The History of Adobe Lightroom Beta and it’s Features


Lightroom is a new photography software that is developed by Adobe Systems for both Microsoft and Mac. It is designed for managing of large quantities images and pre-production work. It is a photo management app database which helps to view, edit, and manage photos. History of adobe lightroom provides powerful photography tools for creating images that will delight and inspire you.

history of adobe lightroom

It’s first launched at 2002 by Mark Hamburg. Before 2006 its name was Lightroom. A beta version was released for the public on 9 January, 2006 on the name of history of adobe Lightroom for platform of Mac OS. At 18 July 2006 they released Beta3 for Microsoft windows. And another updated version was Beta 4, that was released on 25 September 2006.

Adobe Systems has been updating Lightroom with different version names. First version was 1.0 that was released 29 January 2007. And it’s price was $299.

At 29 July 2008, Adobe released Lightroom Beta 2.0. They added some features with this version. That was specific edit, tools, multiple monitoring, flexible printing and 64 – bit memory support.

At 22 October 2009 they released Lightroom 3.0 beta version with more features. That was noise reduction, sharpening tool, pseudo module, grain, watermarking and printing. And it was most attractive features was lens correction.

Lightroom 4. 0 was released in 03 5, 2012. This version is for windows XP.

Spotlight as well as shadow healing brings forth every one of the depth that your particular video camera reflects with black shadows as well as vibrant features.

Picture book creation needs easy-to-use tasteful layouts.

Area – based organization enables you to locate as well as party images simply by position, delegate destinations in order to images, as well as present files by GPS-enabled video cameras.

White-colored equilibrium clean in order to polish as well as adapt bright equilibrium with unique aspects of your own images.

Further community editing handles allow you to adapt disturbance reduction as well as take away moiré with specific aspects of your own images.

Extended online video media service for arranging, observing, as well as creating corrections as well as edits in order to videos.

Simple online video media creating enables you to edit as well as share videos in Fb as well as Flickr®.

Delicate proofing in order to examine exactly how an image can look any time produced using color-managed laser printers.

E-mail straight by Lightroom while using mail accounts of your choice.

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