Tutorial – Basic color correction (white/gray balance) in Photoshop

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Hi Friends,

Today I’ll write about a quick and easy color correction process.

You know how important the color combination is for any image to be Pop. An image which is faded, fuzzy or too much dazzling is worth to be taken the color correction service. A proper blending of color among the various background objects can make your image outstanding and that’s why color correction is too necessary.

You can check our the video version of this tutorial.

YouTube video

Open (Ctrl + O) or place (Ctrl + N) an image you want to correct color in Photoshop. For copying the image, unlock the layer by double clicking on the layer. Before editing any image you should make it duplicate to regain in case of damaging during edition.

Zoom the image you like to correct color for detail view. Then take a new layer for applying the effects related to color correction.

Take a new layer

Then select gray color. Here, I’m using 50% gray color, but the ratio varies from image to image and press Ok. The gray color is applied to pick the color of the objects in the background.

Go to Edit > Fill > Use and select 50% gray. Then press OK.

Next from the Layer palette, click on ‘Blending mode’ and select ‘Difference’ option from the drop-down.

Now go to Adjustment Layer > Threshold > Threshold 20% or as you need.

Then take Eyedropper tool. Pressing ‘Shift’, select the darkest point. You can see the anchor point holds there.

After that, go to the parent/1st layer >Adjustment Layer > Curves > Sample image to set the gray point tool.

Click on the anchor point and see the changes.

Finally, you’ll get the image color corrected you wanted. Actually, to complete the whole color correction process skill, experience and professionalism are needed. An amateur hand can hardly do the process properly. However, if you try with dedication frequently, perfection must come.

All right. Thank you for reading the article. A video tutorial is included with this text for your practice better.

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Wish you good luck. Bye.