Floral Text Effect with Illustrator

Floral Text Effect

Floral Text Effect in Illustrator

To create this tutorial about Floral Text Effect we will take help from of illustrator to create this 3D text.

Create a new document with size of 1440 pixels width x 900 pixels height. Here you can choose any size for you tutorial. Resolution will be 72pixel/inch, color mode will RGB 8bit and background with white. TO confirm it press ok.Write the text into new document. For save image we can use more format as like .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG. Otherwise simply copy Ctrl+c and paste Ctrl+v into Photoshop. Here I would like add to color into image and to do this go to image -> adjustment -> hue/saturation and setting as like following. Colorized: check marked, hue: 198, saturation: twenty two, lightness: zero.

Then we should add more contrast to make it standard and realistic looking. For this go to image -> adjustment -> levels and adjust the setting as RGB channel with amount of 173. Then make the text color a little bit dull. Repeat step 4 again and go to choose image -> adjustments -> hue or saturation. And use the setting as like below:

Hue: 198

Saturation: 22

Lightness: 0

Now adding filter effects where I will use Craquelure effect. For this go to filter -> texture -> Craquelure. And setting Crack spacing: 18, Crack Depth: 6, Crack Brightness: 1. Make selection of same color on top of the text. Choose magic wand tool (w) and make some selection by clicking mouse into top of the text. Then fill the selection with the white and start adding shadow. Again create a selection of text and Ctrl+Click on the selection and create a new layer with 3D text and fill it with the black. Go to filter -> blur -> Gaussian blur. Adjust the shadow of image and finally finished the image.