COVID-19 Survival Guide for E-commerce Brands with Teleworking and Outsourcing

Covid 19 survival guide for Ecommerce Brands with Teleworking and outsourcing

Covid 19 survival guide for Ecommerce Brands with Teleworking and outsourcing

A fatal virus called COVID-19 has assailed the world out of the blue and stunned everyone. Every day scores of people are dying due to the ruthless invasion of coronavirus and many of the deceased are staying untracked. On top of that, this dire and lethal virus has disrupted the daily lives of people, put them into isolation as well as quarantine, and dissociated them from taking part in many vital activities. From the commericial point of view, businesses can think of taking advantage of teleworking and outsourcing facilities amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to continue their operations along with ensuring the safety of their employees.

People across the globe are encountering lockdowns in their respective countries and some are facing curfews as well. They aren’t allowed to leave their homes beyond a particular timeframe daily. Even going outside during the authorized time-period, isn’t safe and recommended as people may get in contact with other infected people. Consequently, they will get infected and they will transmit it into their family members.

Apart from the regular lives, what’s suffering more is the global business. Many of the businesses got forced to shut down their operations and some of the businesses are struggling to carry on. Among all the businesses, e-commerce businesses are badly in need of survival during this critical time considering the interest of the masses. For people to survive, they can’t avoid buying and consuming essential items like foods, medicines, and also other necessary healthcare products. This is where e-commerce stores come into play. Without even going outside, they can order there required items online from homes and get them easily and smoothly.

We will share some hacks for e-commerce brands with regards to surviving amid the current coronavirus crisis through the way of teleworking and outsourcing.

Teleworking, a Way to Continue Seamless Operations:

Teleworking, a way to continue seamless operations

As we know, people across the globe have been forced to stay inside their homes to stave off the transmission of COVID-19. But businesses, especially, the e-commerce companies are in need to carry on their functions to serve the masses. Telecommuting is a phenomenal and splendid way for them to carry on their business activities. The key employees of e-commerce companies including directors, web developers, operations managers, business analysts, customer service executives, content marketers, etc. all can remotely work from their homes utilizing the teleworking or telecommuting method. They can communicate with their colleagues and customers easily through phones and e-mails and keep their workflow uninterrupted.

A Method to Safeguard Employees’ Health:

A method to safeguard employees' health

COVID-19 exists in air particles for several hours as the latest research suggests. So, besides transmitting from the contacts of people, it can even affect people existing from the air. Health experts and doctors have already suggested masses to stay at home and protect themselves. This is where telecommuting comes into play. With this technology, employees of the e-commerce companies can not only safeguard their health but also carry out their regular and assigned tasks. Everything they are supposed to do from their main offices, they can do the job from their virtual offices. Consequently, the output will be almost identical to working from main offices if not equal. Eventually, they will remain protected from the attack of COVID-19 and can continue serving their companies.

Cost-cutting, a Need in this Crisis:

Cost-cutting, a need in this crisis

Businesses around the world have already declined and are still slumping due to the coronavirus outbreak. Every company, no matter, big or small is striving its level best to diminish the daily expenses and e-commerce companies are no different from them. Teleworking is a resounding way for e-commerce companies to slash their daily and monthly expenditures amid this critical time. When employees are working from home, they don’t need to be offered transports, lunch, snacks, etc. On top of that, there is rarely any electricity bill, the e-commerce companies have to pay. This is how e-commerce companies with telecommuting technology can reduce their costs. Nevertheless, employees can work for their companies remotely from their homes with similar dedication and commitments.

Outsource the Supplementary Works:

Outsource the supplementary works

During this unprecedented catastrophe, people are more reliant on online services as going out is unsafe and hazardous. So, the pressure on the e-commerce companies is high to stock their stores and deliver the ordered products as soon as possible. No doubt, an e-commerce business is not conducted by one person or few people rather many people are allotted with various responsibilities and they collaborate with one another. At this critical time when the pressure is mounting on e-commerce companies, a great way to cope with it is outsourcing. E-commerce giants or small ones can allocate their works related to any field to other companies located in the same or different countries. This approach will help them to accomplish their works successfully and impeccably in this disastrous time.

Some of the Well-known Telecommuting or Teleworking Tools:

  1. Slack
  2. Skype
  3. Trello
  4. ezTalks Cloud Meeting
  5. Asana
  6. Glip
  7. Workzone
  9. Yammer
  10. CloudApp
  11. Microsoft Teams
  12. Highfive

E-commerce companies like other companies based in different countries are looking at least to survive in this catastrophic circumstance. Surely, they have to keep their businesses moving somehow to survive. What’s the best way right now for the survival of e-commerce companies? No doubt, teleworking and outsourcing are the best modes for e-commerce businesses to bank on. Both productivity and efficiency can be maintained by making use of telecommuting technology if commitment and dedication are there. Likewise, outsourcing tasks can also assist the companies to nail their projects and operations.

To overcome the current calamitous phase, all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, color, nationality, profession, etc. have to come forward. We need to put a concerted effort to navigate with the ongoing crisis. Our motto should be, “We will trounce the COVID-19 with whatever we have, wherever we are, and however we can.” Our confidence, robust approach, and extreme pluck, as well as determination, can restore a normal, positive, and placid life again.