How to Batch Edit in Photoshop to Accelerate Your Workflow

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Are you a pro photographer or a photography buff? No matter whatever your niche is, you must have a massive number of photos requiring the same kind of editing. Right? Are you gonna edit them over and over? Surely, not if you are smart. Not that it’s wrong to retouch them separately but it’s so tedious and time-intensive. Hence, you have to find a shortcut to upgrade these images swiftly and efficiently. This is exactly what we are gonna demonstrate to you in this tutorial. We will show you how you can batch edit photos in Photoshop.

Suppose, you have 20 images that need resizing to a particular dimension. You don’t have to individually open each image and resize them. All you have to do is record an action and save it. Then, you have to apply this to a batch of photos in Photoshop. You will get the batch of photos resized at once thereby.

Let’s follow the steps required to batch process photography simultaneously.

Determine the Editing Type

First and foremost, you have to determine the kind of editing you intend to apply to your batch of images. Let’s say, we wish to resize our batch of imagery. For that, we have to resize one sample image at first.

Select the Image and Create an Action

Now, open a sample image in Photoshop to execute the resizing action. To open the Action palette, go to the Window tab from the menu bar and select Actions.

Batch Edit- Create an Action

Once the Actions panel pops up, go to the bottom of the panel and create a new action by hitting the icon just beside the trash icon. Write a name for the action may be “Photo Resizing” followed by starting the recording by hitting the “Record” button.

Batch Edit- New Action, Renaming, and Recording

Now, you have to execute all the steps you want to be recorded. As here our action is resizing, go to the Image tab on the menu bar and select Image Size. A dialog box will show up from where you can set the dimension (Width × Height) of the image. We are setting 750-pixel width and the height will automatically be adjusted.

Batch Edit- Setting the Resizing Parameters

Now, go to the File tab and select “Save As” to save the resized image. Stop the recording thereafter as you are done with all the steps of the resizing action. You can view the saved action at the bottom of the Actions panel.

Batch Edit- Saving the Resized Image

Batch Edit- Saved Actions

Apply the Action on a Batch of Photos

Now, it’s time to run the resizing action on the batch of images you have in your collection.

At first, put all the photos that you want to batch-process in one folder. Now, go to File > Automate > Batch.

Batch Edit- Automate the Batch

A dialog box will pop up soon after that. Select your new action “Photo Resizing” from the list of visible actions.

Set the Source to “Folder” in the section underneath it and hit the Choose button. After that, select the folder containing the images to be batch edited.

Batch Edit- Select New Action, Source, and Destination

Set the Destination to “Folder” as well in the section below that and hit the Choose button. Create a new folder where all the processed images will be saved. You can set the Destination to none too. In that case, the edited images will be saved in the destination you recorded in your action.

Finally, hit the Ok button and Photoshop will begin processing all your images one by one in a while.

This is how you can create an action and execute different types of batch editing actions like adding a watermark, changing color, sharpening images, and many more.

2nd Method

We will show you another easy method of resizing photos on Photoshop and you can perform it with a matter of few clicks. Here you go.

At first, go to File and select Scripts > Image Processor. A window will pop up displaying the necessary particulars. You don’t have to open any images in this process.

Batch Edit- Scripts

You have to follow the 4 steps in the displayed window. Initially, you select the source folder. Then, select the destination folder. Next, you have to choose the file type and set the image size. Finally, you have to complete the “Preferences” section. You can select “Run Action” and do multiple actions at the same time. But here, we just resized the batch of images and run them.

Batch Edit- Select Source, Destination, File Type, and Preferences

That’s it. We have showcased to you 2 different methods about how you can batch edit photos in Photoshop in this tutorial. If you have considerable images requiring resizing, you can adopt any of these methods. By creating action, you can execute other types of batch-editing like color change, watermark adding, and image sharpening. This will save you tons of time.

Hopefully, you have benefitted immensely from the tutorial. For further tutorials on Photoshop, visit our blog. Also, you may take a look at the write-up of Photoshop new features in order to get familiar with the latest updates of Adobe PS.