Earlier we have posted an article about Lightroom photo restoration, and now we are sharing this content about the things that anybody can do in Lightroom.

There are many tasks you can do with this software. Photo restoration is one of such a bunch of works. Lightroom is mainly used for upgrading color balance. For this you can do exposure correction, adjustment of highlight and shadows, skin tone correction, photo sharpening and noise reduction, spot removing, etc.

This tool can help you to correct your photos quickly as you want. It can be best if your photos need a small amount of retouching.  It helps much the busy photographers if they want to deliver their photos within a short time.

Exposure correction

For exposure correction, firstly import an image in Lightroom library. Here you can import more than one photo. Select the photo you want to edit and go to Develop for editing.

lightroom tools panel

We’ve chosen this photo to show you how to do exposure correction step by step.

Lightroom exposure correction

1. Zoom the photo for a detail view.

2. Select the White Balance tool for making the photo a little bit white

lightroom color ballance droper

3. Click on the photo’s most decent color area. Now you can see your photo whiter than before.

4. Next, you have to do other works. Increase or reduce the Temp and Tint as your photo needs.

lightroom basic color panel

5. Change Exposure level and increase Shadows, Whites and decrease Blacks. Then change the level of Clarity and Vibrance if your image demands.

6. In the next, go to the Detail for sharping and noise reduction from your photo.

lightroom detail panel for photo sharpening and noise reduction

7. Increase a little bit of saturation. If it needs, you can modify the Clarity.

Lightroom exposure fixing

8. Ok, finally what we have got the result is here.

8. Ok, finally what we have got the result is here.

However, in this way you can do exposure correction of your photos.

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Adjustment of highlight and shadow

For showing the adjustment of highlight and shadow, we have taken this photo and apply some easy techniques to make it better than before.

lightroom exposure correction for white balance

1. Importing the photo in Lightroom, we head over only three tools such as Highlight, Shadows, and Exposure.

2. In such a photo, increase the level of Highlight as your image needs. We have here given 100%, but you may not need that.

3. Then, go to shadow and increase as you need to make the photo look better.

photoshop lightroom basic color panel

4. Al last, we have applied a bit of Exposure that enlighten the photo and it makes the evening photo a day photo.

lightroom shadow & highlight effect

6. Ok, finally we have got the following photo.

lightroom-exposure-correction-for-white-balance (1)

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White and black adjustment

This type of adjustment is very useful for making any image more detailed. It helps to adjust colors with the photograph setting. However, for this experiment we have taken this model photo.

photo for lightroom white and black adjustment

1. We have imported this photo in Lightroom.

2. For making the photo pretty much highlighted, we change exposure level.

3. Then, we work on the Whites level that makes the photo whiter and brighter than

lightroom exposure for basic color palette

4. After that, we increase the Blacks level and thus we reduce the extra white light.

5. Anyway, in this way we have got this photo and see the changes here.

lightroom white and black adjustment

6. We have also applied the same method on the photo below and the next one is the result.

Lightroom before and after movie

7. In this way, you can do easily white and black adjustment in Lightroom.

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Skin tone correction

It is a very useful service of Lightroom. This type of editing is necessary for highlighting the skin, spot and reddish removing, etc. Many tools and options are applied for doing such a retouching work.

Ok, we have done skin tone correction on this baby photo below for removing reddish and spots so that the skin becomes clear.

lightroom tonning

1. Importing the photo in Lightroom, firstly we have done exposure correction.

2. Next, we have increased the Highlights level for focusing the photo.

3. For white and black adjustment, we reduce the level of these two slides.

lightroom basic color as short

4. And we have decreased the saturation level for color correction.

5. Finally, we have applied the Spot Removal tool for removing the spots on the face. We have also used the Adjustment Brush for color balance.

lightroom tone correction

6. In the way, we have got the result photo below.

lightroom tonning

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Color correction

Color correction is one of the most valuable and laborious work in Lightroom. However, yet it is easier than Photoshop. Let’s know how to color correction in Lightroom. We have worked on this photo.

lightroom color correction

1. After importing this image in Lightroom, we firstly change the Exposure level to remove the shadow from the photo.

lightroom basic color custom panel

2. We change Temp and Tint for changing light. Then, for focusing the main object, we increase the Highlight level as we need.

3. Reducing the Shadows level, we remove the extra shadow from the photo.

4. We change the white and black levels for a perfect white color balance.

5. Increase the Vibrance level and move the Saturation level for color correction.

lightroom tone curve

6. We also handle the Tone Curve for making the image color highlighted and removing shadows. It makes clear the main object.

HDR color

7. Whatever we did so far are important, but now we will touch the main task of this tutorial and that is color correcting. What we have done for this purpose are in the right above the photo. See there, we mark Color option and changes various levels for color correction.

lightroom split tone panel

8. After that, we work on the Split Toning panel. Here, we have changed the Hue and Saturation level. We have increased the Balance to adjust the color.

lightroom detail panel

9. Then, we head over the Detail Option for making the photo sharpening. In the same palate, we have worked on Noise Reduction.

lightroom lens correction

lightroom color correction1

10. Finally, we have worked something on Lens Correction. Here, we change the Color option levels and got our perfect photo. Look at the photo below that is the result of the above tasks.

lightroom color correction

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HDR effect

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It means there should not have any over or under exposed area in a photo. It is made for removing the deep black or white area and for making a photo clear to bring forward the detail.

Anyway, for this tutorial content we have imported an image in Lightroom and tried to make it HDR.

Lightroom HDR

1. To create the HDR effect on this photo we open it in Lightroom and firstly we change the Exposure level. It helps to change the over and under exposed effect.

basic tool pannel for HDR

2. Then, we changes the Shadows, Whites, and Blacks level. It removes a little bit the extra shadow and black area.

3. We also touch the Clarity and Vibrance level for making the photo clearer.

basic tool pannel for HDR2

4. Next, we applied the Adjustment Brush for correcting the light and removing the black shadows.

Lightroom HDR effect

5. And finally we have got our desired HDR photo that has been attached below.

Lightroom HDR

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Photo sharpening and noise reduction

In this stage, we have worked on a noisy photo to remove the noise. It makes the image clearer and better than before.

photo for lightroom noise correction

1. We have taken the photo in Lightroom and go to the Detail panel.

lightroom detail tool panel

2. Here, firstly we reduce the amount of Sharpening level. In case of more noisy photos, the amount will be less or vice-versa.
3. Then in the noise reduction section we increase the Luminance and Detail level, which helps us to have our desired photo.

lightroom noise reduction

4. By the way, what the result we have got is below here. Look at the photo and you can see that there is no noise. It looks better than the first one.

photo for lightroom noise correction

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Spot removing in Lightroom

It is one of the finest and cool tool of Lightroom. It works interestingly and you must enjoy this work. Ok, let’s work on a photo with the tool. We have chosen this photo for spot removing.

spotted photo

1. At first we open the photo in Lightroom.
2. We select the Spot Removal tool

spot removal tool

3. Then we resize the tool, increase the Feather and Opacity as we need.

4. We click on the spot and magically the spot vanishes.

5. We press H from the keyboard and find two circles. One is around the spot and another is at the place where the tool copy the good portion from. You can move the circles, resize, and delete.

lightroom spot removing service

6. However, in this way we have removed all the bad spots from the face of this photo.

spotted photo

Vintage effect creation

Vintage effect is applied to a photo for creating an antique look. It is a nice work. You can easily create a vintage photo in Lightroom. So, let’s see how we can create a vintage photo in this software.

1. Open an image in Lightroom for this purpose. We have chosen these two photos for applying this effect.

little baby photo

2. We have changed almost all the levels of the tools from the Basic panel. We have changed more or less Temp and Tint, Exposure and Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks for toning. Then, for making the photo clear, we changes the level of Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation as our photo needs.

lightroom tools for vintage photo 12.1

3. Next, we go to Split Toning panel and do some color balance. Here we work on Highlights and Shadows.

lightroom tools for vintage photo 12.2

4. Then going to Detail panel, we have tried to sharp the photo and to reduce the Noise. It makes the photo clearer.

lightroom tools for vintage photo 4

5. We take the Adjustment Brush tool and works on the photo with Exposure and Shadows.

6. We work with the Graduated Filter for the same purpose.

lightroom tools for vintage photo 12.4

lightroom tools for vintage photo final

7. However, finally we have got the desired vintage photo.

little baby photo

By the way, Adobe Lightroom is a tool that can help you to fix any defects quickly in your photos regarding color, spots, etc. Here, I have tried to show some basic photo editing techniques to make you familiar with what important things you can do. Besides, you can restore your damaged photos by this software.

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