How to Photoshop Abs – Make or Add Six Pack on Yourself or Others

How to Photoshop Abs - Make or Add Six Pack on Yourself or Others (Updated)

This tutorial is to show you how to make abs in Photoshop of your own image or others’ images. If you want to get a photo with six pack abs, but you don’t want to work out in the Gym, this photoshop technique can fulfill your desire. It will allow you to add an additional layer that looks like muscle over the stomach and you must feel abs on yourself. To work on this project, you need patience, because slow and steady work will provide the best output that means better abs than that one who works out in the Gym every day and goes on a diet.

However, to practice, get a photo the same as one that we have shown here. The image must show the abdomen on which you will add six-pack abs manually in Photoshop and next, go through the process.

  1. Firstly, open up your image in Photoshop and duplicate it. If the image is with an exercise costume, it would be better to show abs.


  1. Hide layer one or background image. Pressing Ctrl or CMD and Plus (+) together, zoom the image. Go to the rectangle tool and select the Rounded Rectangle tool from the left toolbar or simply press U to get that tool.


  1. Create a rectangle shape on the abs and here you have to create six rounded rectangles shapes. Fill the shape with white color and ensure that there is no stroke around the shape edge. You can control the radius as your image needs. In this image, we apply 5 pixels radius to have a nice rounded shape.


  1. Now, make a duplicate layer to make another one rectangle shape and holding Shift and using the Move tool, move the shape. Selecting both the layers, press Ctrl or CMD + G to make a group. Then, duplicate the ground and place it on top. Duplicate the group again and place it at the bottom. Using Transform tool to bend the top and bottom layer group. See the image below.


  1. Select all the groups and make one group. Duplicate the group and to merge all the layers, press Ctrl or CMD + E.


  1. Duplicate the merged layer and hide it. Then, apply Gaussian Blur on the first merged layer from Filter > Blur. Use proper amount of Radius so that the rectangle shape edges get blurred and look a soft edge. See the below snapshot.


  1. Now, double click on the layer to have the Blending option. Here, keep Blend Mode Normal, Opacity to 100%, and Fill Opacity to 0 to get the shape color the same as the skin color.


  1. Check the Bevel & Emboss box and change Style as your image need. There are lots of options here you have to work with. See the image below. We change the value of Depth for creating more depth between the shapes. It will increase the 3D effects. Change the value of Direction, Size, and Softness and notice the changes in the image.

Change the Angle for lighting direction and change Highlight Mode to normal and Shadow Mode to multiply. Using a dropper, change the colors taken from the highlighted skin for Highlight Mode and shadowed skin for Shadow Mode. If you need, change the value of opacity as the image needs for creating realistic six-pack abs.


However, working on this technique what output we have achieved so far is the images below.


Working in the process so far, perhaps you have understood how steadily you have to work to get the most realistic six-pack abs in photoshop. But still, if you face any problem creating six-pack abs in PS, you can seek our assistance.

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