Any types of image is very important to anyone. And product images are very important for shops or business owners. Which photos you are chosen, it is same important as like your business. So always make sure that, your products image is must eye catching and of perfect quality.

Glamour Retouching with Digital Mak up

When you will choose a photo for publishing to your website, remember that it will not be a longer or very smaller. If you use longer photos they will take more time to load and if you choose smaller photo, it will be shown as a small icon image. So it will not be a perfect business decision.

Today I will briefly describe why you will crop or edit an image? By cropping you can cut a photo, remove backgrounds from a photo on your perfect size and resolution. For web photo, image cropping is very much essential, when you will choose to publish. You can resize a photo by decreasing percentage of resolution.

There are many image editing software’s are available but Adobe Photoshop is the best. Also you will find many free image editing software’s in the web. It’s not a very hard work but it needs dedication.

Which file types you will use?

You will choose JPEG for artistic, photography or other graphic works. Cause this files types are compressed , so you will found smooth of color and perfect size of photos.

For icons image or text graphic you will choose GIF formats. Cause it’s file size will small that JPEG.

What is the best features of image cropping?

  • Re-arrange images with necessary high quality.
  • Crop images, which size you want.
  • Unlimited picture resizing.
  • Create beautiful and actual sizes photos for web.
  • And reduce image sizes.

Also beginners can choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager for crop an image. Open a photo by Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Then click “Edit Pictures” from formatting tool bar.

Then you will found Brightness and Contrast, Color, Crop, Rotate and Flip, Red Eye Removal, Resize and Compress Pictures.

First choose Brightness and contrast then move it brightness options or contrast options. What’s going? Don’t save and try it for all tools. Then you can choose which types of photos you will choose. Practice it.

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