How to Install Brushes in Photoshop


As Photoshop brushes decrease time consumption and overall working effort, you can create and install these useful stuffs for your own. You have already known that any high quality image can be created as brush and used as per necessity. If you need to use soft brush for the smoke effect, fire, cloud, grass, etc. you can create those by yourself, but if you are not interested to face such hassle, you can simply download the brushes from the internet and then install it following the steps below. The use of Photoshop will surely increase the beauty and glamor of images.

Meanwhile, we have shared content about how to create brushes in Photoshop and this very content will help you to understand how to install Photoshop brushes.

  1. Download a brush from the internet. The extension of this file should be .abr and to ensure it.

brush imagebrush file extinsion

  1. Open your Photoshop with an image where you want to apply the brush. If your software is Photoshop CC, then follow the steps. No worry, you can apply the same steps in other versions like CS6.

open photoshop with an image

  1. Next, go to Edit. From the dropdown menu, get Presets and click on Preset Manager.

go to edit, presets, preset manager

  1. After clicking on Preset Manager, you will get a dialogue box like the below snapshot. Here you will get a button called Load. Click on it and load your brush by selecting. Later, hit the Done

select your brush

  1. Now, select the Brush tool from the left tool bar. And follow the below image. Look, here our Crack Brush is indicated. You will find your brush at the bottom of the list.

find your brush

  1. Finally, see. We have used our Crack brush.

we use the brush

However, that’s all about Photoshop brush installation. This technique will help  you to get brush as per your own choice and working demand.

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