Best YouTube channels for learning Photography and Photo Editing


Do you want to be a professional photographer? Do you want to edit your photography by yourself at home or studio? May be ‘Yes’. If so, then you are looking for good mentor and guideline perhaps. Considering the fact and to reduce your searching efforts, we have created here a list of best YouTube channel for learning photography and photo enhancing. We are pretty sure that you must appreciate it and it will work for you.

Take a glance, you can see we here created two segments- Photography and Photo editing or graphic design. Whatever you are looking for, you will get out of this content and must subscribe it to be benefited.

For Photography

The first 40 channels are about photography techniques that will go with you if you are a photographer. No matter you are a professional or novice photographer. You must learn extra things out of these.

  1. Weekly Imogen


It’s a fashion and model photography channel presented by the female models. It can be one of the best learning destinations for the model photographers. This channel offers weekly photography tips & tricks, tutorials, and behind the scenes. They also run regular fashion & model photography workshops.

  1. The Slanted Lens


Jay P Morgan’s The Slanted Lens is a photography related channel where the photographers can learn about photography and lighting out of his videos full of deep knowledge and sense of humor. The tutorials of this channel are about photography, videography, photography gear reviews, lighting, films and the like. There are lots of videos of How-to and portrait lighting. If you are a photographer or video shooter, you must choose this channel as your learning point.

  1. The Art of Photography


It is a photography channel for the hungry learners. Ted Forbes operate this channel and share here his deep knowledge rich with life-long experiences. As a learner of photography, you will get the videos covering famous photographers, shooting techniques, composition, behind the scenes and history of photography. Additionally, you will get here a strong community of the photographers who plays with numerous social challenges.

  1. Matt Granger


One of the most useful YouTube channels for photographers is Marr Granger. Everything related to photography is available here. If you want, you can learn photography tips & tricks, photography equipment’s reviews, and many others. You will get here courses and lectures as your teacher is delivering before. Check out this channel to enhance the area of your knowledge.

  1. Evan Rant


The director of this photography channel is Evan Ranft himself. He is a professional and passionate photographer based on Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his landscape and cityscape photography. However, in this channel he has shared his long photography experiences through which he teaches and motivates the next generation of creative photography. If you want to know something extra-ordinary about photography, visit the channel. You will find a huge video documentation enriched with photography tips, tricks, and hacks.

  1. Kayleigh June


It is an Australia based fashion and beauty photography channel. Here Kayleigh June has been sharing his photography and photo retouching knowledge through videos. Her tutorials are easy to understand and the processes shown here are clear to practice with. If you are a photographer and a fashion photo retoucher, you will learn many useful things out of here. So, we highly recommend to subscribe this channel as early as possible so that you never miss any useful episode.

  1. Creative Live


It is one of the most viewed YouTube channel on Photography subject. This channel was first launched by Chase Jarvis, but now it not only his own, rather of the millions students on internet. It is photography teaching channel. Almost every type of photography is discussed here hosting expert photographers. To teach you, there are hundreds of tutorials on basic photography, lighting setup, camera and other gear setup. If you view their video tutorials, we expect, you can mingle passion and efforts into success.

  1. Jessica Kobeissi


This channel is run by an Arab-American fashion photographer. There is nothing related to photography she has left to discuss. For the photographer, this channel is publishing photography tips, tricks, and hacks. Here you will get photography tutorials, vlogs, the technique of using day light, editing and retouching tutorials, stories behind the scenes, and many more. As a fashion photographer, you should watch the videos of Jessica.

  1. Photofocus


It is one of the most helpful photography teaching YouTube channel that assists the photographers getting success. Their experts, authors, and guest contributors are publishing lots of educational videos related to photography. Here you will get the information of photography tools, gear, and other products. They also publishes videos of product review, training, podcasts, and other inspirational videos for the photographers. So, as a photography personnel, we will recommend you to join with Photofocus.

  1. TheCameraStoreTV


This an awesome YouTube channel for the Photographers. This channel is directed by Evelyn Drake and Dave Paul who are dedicated to share knowledge about Photography and Videography. They are presenting the lessons on photography and video shooting, product reviews, camera settings related tips, lighting suggestions, etc. If you want to know the use cameras from different brands, this channel can be your greatest and easiest destination.

  1. Kai W


It is a UK based YouTube channel solely dedicated to express photography knowledge. If you search for knowing photography, you should watch the video of this channel. Here you will get all types of videos related to photography, especially different types of cameras. Do you want to learn about different lenses? Watch the videos of this channel.

  1. Fstoppers


It is a versatile YouTube channel that published videos for the creative professionals from all branches. They publishes videos for the photographers, videographers, web designer, and graphic designer and photo editors. Here you will get reviews on photography equipment, photo tricks and tips, creative tutorials, and different industry news. To stay up to date, try to follow the channel and get benefited.

  1. Willem Verbeeck


It’s a comparatively new YouTube channel, but still promising. This channel has been publishing a lot of video tutorial with a view to spread knowledge on Photography. Here you will get a lot of information regarding different types of cameras. Photography from different situations are also discussed in this channel and this fact is the reason of getting more subscribe of this channel.

  1. DigitalRev TV


This is one of the most viewed YouTube channels about photography on internet. You will get here almost all the photography related videos that you desire for. What is unavailable here! Photography tips & tricks, camera news, lens reviews, videography techniques, camera settings, the discussion of using lighting gear properly, and more. To be a professional photographer, you must subscribe this channel without any doubt.

  1. B&H Photo Video


This is a channel for both the professional and amateur photographers and videographers. Here you can enjoy video tutorial about photography, podcast, camera related tips and tricks, photography gear reviews, lighting and lens related techniques, and the like. If you are really interested to learn photography professionally, we recommend you to subscribe this cannel.

  1. COOPH


Here you will have DIY photography tutorials, tips, tricks, and hacks. For photography inspiration, this is an ideal YouTube channel for you. It is one of the most useful photography channel. You can learn anything here about photography, gears, and many more. We recommend you to be a proud member of this channel.


AdoramaAnother biggest YouTube channel for the photographers and fix the photo experts. You will get here guideline for studio lighting, video shooting, camera information, lens information, Photoshop tutorials, audio gear, and professionals’ interviews. If you are a novice photographer, you can subscribe this channel. It will help you to be grown as a professional shutterbug.

  1. Thomas Heaton


What a great YouTube channel it is! You will be happy to know that this is a great channel for the outdoor photographers especially landscape photographers, nature photographers, and so on. If you are struggling to be professional landscape photo shooter, you should gather knowledge from Thomas’ practical and experimental videos. Definitely, here you will get a lot of extraordinary thing that you never ever got.

  1. Tony & Chelsea Northrup


It is an ideal channel for photography tips and tutorials. For camera and lens reviews before buying any gear you should watch the videos from this channel. For fix the image, you will get required Photoshop and Lightroom tips here. A lot of weekly episodes are available in this channel for the photographers. So, visit and subscribe this channel for your betterment.

  1. SLR Lounge


It is another most useful photography community YouTube channel for the photographers. As a photographer, you will have here photography tutorials, Lightroom tutorials, Photoshop tutorials and Photography related news. If you go to this channel, you will get many other videos like camera or lens reviews that are so useful for the novice photo shooters. We recommend to subscribe this channel.

  1. Mark Wallace


The owner of this channel Mark Wallace is a professional photographer and photography instructor. The channel is entirely dedicated to the art of photography and wish to educate, inspire, and connect to other pro photographers. To be a professional photographer, you can seek inspiration out of this channel.

  1. Jared Polin


It is free photography learning center. If you want to get pro quality photography tips from the professional shutterbug , you should subscribe this channel. Jared Polin is teaching photographers by providing tips, tricks, fun and informative videos. You will get here photography gear reviews, unboxing and sniff tests, and more. In short, to grow as a professional whatever you need, you will get here all those.

  1. SR Photography


If you want to be a pro photographer, you have to learn a lot of photography techniques. You need to get practical tips, tricks, and guideline from the experts. Only photography cannot generate high end images instead of photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. To get all the necessary things for photographer, you should subscribe to this channel. Serge Ramelli can be your most influential mentor.

  1. Karl Taylor


Another emerging YouTube channel for the photography learners is Karl Taylor. Here you will get all the necessary things to be a pro quality photographer. This channel is publishing photography tips and techniques, photo editing and graphic design procedure, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial and many more. Karl is a professional and experienced photographer. That means you are receiving knowledge from a practical applier.

  1. Taylor Jackson


You can follow this channel if you are a wedding photographer or want to know the techniques of successful wedding photo shooting. Besides, you will get many other photography tips and tricks. In addition, here photo editing tutorials are also available. You can learn how to fix the photo in Photoshop or Lightroom.

  1. Peter Mckinnon


One of the most popular photography vlogging channels is peter Mckinnon. Here you will get numerous vlogs where the author has shown how to take photos and videos in different situations. Not only that, you will have photography camera and lens reviews, tips, tricks, and many other advices that must provide you in the long run. We recommend you to subscribe this channel to learn photography and videography professionally.

  1. Nigel Danson


The host of this channel Nigel Danson is the teacher of photography, especially dedicated to the nature and landscape photography. He is an expert outdoor shutterbug and has been publishing a lot of outside photography tips and steps. If you love to be a pro quality nature or landscape photographer, subscribe to this channel and get Nigel as your mentor.

  1. Magno Street


It is one of my favorite YouTube channel you can follow. This couple has been publishing a lot of video tutorials on Photography that must bring good to your photography skills. To be demandable photographer, follow the tips Mango Street shares here. A lot of inspiring videos you will get out of this channel that will enhance your photography quality.

  1. Steve Perry


It is an emerging photography related channel you can follow. If you are eager to know about nature photography, this channel can be your best destination. We think you should subscribe this channel and inspire the publisher to make more videos on Photography.

  1. Shutterstock Tutorials



It is one of the most promising YouTube channel that is dedicated to providing creative tips on Photography and Photography post production. Here you will get tutorial for filmmaking, lighting, and creative graphic design. If you want to learn photography together, then be attached with his channel.

  1. Matt Day


Although it is a tiny youtube channel, but still it is one of the most promising channel on Photography. You can understand the fact that what type of videos Matt is sharing. Here you will have all types of Photography related video for guidelines, tips, and techniques. You will also have photography gear review and how to use a camera or lens typed tips. Hope all these video will help you and so, you should subscribe to this channel.

  1. Jamie Windsor


This channel is entirely dedicated to sharing photography related tips, reviews, and techniques. Jamie shares the videos that don’t exists on YouTube. You will get here unique video on photo shooting. You can enjoy the art of teaching watching the videos of this channel. You should subscribe this channel and if you want you can support him to keep continue his effort.

  1. Irene Rudnyk


She is Irene, a professional photographer. She has been publishing creative photography related tips, tricks, and techniques videos. Here you can learn all types of photography like nature photography, model and glamour photo shooting, and many more. Not only that you will learn here about photography post production process. Anyway, to be a pro type photographer, this channel will help you much.

Photo Editing and graphic design

So far you have got all the channels on photography techniques. Now we hope you are a skilled photographer, but do you know only photography cannot guarantee of the perfect images? There is something else and that is photo editing and retouching. Before submitting photography projects to your clients, you must spend time on photography fixing.

And so, here along with the list of photography YouTube channel, we have created a list of channels where you can learn photo editing and retouching professionally.

  1. Adobe Photoshop


It is the mother YouTube channel of photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is the most celebrated industry-standard photo editing and retouching software. This channel is directed and maintained by the Adobe Photoshop itself.

So, here you will get all the authentic photo editing and processing tutorials that you must leverage for improving your skills. If you are a photo editing personnel and want to learn editing techniques from a reliable source, this is absolutely your great destination.

We recommend you to subscribe this channel and learn photo manipulation from the core professionals.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a popular photo editing tool for quick result. There is a YouTube channel by its name. We are hoping that it is sharing videos from the authentic professionals. If you are a pro quality photographer, you should use this tool for quick photo editing and exposure correction. This channel is publishing a lot of video tutorials on Lightroom. If you want to know how to edit images in Photoshop, you should subscribe this channel.

  1. Phlearn


Phlearn is one of the most viewed YouTube channels on Photo editing and retouching activities. Aron Nace has made the image editing job fun, easy and accessible to all who are interested to learn Photoshop and Lightroom. For the professional photo editing experts, this channel can be a great source of learning and making fun. We must recommend you to be a member of this channel.

  1. Photoshop Tutorials


To be a professional Photo editor, you must learn more and more and that’s why you have to take the shelter of the YouTube channels. Such a YouTube channel dedicated to making Photo editing and retouching tutorials is Photoshop Tutorials. All types of photo editing techniques are discussed here. If you want to learn photo fixing, subscribe this channel.

  1. PicsArt


It is a funny skill based graphic design and image manipulation YouTube channel. If you subscribe to this channel, you must learn a lot of things that will help you to create anything related to graphic design. This channel can add extra quality to your photo editing skill and you must enjoy the tutorials since they are presented making funny.

  1. PiXimperfect


It is a free source of Photoshop and Lightroom learning tutorials hosted by an Indian young and energetic mentor, Unmesh Dinda. The way he presents the tips and techniques is clearer, easy, and great fun. He has made the photo editing and creative graphic design as plying with toys. He publishes regularly the tutorial of Photoshop and Lightroom. We recommend you to subscribe and support this channel.

  1. Photoshop Training Channel


This channel is all about dedicated to the making of photo editing and graphic design tutorials. If you want to master Photoshop and Lightroom, you should subscribe to this channel. Here you can learn everything from photo editing to creative graphic design. Besides, a lot of photo editing tips, tricks and techniques are discussed in this channel.

  1. Photos in Color


Here you will get all about Lightroom and Photography tutorials. Ed Gregory has been publishing photo editing and graphic design tutorial making fun. This channel is affluent with a lot of Photoshop tips, Artists interviews, Reviews, and videography tutorials that you can be useful for you. So, we must recommend you to subscribe this awesome channel.

  1. Sean Tucker


It is another emerging photo editing and graphic design channel dedicated to making photo editing related tutorials for the Photoshop beginners. There are numerous tutorials for the advanced editing experts. We will recommend you to be involved with this channel to know extra-ordinary photo editing and retouching videos. It is sure that you must be benefited.

  1. Photoshop CAFE


This channel is publishing tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom making the serious stuff too silly and easy. The editor has made a lot of funs with Photoshop and greatly published all the videos for the emerging Photoshop lovers. If you are interested to learn image editing and graphic design creatively and with fun, then subscribe to this channel.

  1. Photoshop Elements


If you want to get new and trendy Photoshop photo editing and creative graphic design tutorials, this emerging channel can be a great source. To make fun with Photoshop and Lightroom, you should follow this channel. Here you can learn a lot of new and trendy things.

  1. Will Peterson


It is not a conventional photo editing channel. It is for the creative logo designers and the creator of the handy fonts. This channel is sharing to you a lot of font design tutorials, logo design video, UX/UI designs and many other creative graphical presentation. This mentor can teach you new things that you never experience yet.

  1. Mohamed Achraf


This channel is entirely dedicated to the Logo design in Adobe Illustrator. Here you will get real life logo design for the clients. You will get fully professional design from sketching to create a complete logo. Mohamed Achraf is very professional, skilled, and experienced creative logo designer in Adobe Illustrator. If you are interested to design creative logo, you must subscribe this channel.

  1. Blue Lightning TV Photoshop


This channel is directed by the most experienced graphic design guy. He has a long experienced working in different renowned companies as a graphic design professional. However, he is sharing his skills and experiences through this channel. So, here you will get a lot of practical teaching on how to design graphics in Photoshop. As a professional and novice graphic editor, you should subscribe to this channel.

  1. Pixivu


It is another awesome graphic design channel for the advanced designers. Here are a lot of high quality Photoshop tutorials. If you need, you can learn about photo effects, text effects, flyer design, advertising design, and some other stuffs like these. For professional graphic design tutorial, it can be your great source.

  1. AI Tutorials


Adobe Illustrator Tutorial is totally dedicated to those who really want to know the actual ways to design logos professionally. As a learner, if you search this channel, you will get numerous tutorials where practically the designer has shown the techniques for creating logos.

  1. Fanji Lanang


This is a really fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to photograph editing and retouching. If you go through the videos of this channel, you will get both photography and photo editing tutorials. Combined you will be a complete package for your clients. So, you can follow this channel and sharpen your skill and experience.

The above mentioned YouTube channels will be helpful for both- Photographer and Photo Editor. If you want to be a professional, you should follow these channels. We’ve here just tried to make a list of top YouTube channels covering photography and image manipulation arena with a view to help you. We think, it will act for you. Good Luck.