Quick tip: Fur Text Effect in Photoshop

Fur text effect in adobe photoshop

Through using masking we will make

Fur Text Effect

with the help of adobe Photoshop. Let’s start work with the new document with size of width of 1000 pixels and height of 100 pixels. Here we can also use another size with our own choice.


Make Fur Text Effect

Make background with the radial gradient to dark green from the light. Firstly set the color to #003300 and #022100. In here we will create claws so from here go to custom shape tool. Now select the shape from the top menu chooses dog print. Keep its color to 003300 then drag out some paw into the clipboard. Also should make sure that each paws into a new layer. Then select each paw and drag a copy so that paw looks like the real walking dog.

Rotate each paw at different angles, should remember that we have to rotate them to same angle so that paws are pared. To making paw depth add effect into it. For all the paw layers hold down alt and drag the layer. To make a group of all paw layers select layers and press Ctrl + G and named it paw layers. This way all layers added into a new group and this is the destructive way of working. Through this if later we want to change our layer style we can easily do it.

Now write something on clipboard. I have written 5 with the size of 129.56 pt. download fur design from internet. Re-size it and starts add it into text. For adding fur drag text onto fur. Then turn of visibility by Ctrl+click and previously select the text layer for selecting text.

Now cut the text through adding layer mask to each fur layer. Deselect the text by ctrl+D and here we have to maintain three layers so mask on each layer.