Remove background using Photoshop Lasso Tools


Photoshop has different types of tools for removing image background. And their uses are very different. Today I am describing Photoshop lasso tools. This is the tool for freehand selection. Click on the icon and drag it on photo areas that you want to select.


There are two types of lasso tools in Photoshop. They are polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso tools.

Photoshop Polygonal Lasso tools are used for straight-line selection. You can use it at regular tools by Alt option. If you draw straight line selection you can delete it.

And magnetic lasso tools is similar to Polygonal but it has other features, that is it detect color contact of full photos and select it.

The above tools are very helpful for photo restoration, but also can be greatly useful in extracting your core image from the background. And photo restoration is sometimes very essential for all types of graphic works.

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