Product Review of Photo Editing Consoles

Photo Editing Consoles

Photo editing is going day by day at the grasp of automation or automatic tools. Once it was done using darkroom technology, now professional image editing is being done applying Photoshop photo editing tools, and in future it will be performed surely using automatic photo editing tools. What automation in photo editing services have been launched so far are optimistic though most of them fail to create high end quality images suitable for commercially uses. There are also some photo editing consoles which are also doing great. Many successful photographers are using these useful photo retouching kits to produce stunning photos. The consoles are saving photo editing time, reducing image editing effort, and ensuring quick delivery to the clients.

However, these image editing consoles have some advantages and disadvantages. If you read this content, you can know the useful information about these products and it will help you to choose and buy one that suits best with your works.

  1. Loupedeck

It is a photo editing console designed for Adobe Lightroom that helps to edit images more creatively. It is designed aiming to reduce the editing duration. You can quickly edit photos using its specific dials for exposure, shadows, highlights, contrast, clarity, blacks, and whites. It will allow you to rapidly change the settings of the dials. Anyone regardless expert or beginner can use Loupedeck. It is easier and faster to edit focusing on the main area of editing without heeding on Lightroom’s UI and if you want, you can edit photos in full screen.


The console is easy to customize as your own choice. You can customize anytime any of its dials, knobs, or buttons. Here you will get a long list of Lightroom presets. Choose your favorite photo editing presets and apply in the images using preset buttons. This photo editing tool will let you to customize its dial sensitivity and you can edit images precisely.

However, Loupedeck is fully compatible with windows 7, 8.1, or 10. It is also compatible with Apple OS X. You can easily connect it like a keyboard using USB port.

Beside many of the positive aspects, this awesome image editing tool has some shortcomings also such as its design is absolutely horrible and you will get plasticity. While using this tool, you may seek for something rubber or metal knobs and buttons instead of fully plasticity. You may think its price is more than that it is worthy. You may feel its structure is a little bit big and so, you cannot use it same as like your favorite keyboard though it looks like that.

  1. Palette

It is an expert image editing kit easily adjustable with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC. It can suit with other adobe products. It is customizable controller for photo and video editing. It can reduce your editing time upto 30% with its fast, precise, and hand-on controlling method. Its sliders, dials, and buttons are magnetically connected and flexible to build a fully personalized controller.


Here, you can choose the layout, function and sensitivity of each module and you have to remember their functionality by keeping in mind their colors. It will reduce strain and you can keep eyes on the screen, no need to look at the control panel. Palette will offer a USB cable that can be easily used. If any case, the manufacturer will provide you excellent customer service and support.

  1. PFixer

Pluto or Pfixer is another fantastic adjustable photo editing kit that can work nicely with Adobe products, especially with Lightroom. This tool awesomely will provide an automatic feel. It is 100% wireless image editing tool that can give more ease. You will get a great jog-wheel image editing feel. It is run by a lithium-ion powered mechanism and has a flexible USB charging system.


Working with Pluto, you need not to sit just before the computer screen. You can work remotely and amazingly with this MIDI controller. Here, you will have a real-time adjustment of over almost all Lightroom’s functionality, presets, and brushes that need very much to produce great images from dull photos. This very tool and its easy hardware system with LED lighting will give you advantage of fastest way to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom.

  1. TuneShark

It is another name is QuickBoard360 which is designed and used for Adobe Lightroom. This fantastic photo editing tool is capable to edit your photos to the next level. To use this kit is so easy that every photographer- amateur or experienced- can operate to produce high end quality photos. It can make the photo editing faster with its excellent control panel. It will allow you more control over Lightroom setting.


However, this picture editing device looks almost DJ console because of its dials, buttons, and scrolling wheels.  It is powerful, hand-on, and highly intuitive device which can be used instead of mouse and keyboard.

  1. Tangent

It is another powerful color grading photo editing and video editing tool. It mostly works to elevate the color strength of your images and videos. Tangent offers multiple ways of improving color issues in your images. This video and image editing device has a powerful element system which is divided into four separate panels. These panels can independently be used and it has different functionality which suits with your need. The device is in short luxurious with its absolutely outstanding element panel.


Its hardware is cool to touch. You will get a baby feel operating the control panel. This device will offer you unlimited customizing advantage. You can setup the control panel according to your own choice. You can use this tool for multi-tasking. But still there are something that need to be improve in this color editing kit. The little magnetic pins should be easy to remove. Instead of built in hub system, it should have all USB hub to avoid cut down cable. It is pricy and you may be frustrated if it does not fit to your requirement.

To save money and time, these consoles can be a great addition in your studio. But, they may provide you average photo editing in Lightroom and even you may not be capable to retouching photos using the consoles. In such a case, you need not to be worried rather send your images to us, we will provide you hundred percent pro quality bulk photo editing. If you need, you will get rush service within 24 hours.

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