Summer Beach Photo Editing and Retouching in Lightroom: Tips & Tricks

Beach Photo Editing and Retouching

Different types of software are used for product photo editing and retouching, but in the case of travel, beach, and nature photo editing, there is a little scope to edit maintaining reality. You have to be more conscious so that your images or videos don’t lose the actual light, exposure, texture, and many other such crucial things.

The photographer prefers shortcut steps to manipulate the images to save the time lessening effort. Often they don’t like to use the bunch of tools, options, and effects of Adobe Photoshop, rather they use Adobe Lightroom. It allows them to fix numerous summer beach and travel photos within a short time and effort.

Beach Photo Editing and Retouching Tips

In this context, the shutterbug will get some crucial tips & tricks to tweak summer beach, travel, and nature photos utilizing Lightroom. Although the use of Lightroom is pretty much easier than any other image editing tool, the image editing experts must be conscious enough so that the images don’t lose the details during editing. What our recommendations to make the summer images stunning in Lightroom are-

Straighten and Cropping

While capturing beach photos, your images may not be perfect out of exuberance and excitement. They may be captured with the wrong perspective and leaning asides. This type of image may not be engaging and catchy. So, they need to be straightened and cropped. For fast-forwarding, you should use adobe Lightroom instead of other photo editing tools. Here you can import all of your summer beach images together and can crop to straighten spending little time.

Select the image from the timeline and take the crop tool. Adjust the frame-dragging and finally hit the ‘Done’ button to clip the unwanted portion.

Image 1-beach photo editing process

White Balance and Exposure Correction

Since the beach and travel photographs are taken in the daylight, due to different environmental conditions and lights, your sweet images may contain over and underexposure. You may need to balance white and black light. Photographers prefer to do the job in Lightroom for quick results. Just moving some slides, you can do this at home.

Image 2

Color Correction

It is one of the most important issues regarding nature, beach, travel, or any other photography genres. There don’t have to edit many things at your hand, but yet you have to edit to make the photo perfect to get pop color. If the color is too saturated or too vibrated, images will not be appreciated.

Again, when you are going to edit, you cannot but heed on reality. The images with lost details will look unnatural and plastic. Lightroom will give you the advantage to enhance color seamlessly until you reach perfection.

Image 3

Don’t Manipulate the Reality

Be aware. Don’t lose the reality of the images. Don’t make the images artificial to feel. Remember, reality is the soul of nature photography. If you lose it while editing in software, there will be no meaning of it. So, whatever you want, do at the time of editing photos, but never manipulate the reality.

In Lightroom, you can retouch images maintaining as they should be. Maintaining the details, edit images, and try to make the photos stunning. See the snapshot. Deliberately, we destroy the reality.

Image 4

Highlight the Image Subject

Image 5

Because of numerous reasons, you may need to highlight or keep in focus a specific portion of your image. You may want to make the whole image dim, but a part that is the most important and you want that people see that portion. So, this motto can be fulfilled utilizing the Lightroom.

Open your image in Lightroom and take the Redial Filter tool. Apply on the image portion that you want to highlight making the entire image manipulated. Sometimes it may apprehend that you have attached that particular portion from outside, but the actual thing is that you have changed the entire portion except for that particular part and the whole images were as the highlighted part is looking now.

Here we have set an example image that’s quality is average, but we hope the quality of the image you will use must be awesome. It is time spending work. The more attention and time you will pay, the work will be more interesting as well.

Unwanted Object Removal

If your travel images get unwanted people or objects, spots, water drop causing raindrop on the lens, etc. you can remove them utilizing the spot removal tool in Lightroom. Thus you can have clean and fresh images as you want. It works almost the same as Photoshop’s patch tool does. See the below snapshot and get an idea of how it works.

Image 6

Image 8









To sum up the beach photo editing process, we just can say that for having quick and fast image solutions, as a photographer, you should use Adobe Lightroom. You can work here for editing the bulk amount of images at a time staying hassle-free. Your beach photographs, travel photos, summer photos, etc. will get an appreciating the look and you will get honor from your audience.

One thing still to be said. Lightroom will help you for quick photo editing and color correction, but there are many complex types of photo editing tasks that you cannot perform properly here. Then you have to take the help of Adobe Photoshop.

You can use this photo editing tool for any kind of photo editing and retouching services. If you can edit images by yourself, it is great. But, if you have a huge amount of images and require a complex type of image editing, you should take help from any Photo editing company. Thus you can save time, money, and energy. You will get more opportunity to concentrate on your photography and client management.