Top 15 Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Australia [Updated]

Fastest Growing Ecommerce Businesses in Australia

Australia is one of the largest and sophisticated ecommerce markets around the world. The sales growth of online retails is quite impressive according to the standard statistics from several reliable sources. In the last year 2019, the number of online sales in Australia was 20.7 billion USD. It also shows a green signal for the upcoming years so far. As per the Statista report, the sales will reach 24.7 billion USD in the year 2021. In this circumstance, we have planned to prepare a list of the top fastest growing ecommerce businesses in Australia.

We would like to share some essential information regarding ecommerce activities, popular categories, along with yearly sales growth. You may find some similarities with our previous data from the most emerging ecommerce in the USA. Hopefully, it will also help you in getting a clear idea about the market of Australia. Even if anyone expects to start an online business there, the data will surely make sense in the long run. So, let’s see what’s inside below!

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Ecommerce Activities of Internet Users In Australia

Ecommerce Activities of Internet Users In Australia

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • The data shows 84% of users search online to find a product or service (any device).
  • Using multiple devices, 76% of the audience visits online retail stores.
  • 70% of them make the purchase online.
  • Among the buyers, 47% of them made it via laptops or desktops. And, 33% were from mobile devices.

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • Most spent amounts in consumer ecommerce categories start from the Travel and Accommodation industry (19.90 billion USD).
  • The next category comes to Fashion & Beauty and the spent amount is $6.93 billion.
  • After that, the options are likely Electronics & Physical Media ($3.86 billion), Toys, DIY, & Hobbies ($3.84 billion), Furniture & Appliances ($3.05 billion), and Food & Personal Care ($3.02 billion).
  • The last two categories in terms of spent amount are Video Games ($435 million) and Digital Music ($327 million).

Online Retail Sales Growth by Year

online retail sales growth-aus

  • The report on online sales growth is given from the year 2017. It was 17.7 billion USD then.
  • After one year in 2018, it reached $18.9 billion.
  • In the year 2019, the amount turned to $20.7 billion.
  • The projected sales growth for 2020 is 22.8 billion USD. For the next consecutive years, it may reach $24.7 billion, $26.2 billion, $27.2 billion, and $27.7 billion.

Most Used Social Media Platforms in Australia

Most Used Social Media Platforms in Australia

Data Source: GlobalWebIndex

Among the total population in Australia, they have around 18 million social media users. In this part, we focused on the percentage of most-used social media platforms by internet users. As per the data, YouTube (80%) and Facebook (80%) both come to the first position in terms of user activities on those platforms. After that, the next options are FB Messenger (65%), Instagram (53%), WhatsApp (33%), Twitter (29%), Pinterest (28%), and so on.

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Fastest Growing Online Stores in Australia

Since the last few decades, Australia gained a remarkable boost in the ecommerce industry. Here, we prepared a shortlist of the top 15 fastest ecommerce businesses according to some essential criteria, including popularity, sales, revenue, social media engagement, and more.


1. The Iconic

The Iconic is a reliable and leading brand for fashion and lifestyle based in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a part of the Global Fashion Group, started its journey in 2011. This ecommerce destination offers various products from all your favorite brands together. The Iconic has over 60,000 products from 1000+ brands. As an achievement in the emerging ecommerce industry, it got the Best New Online Retailer Award in 2012. The next year in 2013, it also attained the Best Social Commerce Initiative Award.

The Iconic


Company Name: The Iconic

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founding Year: 2011

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: September 27, 2011

Likes & Followers: 900,412 +

Page Link: The Iconic


2. Popcherry

In less than 7 years, Popcherry has been a trustworthy name in the area of online retail business in Australia. The most attractive part of its Popcherry is its amazing prices. The prices for Accessories, Dresses, and Sportswear start from $1, $10, and $25 respectively. Besides this, it has a great collection of jewelry, bags & packages, earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, outerwear, and more. Furthermore, it offers free shipping for AUS and international orders on a minimal condition.



Company Name: Popcherry

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founding Year: 2013

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Clothing

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 30, 2013

Likes & Followers: 849,860

Page Link: Popcherry


3. Ozsale

Once again, Ozsale is a trusted online shopping club, providing the hottest deals at reasonable prices in Australia. It sells all the possible necessary products from different renowned brands around the world. You will find products from several categories like fashion, footwear & accessories, health & beauty, home & living, etc. Ozsale has a large social media community, especially on Facebook with more than 848k followers. There, it provides the latest updates on new products and offers regularly.



Company Name: Ozsale

Headquarters: Northern Beaches Council, Australia

Founding Year: 2006

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 13, 2010

Likes & Followers: 848,066 +

Page Link: Ozsale


4. eBay

eBay is a global ecommerce giant selling products online for over two decades Started from California, it has expanded its journey to multiple regions, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, France, and Australia. Till now, it has made a vast community for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, and been turned into one of the biggest online retailers around the world. On Facebook, eBay has over 777k followers where you will get the regular posts of the latest technology and featured products.



Company Name: eBay

Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States

Founding Year: 1999

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Electronics, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: August 9, 2012

Likes & Followers: 777,378 +

Page Link: eBay


5. Black Swallow

Are you searching for the hot collection of clothing and beauty products together in a place without hassle? Then, Black Swallow will be a great destination, especially for modern and fashionable women. You will get all the loving products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Juvia’s Place, Olaplex, Lunar Beauty, Wild Color, LOREAL, Silver Bullet, Adore, and many other brands of your choice. Within a very short period of less than 5 years, it has crossed the number of 750k followers on Facebook. It’s a great mark of its popularity indeed!

Black Swallow


Company Name: Black Swallow

Headquarters: Prestons, New South Wales, Australia

Founding Year: 2015

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: June 4, 2014

Likes & Followers: 750,484 +

Page Link: Black Swallow


6. Ticketek Australia

Ticketek is a leading digital platform providing ticketing services to Australia’s premier venues for over 40 years. Each year, it sells more than 23 million tickets for various events, including sports, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, musicals, and so on. Some of the venues they cover are likely ANZ Stadium, Melbourne Cricket Ground, AAMI Park, Canberra Stadium, Perth Theatre, Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Oval, and more. Ticketek helps its audience with both from the service site and Facebook page. It has around 737k followers there and growing up every day.

Ticketek Australia


Company Name: Ticketek Australia

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founding Year: 1979

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Ticketing

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: October 3, 2008

Likes & Followers: 736,992 +

Page Link: Ticketek Australia


7. Frock

St. Frock is the ultimate destination for stylish and modern women. It provides the opportunity to have amazing dresses, accessories, and varieties of fashion products at a competitive price. You will find your favorite brands like Shhh Silk, Flora and Fauna, and Adore Beauty. In just around 10 years of journey, St. Frock got rewards from multiple organizations. Some of them are Internet Retailing’s 10 Rising Stars, Best Women Fashion Store of Sydney, and more.



Company Name: St. Frock

Headquarters: Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia

Founding Year: 2010

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Clothing, Fashion

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: July 14, 2010

Likes & Followers: 671,980 +

Page Link: St. Frock


8. Catch

Worrying to find a place where you will find all the stuff together you need for daily living? is one of the largest ecommerce businesses in Australia that provides a wide variety of necessary products to millions of people. You will get all the things from different categories, including beauty, tech, groceries, health & lifestyle, fashion, and so on. It has a large community on Facebook having over 638k followers where promotional offers are updated regularly.



Company Name: Catch

Headquarters: Bentleigh East, Victoria, Australia

Founding Year: 2006

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 22, 2009

Likes & Followers: 638,509 +

Page Link: Catch


9. Kogan

Having more than 10 thousand products, Kogan has been established itself as one of the largest ecommerce retailers in Australia. It sells different types of items, including TVs & Smartphones, Laptops, Appliances, Homewares, Fitness Equipment, Fashion & Beauty, and many more you expect from an ideal shop. You will get all the possible loving brands of your choices like Apple, Nikon, Canon, Chanel, Samsung, Lenovo, and more. Kogan has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year as a great achievement in the area of the ecommerce industry.



Company Name: Kogan

Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Founding Year: 2006

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Electronics, Insurance

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: May 25, 2008

Likes & Followers: 630,631 +

Page Link: Kogan


10. Stelly Clothing

If you are in search of the latest and fashionable party dresses, bodysuits, casual wear, playsuits, skirts, festival wear, and more like these, Stella Clothing is no doubt a great destination. Besides these, it also lets you have various accessories, jewelry, and beauty products at affordable prices. All the things you will find them from your favorite brands and designer’s items. Stelly Clothing offers free shipping on orders over $50 (AUS). It also provides 10% OFF for students.

Stelly Clothing


Company Name: Stelly Clothing

Headquarters: Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

Founding Year: 2005

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Clothing

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: March 20, 2012

Likes & Followers: 582,273 +

Page Link: Stelly Clothing


11. Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is another ecommerce retailer for women who loves to go ahead with the latest fashion. It has an exclusive collection of modern dresses, festival outfits, and clothing items. Also, you will find various accessories of beauty, gifts, and jewelry with a number of amazing variations. Beginning Boutique offers free shipping in Australia if the shopping amount exceeds $75 (AUS). Furthermore, it also gives a 10% discount for students.

Beginning Boutique


Company Name: Beginning Boutique

Headquarters: Fairfield, Brisbane, Australia

Founding Year: 2008

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Fashion, Accessories

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: July 27, 2009

Likes & Followers: 568,585 +

Page Link: Beginning Boutique


12. Second To None Nutrition

Second To None Nutrition is a recognized name for the people who are passionate enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Started in 2012, it’s been providing solutions on sports nutrition, diet, and health. No doubt, you can use it as a great source for the best bodybuilding and fitness supplements to gain your physical objectives. It includes varieties of supplements likely proteins, sleep formulas, fat burners, testosterone boosters, and more. You can get updates on new products on their Facebook community with discount offers.

Second To None Nutrition


Company Name: Second To None Nutrition

Headquarters: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Vitamins/Supplements

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: April 21, 2012

Likes & Followers: 560,019 +

Page Link: Second To None Nutrition


13. 4WDSupacentre

4WDSupacentre is an ecommerce marketplace based in Australia that sells automotive and outdoor equipment at competitive prices. They made this platform with a view to removing the expenses of middlemen. Some of the best products in their store are likely high-quality Air Compressors, Awnings, Battery & chargers, Canvas & Storage Bags, Camping Gear, Cooking Gear, and Generators. They also sell varieties of Electronic accessories, Solar Panels, Spare Parts, Swags, and Tents. In just 8 years, 4WDSupacentre has become a trustworthy name in this industry.



Company Name: 4WDSupacentre

Headquarters: Silverwater, North South Wales, Australia

Founding Year: 2012

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Automotive

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: August 15, 2013

Likes & Followers: 529,621 +

Page Link: 4WDSupacentre



BROADWORLD is a leading media house and ecommerce retailer based in Sydney, Australia. Focused on snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, it provides products and services of different world-class brands. It includes a wide range of brands, including 3CS Outwear, Alltimers, Almost Skateboards, AWSM, Bataleon Snowboards, BlackStrap Facemasks, Crab Grab, Demon Snow, and many more. You will see the updated promotional offers to their Facebook community where over 504k followers exist.



Company Name: BOARDWORLD

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founding Year: 2009

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Accessories, Media House

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: November 23, 2009

Likes & Followers: 504,226 +



15. Gumtree

Finally, we come to introduce you to a popular online marketplace in Australia, where you can buy or sell varieties of products or services without hassle. The most interesting part here is that you will get the services for free. Over 7 million buyers and sellers use this platform each month and the number is increasing day by day. Gumtree includes more than 3 million listings and hundreds of categories to their store. The most popular categories are likely Home & Garden, Baby & Children, Sports, Clothing, Jewelry, and so on. With having a growing community, it ensures a safe local trade to users.



Company Name: Gumtree

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founding Year: 2007

Business Type/Industry: Ecommerce, Marketplace, Jobs

Facebook Stats

Page Creation: July 27, 2010

Likes & Followers: 490,779 +

Page Link: Gumtree Australia


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To Conclude

Ecommerce in Australia is booming and growing up each year compared with the previous times. Here, you got a shortlist of top emerging ecommerce businesses in Australia in terms of some crucial criteria. Although there are many more on this list. We may discuss them further. You can also let us know your findings regarding the issue so that we can enhance our resources. Till then, keep in touch with our latest articles and news.