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Glossy Plastic Text

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Start with new documents with the size of 290 x 230 fill it background with the blue color and its color code #0080FF. Add black gradient overlay with it. Then type something on it with the size of 200 pixels. I typed out “T”. Apply color overlay style through selecting on it. Here I will use medium gray for the chrome color. Don’t have any color of chrome object. It’s 100% reflective surface.

In this step is very important cause in here I will set of around the word as rounded volume. For some of realistic glossy effect use vertical light source also very sharp gloss contour profile. For this go to gloss contour profile and play with the curve editor. Now go to edit -> preset manager. Then click on preset type and select contour. Click on the load button and find out contour, click done.

Now go to bevel and emboss layer style click on gloss contour swatch at the left located as little arrow. When simulating 3D objects adding a drop shadow and it’s always mandatory. Satin effect is best for simulate reflection and through these we able to simulating distorted reflection into the edge of each letter. Previous stuffs would have been enough for making design glossy and chrome effect.

But here should add a little bit of refinements into the effect. Through adding this effect we will find more darken effect into the text. Adding sharp inner glow cause its help to reflecting underlying drop shadow of the text. And finally adding cherry on top which basically reflecting the background in where the letters place. It will help to make a better combination of letter and background.

Now for the plastic glossy text effect duplicate the chrome text layer. Click on layer visibility eye to hide the chrome layer. Select the duplicate layer then go to layer -> layer style -> clear layer style. Again select duplicate layer and go to layer -> rasterizing -> type. Finally create encapsulated effect. Our text is ready with chrome and glossy effect.

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