is most necessary for web design, graphic design, product design, or personal interest. It has great use of websites. In the digital world, banner design is most effective for marketing and advertising. It’s very easy to create any simple banner design by Photoshop. But need some practice and tools skills to start.

There are many versions of Photoshop. Mac or Windows, both users are available for use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is released by Adobe Systems in 1988. Their first version was for Mac. From start to now, they release many updated versions of Photoshop.

All new versions are more complicated than the previous version. So I will suggest to beginners to start from the old version. If you will use it friendly then you can try for the upgrade version. Now Photoshop’s full name is Adobe Photoshop CS and versions is CS 8.0, CS2 9.0, CS3 and CS3 Extended 10.0, CS4 and CS4 Extended 11.0, CS5 and CS5 Extended 12.0, CS5.5 and CS5.5 Extended 12.1 and 12.0.4, and last updated version is CS6 13.0. New users can choose any CS version to start.

An amazing and excellent source or learning Starting Guide for New Photoshop Users is YouTube. Most of the software’s video tutorials will be found on YouTube.

Photoshop is most and most necessary for design services. Web design, print design, or desktop publishing, Photoshop is most necessary. If you learn Photoshop you will be a great designer for your own earning. You will get satisfaction. Also, many companies want skilled graphic designers.