Manual vs. Automated Photo Editing Tools to Remove Image Background – A Comprehensive research and review

Background removing is one of the sophisticated photo editing services. It is very important for the modern businesses. The ecommerce and photography business are mostly dependent on this service. The customers of the ecommerce products cannot feel their product directly. At first attempt, they can choose the desired product seeing the photos. So, the photos

:  Photo Editing, Photoshop
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Google’s Nik Collection is Free Now! So, What Can You Do Now?

Last year Google announced that Nik Collection is totally FREE. For those of you who don’t know what Nik Collection is, it is now a free desktop photo editing software, which was and is an Plugin for Adobe Lightroom. To get introduced, you can see this video: Earlier Nik Collection was originally valued at around $500, and later

:  Lightroom, Photography Post Production
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