The Simplest Way to Create Professional Product Mockups in Photoshop

How to create mockup in photoshop

Product mockup is an important technique to showcase your product to potential customers. For small business owners, this is an effective way to expand their business through increasing sales. It allows the most important features of a product to be displayed in a way that is appealing to the audience. Creative product mockups provide a way for generating new ideas and putting them into practice. Product mockups can be displayed on a billboard, or a boardroom, and even can be placed online. You can take professional help for creating mockups which would cost you a sum of money, or you can do it yourself easily with Photoshop. Below we are sharing the simplest way to create professional product mockups in Photoshop.

Step 1: Download the Background Stock Image and Open the Image in Photoshop.

Download the stock image

There are some important considerations when choosing a background image. First, the simpler the perspective, the easier the next steps will be. Second, if you want to use the mockup for commercial purposes, you should download a photo that is free for commercial purposes and no attribution is required.

Step 2: Draw the Shape

Draw the shape- how to create mockup in photoshop

Using the shape tool from the toolbar, draw a simple shape. It does not have to fit perfectly, but you should make sure that it covers the entire figure. You can also use guides for your convenience.

Step 3: Convert the Shape to Smart Object

Convert To Smart Object

It is important to convert the shape to a smart object before adjusting the photo to fit the screen better. To convert the shape to Smart Object, right-click on your layer in the layer panel on the right and select ‘Convert to smart Object’. The shape will be converted to a Smart Object.

Step 4: Adjust the Perspective

Adjust the Perspective

Now we can use the Transform tool to adjust the smart object to cover the monitor screen on the background image. To edit the shape of the smart object, go to Edit>Transform>Distort.
You can reduce the opacity of the layer so that you can easily see the monitor screen beneath. Then click and drag along the corners to get your desired size and shape.

You can use a layer mask for more customized shapes such as persons or objects entering the frame. To do so, select the layer and click on the layer mask icon at the bottom of the layer panel to add the layer mask. Then you can use the paintbrush tool with the color set to black to reveal the parts you want. To hide any pixels that you do not want to appear on the frame, simply switch the color to white. Press ‘Enter’ to apply the changes and bring back the layer opacity to 100%.

Step 5: Double-click on the Smart Object Thumbnail on the Layer Icon

Double Click on the Smart Object

Now we need to add the original product image to the Smart Object. To do this, double-click on the smart object thumbnail on the layers panel. Please keep in mind that just double-clicking on the layer will not work. You must have to click on the image icon next to the layer name. A new screen will pop up which contains the same shape as the smart object in Step Three. So we now have a rectangle on a new window that looks exactly like the original rectangle before the transformation.

Step 6: Place the Image Into the Smart Object

Place the image ( how to make mockup in photoshop)

Open the product image in Photoshop ( File>Open). Double-click to remove the background. Now drag and drop the product image on the smart object screen. You can also place the image directly on the smart object from File>Place Embedded.  Resize the product image to fit the smart object rectangle. Now click File>Save to save the work and close the window. Be careful not to close all the windows as we still need our original background image.

Step 7: Work is Done!

Final Image

When you returned to the original image, you can see that the product image is placed automatically on the background image. So we have created our product mockup on the background image. Now you can leave the mockup as it is or you can apply different effects such as burn, multiply, and shadow effects to make it even more realistic.

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Product mockups are the way to put your vision into practice. There are lots of royalty-free images available on the internet. Using those images on Photoshop, anyone can create beautiful product mockups that can generate sales for their business. We hope you learned the simplest way to make professional product mockups in Photoshop from our article. Follow us for more articles like this.