Hut Text Effect in Photoshop


Firstly to create some design we have to manage some texture, which will make the design creative and attractive. Firstly create a new document with a black background and with the size of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. Decide where you will write the text yours. Add hue/ saturation and its level using values using the value of Hue 25, saturation 50, lightness -30, and color. Channel RGB, input level 0, 83 out of 255. Until copper gets old we should add some green in here and there. Create a new layer and add color as #1A3404 as a foreground.

Now choose a medium-size soft brush then draw spots on textures. Press Ctrl + A to select the whole canvas and to feature the selection of 50 pixels press ctrl + option + D. Then fill the selection with a new layer named it to frame with the black background. For this go to filter -> distort -> set max wavelength at 370.

Again create a new layer and fill it with the black color and name it light. Now go to image -> adjustment -> curves. Then set the curve of the curve as you want also change blending mode to overlay into the light layer. And put this layer always above any layers palette. It’s time to write something on the clip because our texture is fully ready to use. I wrote Copper.

Start working with changing gradient overlay. Set blend mode as normal, opacity as 100%, style linear, angle 140 degrees, scale 150%. Then set stroke as with the size of 4 pixels, position inside, blend mode normal, fill type gradient, style linear, angle -95 degree, scale 150%. Also, set gradient type solid and smoothness 100%.

Add shadow in this step. And firstly add inner shadow after that drop shadow. Both shadows must set with the mode of multiply.