Text Effect Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Text Effect Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Select size 500 x 500 pixels to open a new document through go to file -> new. Set its resolution as 72 pixels/inch with the white background. Create gradient effect for background and it will be using for the text effect. It also makes the background simply nice.

Now create a new gradient as follows: click on the new button and name it as your wish, when the new gradient will appear on the gradient library select the gradient tool. Simply choose angle gradient. Place cross on the corner and drag it to the right side. After dragging that’s not important where you release your mouse. Here the important facts that, we have to create a new layer for each character into the word. Cause each layer and letter will have its own design. So choose “Disco Deck font” set 150 pixels font size and initially type C. To release the type tool press Ctrl+Enter. Then type R and release the tool again as before. By this way type A and again release before way. Keep remembering that each of the latter into a single layer.

Give the text papercraft effect, go to each layer and change its shading for each one. Now select the layer of C and choose gradient overlay. Set blend mode normal, opacity 100%, angle align with layer, and angle 0 degrees. Then click on drop shadow layer and setting blend mode as multiply, opacity as 75%, distance 0 pixels, spread 18%, size 21 pixels. Click on a new style and name it something and press OK. Close the layer style window. Repeat the previous step for each letter.

Now time to add color to it. Select the text and choose the color of #FFA200 then click ok to ensure it. After that go to the layer palette select soft light. This soft light will an amazing effect on the text. This is our final effect.