To make the fire effect, we will start with 300 dpi with a black background. Select type tool T and type KIN with the font of the billboard and type into the midpoint of the window. By clicking the text layer flatten the text layers in the layer palette here we have the text KIN and pushing CTRL+E. It will flatten them.


Scorching Fire Effect

Scorching Fire Effect

Now choose the marquee tool of (M) then cut up the flattened text layer why we want to apply different flames into the text of each letter. With the selected marquee tool (M), around the letter K drag, a box then right-clicks, select the layer via cut.

So start making fire effect

press right click on the flattened K from the layer palette. Choose blending options and set drop shadow structure as Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity, Angle 120 degree also use global light, Distance to 0 pixels, Spread at 35%, Size 49 Pixels. Set into quality, noise as 0%, and layer knocks out Drop shadow. Into color overlay set as normal with an opacity of 100%, set color as the #cc6600. Into satin set blend mode as multiply, the opacity to 100%, angle 19 degrees, distance 46 pixels, size 117 pixels, and contour invert with the color #582900. As before setting inner glow. Here we want to do rasterize the type layers and before doing this we should check and select copy layer style. Paste it into each letter layer.

Through go to filter -> liquefy, select wrap tool then creates waves into text using it. Before creating a set brush size 100, brush density 50, brush rate 100. Now add flame into an image and go to the channels tab and select green layer through going to the window, channels. To select the highlight areas click ctrl+left click on the green layer thumbnail.

Now go back to the layer tab then use the move tool M for drag and put the fire on the K letter into previous documents. Like K makes others two letters.