Metal Effect into Photoshop

Metal Effect in Photoshop

Metal Effect into Photoshop

With Photoshop (Design software), we make different kind of design which really looks like celestial and most attractive. Let’s start with Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will show you the Metal Effect in Photoshop. Create new documents with a size of 598 x 598 pixels with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Fill the foreground with the color of white and background color with #332222. Using type tool and set the font as caviar dreams and bold. Set font size at 36pt.

Create a new a layer and named it as metal then fill it with 90% gray. Now set as filter -> render -> lens flare then settings brightness -> 125, lens type -> 50-300 mm. Now go to the layers palette and click on the between two layers of metal and awesome and mask these two layers.

In this step select, awesome layers palette also apply a drop shadow. Setting as like below: blend mode setting as multiply with the opacity of 75%, in where angle will set 90, distance will be 2px and Size 8px. After then apply a Bevel and Emboss through using the following settings as style will be inner bevel, depth will be 100%, in where direction will be up, size set at 0, angle 90 and altitude set at 65.

Make sure that the shadow copy layer is selected before and go to actions panel then firstly select the drop action menu. Then in this step click on Play button for 12 or more than 12 times. In here select all the shadow layers into the Layers palette and press Ctrl + E for merge it. Through go to filter to blur then radial blur and move the blur center to top and after that use these following settings with the amount of 3, in where setting blur method with the zoom and quality with the Best. Then get the crop tool and set it with the original dimension.

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