How to Remove Background From Ecommerce Product Photo Using Microsoft Word Without Photoshop

MS word Bg remove

The white background is undoubtedly crucial for the eCommerce industry. Not only that distracting image background is always harmful to any business where we use a lot of products or other images. To get relief from unwanted image backgrounds or disturbing objects on an image background, we find many photo background editing ways and gears. By the side of professional photo modifying tools, you will have many other photo editing tools that can fix eCommerce photos quickly. Such a quick photo editing tool is Microsoft word (though it is used mainly for documentation) where you can modify simple business photos without installing powerful photo editing software. If you follow the below step-by-step process of image editing using MS word, you will also be able to remove background or modify image background quickly.


  1. Open your product image in a Microsoft word file by clicking on Insert from the above tool panel.

insert ecommerce product image

  1. Click on the image. You can find it selected and an option named ‘Picture Tool Format’ will be visible in the above Ribbon.

picture tools format

  1. Once you click on the ‘Picture Tool Format’ option, at the left of the Ribbon, you will get a Remove Background

background remove option

  1. Click on the Remove background and your product photo will get selected by Pink color automatically. Here, you will get some extra tools to select and deselect the area of the image. Look at the below snapshot. There is a Green +, Red –, and Keep Changes They will help you select the unselected area or vice-versa.

select background by Pink color

  1. When your image backdrop is selected nicely as you desire, hit on the Keep Changes As a final output, you will have a white background product image like the below one.


  1. In addition, by clicking the Format tool, many other useful photo editing tools and options will be visible alongside the Remove Background See the image below. We have shown here the necessary tools for eCommerce product image editing and modification.

other tool

  1. One of the most useful photo modifying tools here is the Corrections. Click on it and choose the best eCommerce image from a list that appeared.


However, still, this image editing technique applying MS Word is not a professional way. In case of a little amount of eCommerce product images or for personal purposes, this method may work, but if you have a high volume of images or if you are a product photographer and have a bulk amount of product photos that need to be edited for the eCommerce stores, you cannot go through this process. It will consume your valuable photography time and even on all types of product images, MS word photo editing tools and ways may not work perfectly. It is sure that in case of multi-color product images, complex product photos, soft edge product images, transparent and translucent background products, etc., you should not use any automation tool for removing the background, rather you have to use professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, and more. Image editing manually is always appreciable and acceptable as it produces high-end quality eCommerce product photos.

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