Photoshop Liquify for body slimming, product photo straightening and reshaping

Photoshop Liquify for body slimming

Photoshop Liquify filter is one of the most useful photo editing tools. It has a wide range of usage.  You can apply this fantastic tool to make fat model images slimmer or vice-versa, ecommerce product photo straightening and reshaping, etc. It is also used during neck joint or ghost mannequin work, automobile photo retouching and product packets retouching. It can reduce or extend flesh in human body where it is necessary in the photo. However, considering the usage and usefulness of Photoshop liquify filter, we have shared the content that is easy to understand and will help you learning the use of Liquify filter.

  1. If you want to make a plus size body figure slimmer in Photoshop, at first open the image and duplicate. You should duplicate the image so that finally you can see the before-after image which will help to feel the difference.


  1. Hide the layer one and press Ctrl or Command + 0 to fit the image to screen.
  2. Then go to Filter from photoshop top bar and click on Liquify. Here, you will get a new window. See the below images.




  1. Take Forward Warp tool for pushing pixels forwards and backwards, and change tool or circle size using slides from right side. Follow the snapshots below.

4 5

  1. Drag the Warp tool around the photo you like to reduce or extend flesh carefully. Here, you will get the Pucker tool and the Bloat tool which are also useful for body slimming or reshaping. You have to show extreme patience while working with liquify filter.

Original result

You have known how to use photoshop liquify filter so far, but now we like to mention where you can use this filter, that means you can know the application fields of Liquify filter. We are sharing those so that you can use this awesome photoshop tool in your personal and commercial projects.

Body Slimming or extending: The image editing work that we have shown here above is the method of body slimming. If you can grasp the process, you can also extend body. By the same process, you can make your model images beautiful whatever they are thin or fat. If your model images are unfit and you use for commercial purposes, your business may face difficulties. So, it is the demand of time and your business to use commercially potential model images with products. But, your model images may suffer from flesh and they may be odd and may not be commercially suitable. In such cases, you can solve these problems applying the photoshop liquify filter.

Body slimming

Product photo straightening and reshaping: Using the same liquify filter, you can straighten or reshape your product photos and product packaging. For various reasons, your product photos may not be properly aligned or may get rough edges. It will destroy the beauty of products and these images cannot hold the attention of the potential customers. So, it is necessary to make ecommerce product photos suitable for all platforms and all level customers. To straighten any zigzag product image, you can use photoshop liquify tool. It will let you to liquify the area you want to mend and change the shape. You can drag to reduce and extend any shorter pixel area.

Product photo straightening and reshaping

Model Eye enhancing: Liquify filter also can be used for retouching models’ eyes. It can push pixels forward and backward to make model eyes bigger. Applying this filter, eyes can be straightened and curved. To enhance beautiful model eyebrow, liquify is a powerful photoshop filter.

freeze mask tooladvanced mode

While using this filter for model eye retouching, you have to freeze the eye-area you want to edit. By applying photoshop pen tool, firstly, create path and make selection. You can use other tools like photoshop lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, etc. You can even use ractangular marquee tool for selecting your editing area. You can also use Freeze mask Tool clicking on Advanced Mode check box at the right.

Neck joint or ghost mannequin: During taking cloth images, the photographers use doll or mannequin to create a hollow effect. But, such images with mannequin are not suitable for using in ecommerce platform. They must be removed maintaining hollow effect in Photoshop. Usually, the shutterbugs take two images of back part and front part of garment item. The designers add these parts removing mannequin in Photoshop applying liquify filter. This tool thaws two joining areas and add them together. The designers shorten or extend the neck part and other parts where the image needs to be straightened, curved, and joint.

edited-applying-photoshop-liquify-filter edited-using-liquify-filter

Creative image manipulation: The purpose of creative image manipulation is to create new things such as logo, banner, and other marketing elements. Creative images take various types of shapes, curves, joints, strokes, etc. When you will generate new thing in Photoshop, you have to use various photoshop tools. Here are some tools which are really powerful and the designers are using effectively, for example, photoshop liquify tool that allows to thaw any portion of the images and thus to shorten and to extend any specific area. It provides the flexibility the graphic designers to think about new concept and create trendy objects.

However, there are also many photoshop services where liquify filter is being used, but this tool is mostly used for photoshop tuchup services. You can use the tool by yourself for retouching and restoring images. If you cannot do it alone because of your volume amount of photos, you can contact us immediately. Our customer service team will knock you shortly.

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