Selling Jewelry Online: eBay, Amazon, Etsy and More

Selling Jewelry Online eBay, Amazon, Etsy and More

Selling Jewelry Online eBay, Amazon, Etsy and More

Before Covid-19, the jewelry sellers were passing a great time. Their worldwide business is supposed to increase by 5% to 6% every year and there was a prediction of arriving approximately $250 billion by 2020. Though the demand of jewelry shopper fell during the last downturn of 2019 to the first half of 2020 for the pandemic crisis, however, it will be recovered and surely will come back being more grounded than at any other time.

In this article, we are going to discuss a detailed guideline to locate responsive gems selling markets, creating sound deals, finding retailers and producers, difficulties of gems & jewelry trading, and the e-commerce market places & online stores where the sellers can trade.

Types of Jewelry Products

People are using various types of jewelry items. Some are costly and some are cheap. Some of them are factory-made and some are handmade. As per the personality, function, social rank, personal choice, and more, the jewelry buyers purchase items, and the manufacturers also produce jewelry products accordingly.

  • Fashion jewelry: in most cases cheap things, regularly purchased to add with a particular fashion cloth. Jewelry for fashion purposes is produced using less costly metal plated with valuable metals, and precious gems and stones. Fashion accessories are purchased rapidly, to show off, and with low emotional attachment in the buying procedure.
Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

  • Handcrafted jewelry: the buyers find native and non-urban touch. They get patriotic attachment and love of rural & mean items. These items are produced by hands by the individual artists who mostly go beyond traditional designs and create new things that shoppers cannot imagine. For handcrafted items, shoppers can find boutiques and marketplaces like Etsy. They get attracted to the non-precious handy products for its affordability, crafting technique, and the design itself.
  • Fine Jewelry: a type of expensive ornamental items that are made of solid precious metals and gemstones. The brand companies sell such costlier items. The business profits of the sellers are less compared to the other fashion items because these items are made of costly raw materials.
  • Diamond Jewelry: It is the most expensive and high in the demand jewelry category. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 18% of jewelry items are purchased from e-commerce or online stores and giant brands and companies with huge cash & capital play in this sector. In the bridal market, there is a demand for diamond jewelry, especially the diamond ring for engagement.
Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

  • Niche categories: there are many other types of jewelry that do not fit naturally into the main categories above. These include vintage and estate jewelry, men’s jewelry, children’s jewelry, and others. Some of these niches have strong demand and can be attractive growth areas for online sellers.
  • Other Categories: apart from the above jewelry categories, you will get a lot of jewelry items that are vintage and estate jewelry, children’s and men’s jewelry, etc. have great potentiality. In online business, you can sell these niche jewelry products utilizing its demand and people’s attraction.

Who Sells Jewelry Online?

A lot of vendors sell jewelry items online. From home business owners to the giant manufacturers use various marketplaces to sell their ornaments, gems, and stones. They use different means of gaining high profits displaying and selling jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry designers: These items are the craftsmanship of the highly-skilled people. Due to less production and a huge demand, they are costlier than that they would be really. Rich urban people are passionate to buy the handicrafts produced utilizing the rural element. Being stayed a long distance from the native & rural atmosphere, urban people feel eagerness and love inside them and try to be closer to nature decorating themselves and their homes with these handcrafted items. From the same passion, they buy handcrafted jewelry. However, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, ArtFire, and others sell these jewelry items. Such items get exposure for their unique designs and crafting.

Handcrafter Jewelry

Handcrafter Jewelry

Online retailers: The business that spends significant time in selling jewelry items on the web. These retailers have legitimately entered the web-based business, without utilizing a current physical business. Some sell “unnamed” jewelry by joining with producers or drop shippers, while further developed sellers offer lines of their own jewelry design. By following on the online trends and patterns and understanding internet business innovation, they produce their own “signature” product offerings, in the design, fine or specialty jewelry categories.

Off-line Retailers: A lot of off-line jewelry business owners are conducting business from home. They are selling products using one or two platforms or channels. Some of them are using social media for selling jewelry. However, for selling more products and to compete with the larger retailers, they are being forced to diversify their business strategy. They are also coming online and searching for more than one platform.

Offline jewelry shops

Offline jewelry shops

Giant manufacturers: larger jewelry manufacturers of the USA and Europe are using online platforms for a long time. Chinese factories and jewelry producers are also creating products and selling on a large scale from the previous decades. We see this event less in jewelry, as most makers despite everything like to work as creation accomplices to home retailers, because of levels of popularity in logistics and client support. Be that as it may, with progress on the residential Chinese commercial online market, for example, Tmall, we may see them grow to Western commercial markets later on.

Trends in Buying Jewelry Online

Getting emotional, people buy ornaments. They spend much time to choose jewelry for significant life-occasions, for instance, engagements and wedding bands like rings. Other ornament buys, while still enthusiastic, are made without much forethought. And afterward, once more, few individuals will purchase jewelry as driven by money-making purpose- investment, without any inward feelings.

On account of fine and diamond jewelry with many other costlier gems, shoppers often concentrate on the jewels first and then select the setting so as to measure the amount they are eager to spend. For purchasers and sellers the same, the cost is significant in light of the fact that the expense of the materials can be 70%-80% of the all-out items’ production cost.

Trends in Buying Jewelry Online

Trends in Buying Jewelry Online

Jewelry is a product of fashion and emotion, it is not only for ornaments, and rather it goes further than that. For shoppers, their jewelry, stones, and gems are emphatically connected with their feeling of self and is an approach to communicate what their identity or rank is and how sophisticated they are. The buyer’s character, personality, emotion, the event, the design and design, the price, and the business channel all have an impact on the experience of having jewelry.

Head over some latest trends of buying jewelry-

“Less is More” Vs. “More for Less”

A few years back, people buy one piece of jewelry and they use that item on several occasions. They spent more money on buying just one item that looks gorgeous. It is a common trend that ‘less is more’. But, now when countries like China, India, Thailand, and so on are producing mass quantity of fine and less costly jewelry, shoppers rethink and are changing the mindset of using more ornaments purchasing with less penny. This trend is often called ‘more for less’. They are consuming more items for a shorter number of events and bringing forth another new term like ‘fast fashion’. People are becoming capable of buying more items since the products are more affordable than before.

Fast mobile purchases

Cell phones have made online jewelry buying simpler. Pre-mobile age, either a fruitful effort was necessary to visit a jewelry set, or a part of the magic was lost by taking a seat at a PC. Presently purchasers can see jewelry product photos and access to a product information day in and day out – to search a match for the passionate items and some of the time unknown nature of purchasing stones and gems.

Fast mobile purchases

Fast mobile purchases

Mobile allows online shoppers to look for a wide range of jewelry items with a couple of snapshots, so the general purchasing process has become speedier and progressively advantageous. High-DPI versatile screens are especially appropriate to review little, especially jewelry items. In general, we see that the whole procedure of perusing, checking, and choosing jewelry items is two times quicker now than in previous years. It happens just because of using mobile devices.


A fascinating trend for various jewelry vendors is the conduct of Millennials – the people born and brought up between the mid-1980s and around 2000. They are tech-savvy and like to purchase from the online platform. There’s in excess of 80 million Millennials in the only us. Now think about the Millennials beyond the USA.

When the Millennials purchase precious jewelry like wedding rings, they keep a keen eye on the style of gems and stores and handmade fine jewelry. They are bold, fast, and so, they are less inclined to face budgetary challenges when purchasing fashionable things, for example, fine ornaments. Twenty to thirty-year-olds guys need to dazzle others through how they act and look, instead of the cost of the items they buy. However, this generation is growing and they are more inclined to find costly fashionable items. The jewelry sellers have a great future.

Male vs female buyers

Though the “generation gap” has become much smaller from many sides in a couple of decades, still the normal ornament item purchasing habit for people has remained varied. Regularly, men go with their friends and family members to shop for fine ornaments and pay for the things that the ladies select. Men usually pay for engagement and wedding rings and other jewelry.  When they choose any costly items, they do not argue for price. They buy for the demanding prices. They don’t look for any discounts or bargaining.

Female Jewelry Shopper

Female Jewelry Shopper

For different kinds of fashionable items, especially gems items, ladies of the current Millenials don’t like to allow that a man will choose and purchase something for them. They always look for cheap items, discounts, and bargains when they buy anything. A surprising fact is that they wear jewelry that costs even less than their shoes. They have an inclination to fine jewelry because of less cost. There is a difference between the percentage of male and female online buyers and channels they usually purchase from. Etsy, for instance, for the most part, has female clients: 67% of Etsy purchasers and 86% of Etsy fine jewelry sellers are female.

Reputation fact

The reputation of the online sellers is not as significant as the off-line dealers. In the case of the lacking reputation, the marketplaces cover the lacking of their exhibition measures and protection policies. We have seen this changeless in the jewelry business, likely because of the expense and hugeness of ornamental buys. The jewelry shoppers give importance to the reputation index. So, the commercial platform that sells modest things like eBay is significant for retailers of the more costly jewelry categories since buyers value the independent purchase protection policies that they provide.

The selling market places utilize strong marketing strategies for expensive jewelry. The shoppers purchase from eBay and later on they check the seller’s website to check whether the business is well established or not. Buyers try to gather knowledge about the sellers. Once they visit the retailer’s site, they buy if they get assured of the product protection policy. Now the sellers should take care of the recent buyers through social media so that they can win repeated sales.

Is Selling Jewelry Online a Good Opportunity?

Jewelry item was one of the oldest product categories to be sold effectively on web platforms. It absolutely shakes a great deal of the boxes for a jewelry item that can be sold with good profit on the online marketplaces: little size, low weight, high value, visual, etc. The Blue Nile, established in 1999 and the biggest online retailer of costly jewelry, has yearly deals or simply under a large portion of a billion dollars.

At the point when a buyer purchases items, they purchase an experience whether that is good or bad. A number of feelings and emotions are included when somebody purchases a jewelry item. While other costly buys like a vehicle that loses worth with time, on the other hand, fine and precious jewelry metal do the inverse. Jewelry item is one of a kind in its numerous positions as design, style, investment, and outflow of personality, character, relationship, rank, and status. It offers many opportunities for online vendors.

Selling Jewelry Online a Good Opportunity

Selling Jewelry Online a Good Opportunity

Multi-channel online shops give a few strong advantages over the single off-line store. In a conventional store, it very well may be difficult to make a long-lasting association which will build up trust. With online buys, we frequently observe five to eight rounds of communication between the merchant and a potential client before the buy is completed. This occurs in the purchaser’s “comfort zone”, not possible with a salesman in the store.

Selling and product displaying online will give you the advantage of showing hundreds of designs at a time. You can create your product images by 3D modeling and rendering, even when they do not physically exist. You can take a 360-degree pack shot motion graphic for product displaying. It will not waste the buyer’s time. You will get a wider exposure with a large scale of audience within a shorter time. You can trace data of your potential customer and your customers also can save product credentials for off-line uses. The jewelry merchant can easily store customers’ data, and reviews to analyze for future betterment. The vendors do not need to create tons of products, rather they can create their product with 3D modeling and after getting the order, they can produce as demand basis.

Another advantage of selling on the web is that even a dark specialty can discover a crowd of people. For instance, there’s a solid online market for “Nano Jewelry” – pieces containing gems with tiny engravings. In your neighborhood, many perceiving purchasers would there be for such a specialty sort of gems? On the web, it’s conceivable to interface with a huge number of enthusiastic purchasers around the globe through marketplaces and web-based social networking sites.

Less elusive jewelry, including fine jewelry, handmade ornaments, and jewelry for fashion, men’s jewelry, and kids’ outfit, likewise sells well on the internet. Jewelry is an emotion driving product, visually determined items. Selling on their own websites or e-commerce market places gives a chance to give practically boundless photos, alongside data on the design, manufacturing procedure, and materials utilized. With innovativeness and business insight, there are as yet numerous new changes that can be created.

Challenges of Online Jewelry Business

Likewise off-line sales, there are huge challenges and problems in online sellings. If the e-commerce jewelry business owners can handle those challenges properly, he will get success. Otherwise, he has to suffer a lot. However, all the challenges are resolvable and appropriate steps can make online jewelry business profitable.

Challenges of Online Jewelry Business

Challenges of Online Jewelry Business

Low-quality products

Selling jewelry contrasts a ton from selling Computers or Mobile phones. Daily usable things have details for every model, and the customer knows precisely what he will get in the case or box. Interestingly, for jewelry (even low-end design jewelry for fashion) every item is unique. It requires some investment to list and describe things, with no current business information to duplicate from. It is tough to add detailed information in case of ornamental things so that the buyers can understand what they are going to have inside the box.

The uniqueness of every jewelry item implies that it is tough to compare products each time. Here, the re-pricing method will not work. To copy design is not possible. Even if any manufacturers try to copy the product, he cannot produce 100% the same things flawlessly. Each time a little bit different will happen and every ornamental product will be unique.

High return rates of Jewelry Items

Jewelry has a high return history. Sometimes, after buying an item when the buyer match with the dress with that he or she will wear it, if he or she thinks that it is not matching, then the product is returned back to the seller. Not only that sometimes the customers purchase loose diamonds to set with his jewelry. But when he sees that the gem is not matching with the design or the jeweler suggests using another gem, in that case, the gemstone can be returned back. However, these high return rates are an issue in the jewelry business. It increases cost and time consumption.

Jewelry Production and materials

In an off-line shop, the dealers can take orders and create ornaments accordingly. He does not need to store ready-made products or raw-materials for fast delivery. Costly metals and gemstones are costly and even scant. Sellers of fine jewelry hold a little supply of impure materials, and possibly make pieces when they are requested. Lead times are long, which can cause issues with online customers and e-commerce marketplaces anticipating exceptionally quick delivery. Monogrammed and customized jewelry production are problematic. A retailer can’t plan for shipments for each blend of the letters in order and put them into a satisfactory place. The estimation of surplus stock would be gigantic. Modified jewelry is one of the top designs at the present time, yet most manufacturers see satisfaction as troublesome.

Jewelry Production and materials

Jewelry Production and materials

Supplies of raw materials, for example, gemstones assume a significant job in the gems business because of their high worth. To use their stock proficiently, a significant number of our customers in the fine jewelry class have several virtual item varieties made with a similar gemstone. Without exact stock control, attached to the crude materials, it’s anything but difficult to oversell if numerous items are requested which require a similar gemstone. The marketplaces blacklist sellers for dropped orders, so it’s essential to screen and update both item postings and the supply of materials.


Jewelry is one of the most used products and regularly purchased as a present for explicit occasions. In the United States, Father’s Day in June is the point at which a tremendous extent of men’s gems is sold. In the event that you sell jewelry for ladies, you need to get ready for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and Christmas. There are unmistakable retail locations that overwhelm the schedule. Jewelry sellers must know about the ideal chance to stock more things to get ready for more popularity. It additionally requires more noteworthy creation and satisfaction limit, so labor must be expanded in the deal seasons.

Shipping regulations

Valuable metals and valuable stones are exceptionally managed, especially when transporting globally. Universal carriers have detailed guidelines for gems and stones. On the off chance that you are in the US, we encourage you to check with the USPS for their present guidelines and guidelines for the targeted nation. A few product bearers need an endorsement to send jewelry. DHL and FedEx transport ornaments universally, yet there are limits. Valuable metals and stones are profoundly significant common assets, and you can’t just import and fare jewels without anyone else. For example, you have to utilize an enlisted shipper to offer precious stones to France, or a merchant of record to sell things over $2,500 to the US. Investigate the particular guidelines that concern you and the nations you plan to exchange with.


Shipping regulations

Now and again, you additionally need gemological certificates when you sell fine jewelry. These permit you and others to survey the selling cost of your items, and can without much of a stretch be exchanged over the globe. A specific expression of alert for precious stone gems retailers: you could go to prison for not keeping records effectively. Illicit import of regular assets is paid attention to by specialists. In the event that a client exchanges your precious stone, you could be held subject on the off chance that they don’t present the record of starting point expeditiously. Forestalling this sort of situation is the reason genuine players have a local delegate in their objective nations. This permits local returns, which will later be sent to the maker in the best possible manner. Transportation bearers who represent considerable authority in high-esteem shipments, for example, Brinks, make a solid effort to give good answers for these issues.

Fraud in Jewelry Business

Cheating is a typical issue with jewelry, especially costly things. A deceitful purchaser could supplant a $30,000 neckband with a modest carbon copy and afterward return the less expensive thing in its place. Without a jeweler, merchants cannot discover it to deliver a confirmation that the returned thing was not their item. Some gems are hard to confirm, so narrative proof ought to be followed up by the assessment of a specialist. Inappropriate returns and return extortion can ruin the online jewelry business, so they should make forms that limit and discourage misrepresentation.

Product Sizing

It’s not surprising for shoppers to realize their ring size. In any event, for something as significant as a wedding band, they will invest a great deal of energy choosing the band, jewel, and setting, however, misunderstand the ring size for her finger. With regards to estimating it merits the push to ensure your purchaser checks the size with a ring maker. On the off chance that you have a genuine potential purchaser, you can diminish the danger of arrival by sending them a ring sizer (or offering it to them, at that point offering to take the expense of the sizer off the cost of a ring). This basic advance can radically bring down the likelihood of returned things because of off base measuring.

Long sales process

In fine ornaments, there is frequently a long pre-deal process with clients to ensure that they see totally what they are purchasing. Numerous organizations utilize online to talk to speak with clients. You should be clear and expert in your correspondence with purchasers. For instance, authentic silver is 92.5% silver, yet simply “silver” signifies silver combination. You additionally need to act a lot of like an expert jewelry salesman in a blocks and-mortar store. The job of the merchant is to clarify and prompt purchasers pretty much all the subtleties and choices for the piece they are purchasing. For instance, top evaluation of white precious stones can be a waste whenever set on a yellow gold setting. The lovely, perfectly clear (D color) jewel will resemble a lot less expensive yellowish (F color) alternative. You should be learned and to disclose thoughts unmistakably to your clients.

Before a thing is conveyed, purchasers don’t generally have the foggiest idea what they will get, so giving great close-up pictures of jewelry is significant. It’s particularly essential to show jewelry extents and scale, so an image on the body can be a decent arrangement. You can benefit from the way that jewelry is an exceptionally visual item, so utilize imaginative item depictions, pictures, and recordings.


Sales Channels

Online market places are significant directs in pretty much every item class, including gems, since they construct trust with purchasers through client criticism and item audits. A deal is a deal, paying little mind to the channel it originates from, yet as far as promoting all business channels are not equivalent. Enormous marketplaces like Amazon and eBay do assist clients with discovering you, yet selling on them isn’t the last objective for the vast majority of the organizations we work with. As we referenced before, gems are an extraordinarily inventive, individual, and passionate item. Therefore, littler marketplaces with a solid feeling of the network can frequently perform better to set up trust and validity in you and your items than bigger marketplaces.

eBay and Amazon

Obviously, there are some gems dealers who do outstandingly well selling on eBay and Amazon. We see a great deal of Southeast Asian gems merchants selling mass-created reasonable design jewelry effectively on eBay, for instance. Fashion jewelry is to a great extent about cost, and you can without much of a stretch locate the top-selling things on eBay being sold on destinations like AliExpress and Alibaba. eBay has a genuinely short approach for selling gems through its commercial center, while Amazon’s arrangement is extremely nitty-gritty.

Following purchaser grumblings, Amazon does an exceptionally careful activity of guaranteeing that jewelry merchants follow their prerequisites – in any event, making customary buys themselves to watch that dealers are in consistence. They won’t spare a moment to give admonitions and even prompt suspensions for item quality infringement. Since Amazon is considerably more controlled, we find that it can function admirably for progressively costly gems things just as modest style gems.

Market place like eBay and Amazon

A market place like eBay and Amazon


Etsy has a solid situation as a pioneer for planners and retailers the same. For some gems retailers and craftsmen, their deals are higher on Etsy than on eBay and Amazon. The principle contrast between Etsy, eBay, and Amazon is that Etsy is substantially more network-based. It is additionally significantly more plan and handcraft-arranged, and the dealer network bolsters venders through different associations and exercises.

Etsy’s foundation is designed for human cooperation rather than broad utilization of bots and calculations. On eBay, around 90% of purchasers arrive at thing postings from the site list items, and just 10% originate from eBay stores. Be that as it may, on Etsy, 40% of purchasers arrive at things through store pages or different things from a similar vender. That is one motivation behind why partaking in the Etsy people group is so significant.  In October 2013, Etsy re-imagined their approach to permit venders to use outside assembling. The adjustment in Etsy’s strategies made it increasingly serious, yet additionally prompted singular locally established merchants contending with bigger organizations selling mass-created things. One pattern underway is to purchase the base item from

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade, run in October 2015, is a fascinating newcomer. It rivals Etsy yet it is significantly more directed: everything must be high quality by little organizations or assemblages. While “high quality” has been extended by Etsy to remember large scale manufacturing for production lines, Amazon Handmade is solidly grassroots – they don’t permit API access to oversee postings in mass.

Amazon Handmade presents a major open door for dealers on Etsy and different artwork marketplaces. Amazon has a giant amount of purchaser traffic and promoting limits, and it is the place you can discover progressively costly things. In any case, it’s still too soon to tell if individual craftspeople are encountering critical accomplishment in Amazon Handmade. One wonder since the dispatch of Amazon Handmade is that it has caused Etsy to up their game!

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and different systems have demonstrated themselves to be significant fixing in the web-based advertising and deals blend. For little gem specialists, informal communities can be a salvation and a genuine distinct advantage. Remaining drew in with your purchasing network makes an extension among first and second buys, enables your image, manages irregularity, and is basic for long haul achievement. With that, informal organizations are not worked to cover the procedure of procurement totally, and expect information to interface them with the point of a devoted deal – an outside market platform or your site.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Online Jewelry Stores

Ecommerce marketplaces have generally costly charges and don’t make the brand is important to drive rehash deals. Sellers need them to win new clients, however, they should not be their solitary deals channel. Another shortcoming of marketplaces is that the business procedure is the equivalent of each classification. To give a customized deals procedure, for example, an intuitive custom-item developer, you need to make your own site. In addition to the fact that it establishes your image, however, it additionally implies that your rivals are not noticeable in a similar spot. You can drive costs higher in light of the fact that there’s no immediate rivalry.

Be that as it may, we don’t suggest utilizing a site as your sole deals channel either. On the off chance that you sell only through a site, you will think that it’s troublesome and costly to win new clients through website streamlining or PPC promoting. Having more channels gives you greater deceivability. Our recommendation to sellers is a three-steps promoting system which we call the “PPC killer”. To begin with, win new clients utilizing e-commerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Second, connect with those purchasers through internet-based life and email showcasing. Third, send them to independent retail locations –, for example, your own web store.

Other marketplaces

For some jewelry product classifications, “alternative” marketplaces don’t create adequate deals to be beneficial. Be that as it may, for jewelry, there are various lesser-known marketplaces that ought to be investigated. These are based around craftsman, art, or vintage items, regularly with a comparable network-driven vibe to Etsy.

Jewelry vendors and originators should investigate the capability of ArtFire, OpenSky, and Ruby Lane. Every one of these channels has its own specialty and it’s very own solid after. The homegrown network feel benefits gems dealers and private ventures. We haven’t seen critical deals for jewelry sellers from more generalist selected marketplaces, for example, Rakuten, Bonanza, Overstock,, and

Global Delivery

Delivery universally can be an extraordinary thought; however, there are additionally problems and restrictions. As the jewelry is little and light, global transportation can be very financially knowledgable, and there might be higher overall revenues to be made in nations where comparative items are increasingly costly or basically not accessible. Be that as it may, as we referred above, there can be severe delivery guidelines and transporter confinements for the nations you need to transport to, especially for costly fine jewelry and precious stone gems.

When you have recognized a significant global market for your items, maybe through delivery universally from the outset, we suggest that you set up a local connection there. One great approach is to begin a partnership with a guaranteed jewelry importer. They can go about as your local delegate for bringing in, yet in addition as a go-between to deal with returns for your sake. That way, when a global purchaser restores a thing, they won’t have to send it right to your nation. Rather, they can send it to your nearby agent, who will watch that it is the right thing before sending it on to you.


In fine, we can say that Jewelry business online is flexible and challenging as well. Keeping standard in product quality, on-time delivery system, smooth payment system, and proper knowledge with gems and stones can make a dealer successful and profitable. If anybody wants to sell jewelry items in internet marketplaces, he should find the best marketplace as per his product categories. He should concentrate on the right e-commerce marketplace; target the right class of audiences. The right product quality, right marketplace, and proper market research and working accordingly can make a jewelry manufacturer capable to compete with the giant jewelry inventories.