Top 5 Latest Photography Trends in 2020: Utilize them to Challenge your Rivals

Top 5 latest photography trends in 2020 Utilize them to Challenge your Rivals

Top 5 latest photography trends in 2020 Utilize them to Challenge your Rivals

Photography trends are evolving in a flash like waves in the ocean. The kinds of photography considered to be trends in the past, they are deemed antiquated now. The year 2020 has also appeared with new photography trends. As technology is advancing, photographers are also discovering new ways to snap innovatively. Photography is all about intriguing people and so shutterbugs are making an all-out effort to portray charm, creativity, and uniqueness in their photography.

Ever wondered how certain types of photography become trends while others don’t? Actually, there are various factors in photography that catch people’s attention. Photography trends are predominantly dictated by visual appeal, technique, style of photo shooting, creativity, the capacity of images to align with other elements, and so on and so forth. If you are a photography enthusiast regardless of the genre of photography, you have to stay up to date with the types of photography that are in vogue.

What’s the top photography trend in 2020, wedding photography, product photography, model photography, stock images, or anything else? Knowing what to snap puts you ahead of your competitors and this lets you stand out. Don’t forget that clients always look for something outstanding and one-of-a-kind.

In this write-up, we will highlight the top 5 latest photography trends that emerged in 2020 and got the momentum. Whether you wish to pack your Instagram feed with enthralling images or consolidate your client-base, getting introduced to these on-trend images will help you in either way.

Candid and Authentic Photography:

Candid and Authentic Photography

One type of photography that has been trendy for the past years and is still on top of people’s choice is candid and authentic images. It shows no sign of vanishing anytime soon. People are more prone to seeing realistic images as opposed to posed-shots. In authentic photography, the subject remains the center of focus, and real people with real situations are highlighted in it. When it comes to candid photography, it focuses more on the photographer than the subject. Unlike posed photography which is planned and designed, candid and authentic photography are captured on the spur of the moment posing a challenge for the photographer. Photography containing authenticity and hyper-realism is what people are aspiring to in the ongoing year.

Drone/Aerial Photography:

Drone or Aerial Photography

Over the past years, drone photography got immense popularity due to its availability and affordability. It has revolutionized the world of photography giving unique and captivating views. No matter whether it’s real estate photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, or any other type of photography, drone photography is a handy tool for all types of photography. A photographer may belong to any photography field, mastering the art of drone photography can set him apart from his competitors allowing him to offer that his rivals aren’t offering. Not only the professional shutterbugs can benefit from drone photography but also amateurs can also take advantage of it. They can avail of this technology to take innovative and angled shots.

Smartphone Photography:

Smartphone Photography

The smartphone is now at the fingertips of everyone irrespective of gender and age. Top-of-the-range smartphones boasting top-notch cameras is offering the best of the output as photo-buffs and camera hogs crave. Over the past decade, the use of smartphone cameras has outstripped the DSLR and mirrorless cameras and became the most-used camera for the first time. Even though photo-enthusiasts feast on taking all types of shots with smartphones, taking selfies is the preferred and the most popular type of smartphone photography among the youth. With a basic understanding of the camera’s manual mode and scanty experience of standard photography techniques like the rule of thirds, a photographer can easily achieve photos that he achieves from DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Color Photography:

Color Photography

One of the objectives of photography is self-expression and what can be a better tool to do that than utilizing vivid colors. No doubt, a photographer must have the knack and experience to know which type of color to use for a specific shot. Some shots will suit strong colors while others will be perfect with mild colors. Whether it’s saturated orange or crazy purple, these vibrant colors are now trendy for photo-nerds. Depending on the requirements of a specific shot, different types of colors can be used. With appropriate leverage of colors, photography besides looking splendid is also likely to enchant the viewers. This will also assist them to pick up the content better.

360° Photography:

360° Photography

The year 2020 has also seen a massive uptick of 360° photography on various platforms including social media. Apart from reflecting splendor, this type of photography portrays each and every detail of images covering a 360° spectrum. This type of photography is perhaps the newest mode of visual expression. Photographers can take advantage of this kind of photography in a variety of genres including landscape photography, real estate photography, and street photography. The advantage of 360° is that it lets people sense as if they are inside the scene and provides them the scope to move around as they wish.

In this particular write-up, we have picked the top 5 latest trendy kinds of photography in the current year but there are many other types of photography that are also in vogue in the ongoing year. Some of them deserve to be mentioned or else the write-up will appear to be incomplete. Among many other on-trend photographs, vertical imagery, cinematograph, imagery with art, natural elements, vintage flare, unique perspectives, summer treats, etc. are also going well this year.

Photographers belonging to any of the areas of photography play a pivotal role in scaling up a business or formulating a branding tactic. A professional and visionary shutterbug must stay updated with all the photography trends to offer an effective and best solution to his clients. After all, clients always look for photography with novelty, wonders, and exquisiteness.

So, which of the above photography trends are you thinking to follow in 2020? Don’t hold back to embrace any of the ongoing photography crazes. Just plan, prepare, and follow the trend!