Photo Editing Services in Bangladesh

Photo Editing Services in Bangladesh

Photo editing service industry is a rising industry in Bangladesh. Many companies have already been established here since our inception during 2007. We have worked as inspiration for many ex-employees that have established separate photo editing businesses after leaving us. Since then, the number of Photo Editing companies that outsource have doubled each year. As a matter of fact, the concentration of Photo Editing companies here in Bangladesh (in comparison to other types of companies that outsource IT related jobs), is higher than India and also a very fast growing industry.

Most of these companies are working with global clients who are taking a wide range of image editing services from this country for various reasons that are closely related to service quality and prices. Usually the clients are getting high quality image editing services from Bangladesh with low price. Are these companies paying low to the designers? In fact, No! There are lots of factors that have kept the prices low and affordable in comparison with other countries. We like to dedicate this article on why we thought that Bangladesh was our best destination.

A Brief History of Us Coming to Bangladesh

When we started our operations in Bangladesh, we were not the pioneer in Photo Editing Industry in Bangladesh. Because, the Photo Editing Industry here was already mature. Our founding Managing Director, Late Dr. RK Molla had a great impact on the Bangladeshi Photo Editing and Printing industry for long time. And along with the help of lot of other gurus in the industry, the industry was revolutionized. This industry now helps close-to-a-million people in the country to earn better than a decent living.  Our business started during 2007 here in Bangladesh as the offshore wing and production studio of our (then) Silicon Valley Company.

After great success from our clipping path outsourcing business, later a local branch was necessary for various legal purposes. Therefore, we have established Clipping Path India during 2008.

We started as a global provider of Clipping Path Outsourcing business (Clipping out Subjects from Image Background). And for this service, we were ONE OF THE global pioneers. The reason we say, “we are one of the” because back in those days Lazy Mask was already working in the Philippines with same type of services. However, from 2017 we have acquired the domain of Lazy Mask. Therefore, we can proudly say “We are the global pioneer in Clipping Path Outsourcing Business”.

companies of CEI

From 2005 to 2007, Dr. RK Molla was going back and forth from Silicon Valley to Dhaka, Bangladesh to find some good photo editors from Bangladesh for the Silicon Valley clients. He signed up with a local company for a test project. However, he did not get good response. That’s when he thought that, he’d create a small company in Dhaka, Bangladesh to serve them. And this intention conceptualized our company in Bangladesh.

Dr RK Molla

Late Dr. RK Molla

Why Bangladesh is Best for Photo Editing Services

There are hundreds of reasons of why the photo editing industry in Bangladesh became so wide spread. Usually there are many small amount photo edits from B2C clients. But, large amount of B2B works are outsourced to Bangladesh from businesses in various countries. This kind of a Wholesale Photo Editing for graphic design works is helping many businesses (that rely on photo editing) to make a good profit. Regarding the clients’ satisfaction with premium quality services, Bangladesh is clearly ahead of many European and Asian countries.


Bangladeshi image editing companies are using all the latest tools & gadgets necessary for providing maximum quality graphic design services. They are using latest version of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Pen Tablet (Wacom) and many more. In addition, they are using European technologies which produce European quality graphics whereas Indian as well as other Asian photo editing companies use their local technologies that fail to produce desired quality photos. We here show zero tolerance in terms of photo editing technology, because quality photo editing tools are very responsible to generate quality photos.

Overnight working

The overseas companies are being benefited too much as they are getting photo editing works done overnight. Geographically Bangladesh is situated at GMT+6 that means when here is the day, the people of USA are asleep. So, if you send your images in Bangladesh, you will get the editing job done overnight and you can start your working day with full quality images for making more profit. You don’t need to wait and waste valuable time for photo editing job get done.

Manually hand drawn image editing

Successful image editing companies in Bangladesh are providing manual hand drawn photo editing & retouching services. It is obvious that only manual photoshop photo editing can produce high end quality images. There are lots of automatic image editing tools in internet are being used by many European and Asian picture editing companies. Using these tools, they provide actually low quality photos which are harmful for your business. Compared to other countries, most of the companies are providing 100% manual photo editing services for generating highly professional product photos. The cost of the manual service by hand can be higher than that of the same service by software. But, since the labor price is lower in Bangladesh, the price is equal or sometimes less than the service from various software.

In-house Production Facility

In Bangladesh, the clients are getting in-house production facility. We have our own production house enriched with experienced designers and new versions of technologies. We can provide unlimited revisions if any client needs (though it is a rare case because we provide always 100% quality photo editing services). We can provide rush services within 12 hours (depends on file quantity) having an in-house graphic designers team. As we work in our production house, we can provide unique quality photo editing services at low cost. No middle man can cost you much. Maintaining an in-house facility in Bangladesh is not very costly in comparison with other European countries.

Quality Customer Service

We, also other Bangladeshi photo editing companies, are offering world class customer services. It is open 24/7 days that mean any time you can ask about our services and any other queries. Our customer service center is well decorated with modern equipment and there are employed experienced and friendly customer executives. They are responsible to make you satisfied providing all the necessary information as per company policy. You can get information about services, turnaround time, prices, discounts, Free Trial, and many other issues.

Skilled Designers and Economies of Scale

There are lots of skilled and experienced graphic designers in every branch of graphic design in Bangladesh. The designers have ability and mentality to learn new technology and trend. So, they can produce exclusive quality graphics using less resources in comparing to other countries. It makes the service cost affordable. Economies of scale is an important factor that will reduce your image editing cost in Bangladesh. In our company, our designers are producing huge number of quality product images. So, the larger the business, the lower cost. If you send bulk image files for editing & retouching, we will offer you special discount that will less the cost even below average. In this way, you can be benefited taking image manipulation services from Bangladesh. Another good fact is, good amount of good designer are widely available and replaceable. This is one of the most crucial factor in sustaining business.

Low Price

We frequently say we provide every branch of image editing services at a very low price with world class professional quality. It may sound like a buzzword or you may think that we are offering our labors low wages in comparing what they actually deserve. It is not at all. Let’s find out why photo editing cost is low in Bangladesh.

  1. Low skilled labor cost: Bangladesh has been already famous for the Garments Industry. The industry is the world’s 2nd largest garment industry in the world after China. The reason of rising garment industry is the low cost labor. In the same way, such low cost skilled labors are also contributing to grow up graphic design cum IT sector.
  2. Leading Standard Life: Though our employees are getting low wages, they are living standard life because of low living cost, food, transport, and accommodation cost. They are middle-earner and are having healthy food in comparison to other Asian countries.
  3. Economies of scale: This term indicates to the larger business, the lower cost. It means if you produce more, the cost must be less. Our company has more than 30 years of experience and by this time, the company has been one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. We produce huge quantity of exclusive product images and so, we can offer discounts on bulk order which ultimately turns the photo editing cost low.
  4. Technology with tax exemption: The companies can provide photo editing services at low cost because here the technologies are cheap and to let the sector grow up, most of the photo editing gears are tax free.
  5. Tax exemption and Export Subsidy: The government is in favor of IT business exports. Many measures are taken here to accelerate the pace of this sector. For example, there are tax exemption and exportation subsidy for IT services in Bangladesh.
  6. Availability of Skilled People: In Bangladesh, there are available skilled & experienced graphic design people. The companies can easily replace team member if anyone quits his job.
  7. Rising Sector: Image editing cum graphic design or overall IT sector is a rising sector in Bangladesh. People are very interested to get the skills and coming to work in this smart job sector. Every part of the government is supporting to develop IT sector. Because of this supporting from everybody, the production in IT sector is affordable and this factor helps to provide high quality services at cheap rate.
  8. Government Support: Being a developing country, Bangladeshi government is trying to create employment as much as possible. So, the authority is working in many sectors like IT to make vulnerable and unemployed people employed. IT sector is the only sector where gathering some skills, both the disable and physically fit people can work and earn a lot of livelihood. However, government support is contributing much to make low image editing rate.
  9. Family Cultures of Bangladesh: People in Bangladesh are born and brought up in a family and growth with a strong family bond. In the family, it is expected that after completing academic study or even when continuing study, the guys will do something; they must be employed. So, the people get some basic level of skills and tries to take an entry level job to gather experience. In graphic design sector, students can even work part-time. The companies can hire these entry level job seekers for low wages and this measure effects on image editing market prices.
  10. NGOs Support: There are lots of NGOs and associations working in Bangladesh to empower people. They are offering different types of skills like graphic design, web design, web development, etc. to the female and disabled people. The companies can hire these people for low remuneration that effects on image editing prices. We have regular employees from Acid Survivors of Bangladesh NGO and constantly support other causes to reduce unemployment.
  11. Free Skill Training: Students and elderly people are getting free and low cost skill training & capacity building by government and NGOs. These steps are contributing much for low photo editing prices.

Increase in Level of Dedication

Dedication for providing any technical service such as graphic design or photo manipulation services is very important. It is a key factor to attract potential customers who often judge companies’ dedication to do bulk image editing. However, the Bangladeshi companies are dedicated to provide quality services within fast turnaround time. This dedication has increased day by day by the hand of new generation. How?

  1. Generational culture change: In present Bangladesh, the culture has got hugely changed from every aspect. Generational culture changing is an important issue. New generation is greatly motivated with new technologies. They are also encouraged by the older generation. They are taking challenges of doing something better than the older generation by embracing new technology. So, they are always keen to provide 100% quality services.
  2. IT and Graphic Design Interest: Young generation of Bangladesh has a great interest for selling IT and graphic design services. They love this work and successfully having all necessaries technical skills. They have dedication that comes from loving this sector and when the clients find it, they also show interest to provide job to the Bangladeshi companies lead by new generation.
  3. Patriotism: The people of Bangladesh love their country heartily. Who work in IT sector are not exception. They are interested to do anything to make their country prestigious. So, as they are working in IT, they are providing high end quality services, 100% dedicatedly from the patriotic feeling.
  4. Working interest at global level: Our new generation is so curious that they find new opportunity, working field, process, and they have a great interest to work at global level. Once upon a time, Bangladesh did not have the capacity to go global, but now the situation has changed. New generation has overcome all barriers to compete with contemporary global graphic design companies at per.


The success of online business depends on trust. The more trustworthy services, the more clients & businesses. Trust should come from every aspect- quality work, fast turnaround time, image file security, and finance. You will be happy to know Bangladeshi companies are capable to maintain trust on any aspect. Over the years, they have improved all the vulnerable issues needed to provide topnotch graphic design service.

In past Bangladesh suffered a lot economically. There were many unskilled people who tried to work at global level, but could not manage all issues regarding this business. As a result, level of trust went down. Besides, there was no suitable law & legislation for IT sector. The condition has been changed and strict law & legislation has been adopted. In parliament, ICT law has been passed and already implemented.

The people of this country, especially new generation is promising to improve the economy. They are talented and analytical. They have analyzed corporate culture continuing through years and found out the companies who offer bad quality services got out of business after some time. But, companies that had consistent quality thrived are successful. They have developed a trustworthy condition for providing high end quality graphic design services.

Graphic Design Institutes

A number of institutes are trying to create graphic design industry friendly environment by providing proper training and practical knowledge. They are creating unskilled people skilled especially female and disabled. This endeavor is contributing much to empower women and overall progress of the country to make middle-earner. The following companies are doing great to generate quality graphic designers who will ensure the exportation of high end image manipulation services from Bangladesh.

  1. Graphic Arts Institute

It is a printing & graphic design institute run by government. It was established in Dhaka five decades ago where our first Managing Director, Late Dr. RK Molla was one of the founding fathers. The institution provides training on graphic designs, printing technology, and computer technology. About 400 skilled people are coming from this institution. It has all the equipment required for providing trendy skillset. Being the only government supported institute, it is one of the best graphic design training providers in Bangladesh.

  1. Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology

It is a private institution that is providing quality creative design training. It has some attractive academic programs such as graphic design & multimedia, fashion design & technology, apparel manufacturing management & technology, interior architecture, etc. Though it is a private university, it is promising and contributing much to create professional graphic designers and technical persons.

  1. Department of Graphic Design – University of Dhaka

DU opens this faculty under the name of commercial art department in 1948. Now, graphic design faculty is continuing under Fine Arts department. Anyway, this institute is also generating a good number of professional graphic designs and fine arts personnel. This faculty is promising and taking degree from here, skilled designers are working at global level, even many of them have started startup companies.

  1. National Institute of Design – Under National University

It is also a leading institute of Bangladesh contributing a lot to generate highly qualified graphic design personnel along with fashion designers. They are creating employment opportunities also. The students from this institution are conscious of opportunity and new trend. Having global standard skillset, they are working with many national and international companies.

  1. Daffodil University

This is the most promising institute where all the branch of graphic designs, is being taught to the hundreds of students. After passing, the students are getting jobs in various graphic design companies with handsome remuneration. Daffodil university is playing a great role for creating graphic design professionals and overall progress in IT sectors.

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – University of Development Alternative

This university is also contributing much to create graphic design professionals. It is the specialization of this institute to prepare student for the design world. Every year, hundreds of students are passing graphic design courses and involving renowned graphic design companies. Many of them are trying to create startup companies. In this way, lots of professionals are providing quality graphic design services to the global clients.

  1. Daffodil Institute of IT

Daffodil IT is also a heaven for the students who want to learn how design using Photoshop and Illustrator. The institute is offering highly qualified graphic design training services along with other IT services. The students are contributing to the national and international level. They are doing well and some of them have created startup to provide high end quality graphic design and photo editing services at global level.

  1. BIFDT – Bangladesh Institute of Fashion and Design Technology

It is oe of the renowned graphic design training centers in Bangladesh. They are creating lots of graphic design professionals every year. The designers are playing great role in national and global graphic design arena. They are working in many companies here and offering freelance services to the global level. The students passing from this institute are well trained to provide good graphic design services and to make clients satisfied.

Other training institutes

Beside these, there are so many training centers, which are also contributing a lot to create highly qualified graphic design professionals in Bangladesh. May be, they are not government recognized, but what they contribute is not deniable. Because of over population, here all the students don’t get opportunity to have proper training. So, they get basic graphic design training from these training centers. Considering the fact, these training centers are playing great role creating graphic design professionals who are working globally to provide quality graphic design services.

What is Clipping Path and why this Business Grew in Bangladesh?

Clipping path is actually a process of creating path using pen tool in Photoshop. It is required to remove background & unwanted objects and to change any particular portion in a photo. Creating path is the first step of any type of image editing. However, there are so many reasons for which clipping path business grew in Bangladesh. Skilled graphic designers, providing high quality image editing and graphic design services at the most reasonable prices, reliable customer care services, image file security issues, free trial, and discounts are the key factors to flourish this business in Bangladesh.

Well-known graphic design companies in Bangladesh

Many graphic design and photo editing companies have already been established in Bangladesh. They have been providing high quality graphic design services globally for a long time. If we like to mention some names are Color Experts International, Inc., Clipping Path India, Lazy Mask, and many more. Among these companies, Color Experts International, Inc. (CEI) is one of the world’s biggest image editing companies based in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. It has two other facilities in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Sharjah, UAE. This company has been offering almost all types of bulk photo editing & retouching services, image manipulation services, creative corporate identity designs, eCommerce product photo editing, and more. We are also offering top notch quality vector conversion services, 3D modeling, video editing, real estate product photo manipulation, etc. However, we have been providing photo editing services at low rate by a very experienced graphic design team capable of editing 5000 image files per day (depends on file complexity). We are featured with in-house production, 3 steps QC process, secured file transferring system, quality photo manipulation, world class customer service, and suitable discounts that reduce your image editing cost. We also offer Free Trial to provide an opportunity to our clients so that they can judge our overall service quality. We are promising company and show zero tolerance with bad quality.

Since achieving liberation in 1971, Bangladesh has got tremendous growth in every sector, including information & telecommunication sector. The country authority is favorable to this sector and that’s why a lot of improvement occurs here. Many web and software development firms, Photo editing service providing companies, and other freelancing & outsourcing companies have been established in Bangladesh. In the image editing sectors, this country is performing excellently with 100% quality. There are some well-established photo manipulation companies are providing world class photo editing & retouching services all over the world. Through these companies, Bangladesh is offering all types of world class bulk photo editing & retouching services such as background removing service, clipping path service, photo retouching, image masking, image restoration, photo manipulation, etc.