Top 15 Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses In Germany [Updated]

Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Germany

Germany is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world with significant opportunities. They have a strong logistic infrastructure that helps to increase their online business grew steadily. The research shows that it is the second biggest online European market after e-commerce in UK. So, anybody can easily make the assumption of the market size and its value. In the year 2019, retail e-commerce sales reached 69.37 billion euros. And, the current year, the amount is expected to hit €73.88 billion (estimated report from Statista and emarketer).

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In these circumstances, we are going to let you know the most emerging e-commerce businesses that are ruling the German online market for several years. Before that, we kept some statistical data to have in-depth knowledge regarding this. So, let’s jump into the points below!

Ecommerce Activities of Internet Users in Germany

ecommerce activities

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

🔹 From the data of the Global Web Index, 84% of German search online to buy a product or service (from any device).
🔹 91% of internet users visit the online retail store to get the e-commerce service.
🔹 Among them, 82% of visitors use to purchase products.
🔹 59% of the buyers make the purchase through laptops or desktops and 34% make it via mobile devices.

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

ecommerce spend by category

Data Source: Statista

🔹 The most spent category goes to the Travel and Accommodation industry and its $41.75 billion.
🔹 Then, Electronics & Physical Media industry comes to the list. The amount is 19.88 billion USD.
🔹 Other categories with their spent amount are likely Fashion & Beauty ($18.82 billion), Toys, DIY, & Hobbies ($15.84 billion), Furniture & Appliances ($10.85 billion), and Food & Persona Care ($8.84 billion).
🔹 The last two categories in terms of their spent amount are- Video Games ($1.62 billion) and Digital Music ($746 million)

Online Retail Sales Growth by Year

Online Retail Sales Growth by year

Data Source: Statista

🔹 The market expansion is overwhelming for the last few decades. In the year 2017, the retail sales amount was 58.87 billion USD.
🔹 The next year in 2018, it reached $64.35 billion. One year later, it touched the landmark of $69.37 billion.
🔹 Statista shows its projected sales growth as $73.88 billion in the current year (2020). And, the estimated retail sales for the upcoming years are likely $77.79b, 81.37b, and 84.63b for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 respectively.

Most Used Social Media Platforms in Germany

social media

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

Social media is always a crucial factor in the e-commerce industry. In Germany, the use of social media has a variation in terms of its different platforms. Among internet users, WhatsApp (79%) and YouTube (77%) are the two vital platforms that are used mostly. After this, Facebook (64%) is the most popular option for German. Besides these, they also have an interest in Instagram (43%), FB Messenger (40%), Pinterest (27%), Twitter (22%), and so on.

Fastest Growing Online Stores in Germany

Millions of customers in Germany are purchasing online on a regular basis. That’s the reason e-commerce business has a great opportunity to be expanded there. In this article, we come with a shortlist of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses of different categories in Germany. Also, you will get data regarding some essential facts. Let’s see in detail what we prepared!


Amazon, an e-commerce giant in the world that sells almost everything you can imagine. It’s also regarded as one of the biggest and most valuable brands along with Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Two decades have passed since it has been a regular choice for millions of people. lets you purchase different types of trending and popular products from different categories likely Fashion, Electronics & Computers, Accessories, eBook, Films & Music, Sports & Outdoor, and many more. You will find the updated offers on its Facebook page having more than 4.1 million followers.


Company Name:

Headquarters: ‎Seattle, Washington, United States

Founding Year: 1998

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Accessories, Cloud Computing

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 13, 2010

Likes & Followers: 4,166,592 +

Page Link:

2. DefShop

If you are searching for the trendy and most fashionable clothing collections for both men and women, DefShop comes with a proper solution. It’s an ideal online shop to choose from 250 international brands like Nike, Adidas, Massari, Puma, and Reebok. Also, it ensures quality at a fair price. You will get a huge range of products, including Jackets, Tops, Sweatpants, Shoes, Jogging Suits, Hoodies, Jeans, Skirts, etc. Besides this, it gives discounts to its customers on various occasions.


Company Name: DefShop

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founding Year: 2007

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Clothing, Sports

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 7, 2010

Likes & Followers: 2,781,547 +

Page Link: DefShop

3. desired

Desired is something unique compared with the usual e-commerce businesses. The main focus of this platform is to provide honest and authentic opinions to its audience on various topics along with products and services. It covers almost all the daily living issues, including love, fashion, beauty, product tests, news, health, and many more. Also, it publishes regular posts on its Facebook page where 2.5 million audiences belong.


Company Name: desired

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founding Year: 2008

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Beauty & Fashion, Career

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: January 10, 2009

Likes & Followers: 2,572,378 +

Page Link: desired

4. 77Onlineshop

77Onlineshop is another online clothing store based in Kevelaer, Germany. This is a perfect destination for those, who always expect to be updated in terms of modern fashion and trends. You will find varieties of brands of your choices likely Aiki, Brave Soul Men, Cayler & Sons, Flexfit, Fresh Tee, Merchcode, Sublevel Damen, Southpole, Tom Tailor Women, Vero Moda, and many more. Another best part of 77Onlineshop is its pricing. It lets you have the trendy accessories at affordable prices ensuring the best possible quality.


Company Name: 77Onlineshop

Headquarters: Kevelaer, Germany

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: February 24, 2011

Likes & Followers: 2,201,775 +

Page Link: 77Onlineshop

5. von Wellean EigenArt e.K.

If you are searching for trendy nail design products online, von Wellean EigenArt eK comes with a view to provide them worldwide at reasonable prices. It sells different types of gel, color gel, gel polish, nail polish and liquids, color and 3D sticker, and varieties of beauty accessories. Besides this, it also lets you have nail files and tools along with some amazing tips and accessories.

von Wellean EigenArt

Company Name: von Wellean EigenArt e.K.

Headquarters: Diez, Germany

Founding Year: 1998

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Cosmetics

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: March 21, 2010

Likes & Followers: 1,894,676

Page Link: von Wellean EigenArt e.K.

6. Ab-In-Den-Urlaub

Are you planning to go on a vacation with your family and searching for the best German travel agency? Ab-In-Den-Urlaub brings amazing deals on package tours, trips, flights, hotel bookings, and more in the industry. All the hot offers you will get them together in a box. No doubt, it’s the perfect place to visit to find out the appropriate package for you in terms of your budget and expectations.

Ab In Den Urlaub

Company Name: Ab-In-Den-Urlaub

Headquarters: Leipzig, Germany

Founding Year: 2003

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Travel Agency

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 6, 2010

Likes & Followers: 1,442,515 +

Page Link: Ab-In-Den-Urlaub


eBay is a worldwide recognized e-commerce platform around the world along with the developed economies like Germany and other countries. Founded in California, USA, it has been a global brand around the world. It sells varieties of products of different popular brands. eBay has a huge collection of fashion, home & garden, electronics, antiques & arts, computers & tablets, and many other categories in its store. To provide the latest offers to customers, they regularly post on the Facebook page.


Company Name: eBay

Headquarters: San Jose, California, U.S. / Kleinmachnow, Germany

Founding Year: 1999

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Electronics, Fashion, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 6, 2011

Likes & Followers: 1,390,550 +

Page Link: eBay

8. EMP

If you are looking for your favorite merchandise and brand, EMP online shop is a great choice for you. It has an amazing collection of accessories, clothes, jewelry, games, movies & series, and many more. You will get the products for both men and women of trendy design and fashion. Besides their website, they have a large community on different social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. As an achievement, it got Echo Award for Mail Order Company of the Year in 2017.


Company Name: EMP

Headquarters: Lingen, Germany

Founding Year: 1986

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Musical Instrument, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: August 19, 2009

Likes & Followers: 1,274,072 +

Page Link: EMP

 9. OTTO

For the last several decades, Otto has been a trustworthy name in the area of e-commerce in Germany and all over the World. Along with Germany, it’s been operating in over twenty countries. You will get products of different categories from fashion to multimedia, household to furniture, sports to hardware, beauty to technology, and many more. Furthermore, it has integrated with varieties of classy brands of your choices like Abro, Alba Moda, EAGLE, Barbour, Bogner, BOSS, Calvin Klein, HUGO, ASUS, Canon, Denom, Philips, etc.


Company Name: Otto GmbH

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany

Founding Year: 1949

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Multimedia

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 15, 2009

Likes & Followers: 1,152,157 +

Page Link: OTTO

10. Lieferando

Are you looking for an easy to use food delivery service to fulfill the desire of having the best dishes for you and your family? Lieferando comes with a view to taking order food quickly and conveniently online from hundreds of your favorite restaurants and coffee shops. Founded in 2009, it has been serving in different cities all over Germany and some other countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Portugal.


Company Name: Lieferando

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founding Year: 2009

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Food Delivery

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: November 29, 2010

Likes & Followers: 1,023,948 +

Page Link: Lieferando

11. Urlaubstracker

It becomes hard to find the best vacation deal at a reasonable price. Urlaubstracker brings cheap holiday offers to travel from different cities with the hottest offers. Your tour can be short or long. It provides packages for both the conditions you like. Also, it’s flexible and secure. You can modify or cancel your order anytime free of charge. In addition, you can ask them and customize your package according to your desires.


Company Name: Urlaubstracker

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Founding Year: 2013

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Travel

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: January 29, 2013

Likes & Followers: 946,177 +

Page Link: Urlaubstracker


PAYBACK comes with a simple principle- ‘one program, many partners’ to showcase the best deal to its customers. Based in Germany, it is one of the leading bonus programs and shopping solutions having around 31 million consumers. It lets users collecting points from over 600 online shops, including Otto, Viking, myToys, baur, Weltbild, Falke, flaconi, foodspring, and Frankonia. Also, it provides the latest offers along with eCoupons to the Facebook page where a huge number of audiences belong.


Company Name: PAYBACK Deutschland

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Founding Year: 2000

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Bonus Program, eCoupons

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 22, 2010

Likes & Followers: 895,942 +

Page Link: PAYBACK Germany

13. Mädchenflohmarkt

If you are finding an online second-hand marketplace where you can buy and sell high-quality items, Mädchenflohmarkt is a great destination. It includes almost all the product categories like fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry from your favorite brands. Some of them are likely Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, and more. No doubt, it’s an excellent online store to get an awesome collection of products at reasonable prices.


Company Name: Mädchenflohmarkt

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 6, 2012

Likes & Followers: 843,023 +

Page Link: Mädchenflohmarkt

14. Eventim – DE

Eventim is a large ticketing service provider in Europe that sells tickets for a classical concert, sporting and comedy event, and musical spectacle. It offers around 200000 events each year for its customers. Besides this, you can book special tickets along with gift vouchers. Furthermore, it arranges attractive event trips and competitions to enhance the attachment with customers. You can also get the latest and most important news from the ticketing industry on their Facebook community.


Company Name: Eventim – DE

Headquarters: Bremen, Germany

Founding Year: 1999

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Tickets

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 13, 2009

Likes & Followers: 691,773 +

Page Link: Eventim – DE

15. Fitnessmagnet

Fitnessmagnet is the name of a complete solution for your fitness. Founded in 2012, it has been serving its audience with the best nutrition plans and supplements. They have different packages for losing weight and muscle building for the customers. Along with the supplements, it also provides regular suggestions and planning to their magazine with a view to helping the audience to lead a healthy life.


Company Name: Fitnessmagnet

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Supplements

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: February 3, 2012

Likes & Followers: 681,957 +

Page Link: Fitnessmagnet


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Wrapping Up

Like most other developed countries, e-commerce is growing steadily all over Germany. As per the research, it’s the fifth-biggest online market in the world. In this article, we prepared a comprehensive list of top and fastest growing ecommerce businesses in Germany, which are being a trustworthy name in the area of e-commerce for several years. Besides our choices, let’s share the findings if you have some other brands in your mind.