Best Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn Photography Tips

Some people may imagine newborn photography as a piece of cake but those who experienced it know how stiff the job is. In fact, it will not be untrue if we call it the toughest photography among all types of photography. The objective of newborn photography is to snap the pleasant and snazzy moments after a baby is born. This particular photograph is very sensitive as the baby’s mood can swing at any time. Infants have their own minds and don’t have the ability to follow the instructions of the photographers. For a photographer to take lovely and flawless shots of a newborn, he must practice the art copiously.

Apart from a photography knack, he should also know how to regulate babies. Some babies are underweight and have fragile body parts. Hence, the photographer has to be very meticulous while preparing babies for shots. With considerable practice, a photographer can perfect and master taking immaculate and sterling baby photographs. That will allow a newborn shutterbug to ace his photography project.

Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

We would like to dilate upon some of the key tips on newborn photography that would assist you to get around the process.

Posed vs. Lifestyle Photo Session

These are 2 different types of newborn photo sessions. In posed photography, the photographer takes shot of the eye-catching looks of the baby wrapped with a blanket, swaddling clothes, and also with hats and headbands. The timeline of posed photography is the first 2 weeks after the birth of the baby and the photo session can last up to 4 hours with the baby feeding and posing. On the other hand, lifestyle photography is carried out more in a casual way. The photographer focuses on the natural looks of the baby with some poses. This photography session should be done when the baby is 6 weeks old and it lasts 1-2 hours.

Gear up yourself and your Client

Taking preparation is the utmost important requirement for all sorts of photography, including newborn photography. Along with the camera, you have to take note of all the gadgets and have them in your arsenal. You can also make a checklist in advance for your advantage. As this is baby photography, you have to use some additional tools and props so that your photography project pays off. If you photograph the newborn in your client’s home, you have to also get them prepared for the photography. You have to notify him what are their (Parents) do/don’t do during the photography. Exhort him to tidy up his home with his partner and embellish it with various ornaments.

Pack the following photography kits in advance:

  1. A camera as well as a backup camera
  2. Lenses
  3. Spare battery
  4. Formatted memory card
  5. Backdrop stand and tripod
  6. Swaddle
  7. Step stool
  8. Beanbag
  9. Waterproof pads
  10. Props such as basket, crate, variety of toys

Get Ready with the studio

Whether you execute newborn photography in your home or client’s home, studio setup plays an important role in acing splendid newborn photography. Normally, a baby is always comfortable in a familiar ambiance and gets scared in a new atmosphere. Hence, studio setup should be done in the absence of the baby; prior to bringing the baby in the shooting room. You should adorn the studio with a pillow, blanket, beanbag, step stool, and various props like a basket as well as toys. This stuff will not only complement the studio but also help you to accomplish crack newborn photography.

Make the Ambience Comfortable for the Baby

For you to capture ace baby photography, it is very pivotal that the baby feels comfortable in the room. Newborn babies undergo body temperature drawbacks and to comfort them, you have to warm the studio appropriately. On top of that, you can also warm the swaddling clothes and blanket with a dryer or heater fan before you wrap the baby or place them on the blanket. If you opt for a heater fan, don’t forget to keep it at a safe distance so as to keep the baby danger-free.

Ambience Comfortable for the Baby

Ambient Lighting is Key

Surrounding lighting is very crucial to snap high-quality infant photography. The ideal time for newborn photography is daytime as during this time there are loads of natural light present. Natural light is conducive to adding a perfect focus on the skin. Additionally, also try to take some shots adjacent to the window to get more natural light. However, remember not to take shots under the sunlight as it can produce unwanted shadows on the baby’s skin. Along with these, pick high ISO as well as wider aperture and let the camera choose the perfect shutter speed.

Bring a Smile in Baby’s Face

The smile of a baby is mesmerizing and in photography, it looks even more amazing. Apart from taking natural photographs, you have to coax the baby to smile. You can make funny faces, talk to him/her, play hide and seek, and create various kinds of noises. Nowadays, in the age of the smartphone, it has become easier as you can use different types of apps to present yourself as a joker and also produce calm and serene noise to comfort the baby. Meanwhile, you have to do your job fast as the baby won’t operate as you wish.

Smile in Baby’s Face

Focus on the Background

Background is an important part of all types of photography, including infant photography. While shooting a baby, choose a simple and pleasant background. Don’t be too colorful and cluttered with the background. Remember, your main focus is the baby and so you have to pick the background in such a manner so that it complements the infant. There are various ways you can click excellent baby photographs. You can place the baby on a piece of cloth with a variety of toys and choose a wall or window with a soft hue as a background.

Avail the Props

Props such as toys, baby blankets, flowers, a variety of clothes, etc. can be used to beautify newborn photography. The main objective to use props is to spice up baby photography. Hence, even innovative props can be utilized to add splendor to the photos. You can place a tie on the neck of the baby or put a hat over the head of the baby, and many other creative ways. However, the point to be noted is that you cannot clutter the background with redundant props as that will distract the baby which will ruin the purpose.

Avail the Props

Vary your Angles

It’s a challenge for newborn photographers to find the right angles to capture photographs. Especially, at the initial stage, after a baby is born, he/she is not fully visible. The baby remains swaddled with a piece of cloth that conceals most of the parts of the baby. The only thing you can notice is the puny little head of the baby. Hence, you have to alter the angles of your shots so that you can end up taking some crack images. By the passage of time when the baby grows, it will get facile for you to determine the perfect angles of your shots.

Go Macro

Babies are adorable and they have captivating body parts. Each of their body parts requires to be shot and you as a photographer should have these body parts in your arsenal. Therefore, you have to take some of your shots with a macro lens. You can stress the eyes and eyelashes of the baby and capture lovely shots. Sometimes, the baby moves around and you can shoot the hands, feet, and toes. You can also click the baby while smiling or pouting. The macro lens has a sensitive focus and so to capture the right area, the baby has to be still. So, take advantage of the baby’s sleeping time.


Take your Time and be Flexible

One of the utmost necessities for newborn photographers is to be patient and flexible. Kid photography is challenging and time-consuming. It can take 3-4 hours to complete successful infant photography. Hastening will not bring any fruit rather ruin your photography. Babies have their own minds and take time to settle and sleep. Sometimes, they can defecate while the photo shooting is in progress. Whether they are in diapers or naked, you have to hold on until they are washed and spruced up.

Finally, Get Family Engaged and Make it Memorable

Shooting a baby with the family members is very crucial as this creates emotion, togetherness, and more importantly excellent photography. Parents kissing or eyeing their baby, siblings playing with their brother or sister, all create an emotional attachment with the baby. Try to capture candidly as that will enable you to click some resplendent photographs automatically. You can also take some close-up shots of the baby with his/her family. Focus on those parts of the body that catches attention to end up taking mind-blowing shots.

beautiful newborn photography with family

Keep Practicing…….

Practice makes a man perfect. No matter whether you are a photographer or any other professional, there is no alternative to practice. Prior to your photography project, practice taking dummy shots bountifully. Initially, you will commit many errors and blunders. As you take shots more and more, you will notch up perfection in your handiwork. Apart from that, you will have an idea of how to go about with your photography, the camera settings, lighting, etc.

Hopefully, our comprehensive tips on newborn photography will definitely help you. You may be well-versed in processing the photos but hardly have any time to invest. Even if you manage time to optimize these photos, they may not get professional touch which is inevitable to appease your clients. Don’t fret! We are a world-renowned image retouching company based in the USA.

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